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Ashes to cashes: Weather Modification News

6/08/2015 — 85+ Volcanic Blasts in ONE DAY! Mt. Sakurajima in Japan — Major Activity – dutchsinse

Published on Jun 8, 2015

June 7, 2015 going into June 8, 2015:

Asia volcano alert … OVER 85 different blasts from Sakurajima Volcano in less than 1 days time (from 6am to 11pm)

Also, notice the steady steaming off the back side of Sakurajima, which is Mount Ontake caldera (a different volcano in this complex)… Ontake caldera could also erupt in a large blast if things carry on this way.

Video sped up 64X speed to just get a rough count from 6am to dark.. 15 hours long sped up 64X reduces the length of this video to 14min 10sec.

No exaggeration to say these 85+ blasts (over the course of 1 day) is a huge number of volcanic events from a single volcano.

Yes, Sakurajima is “active” , but this takes the cake by far when it comes to number of different blasts in one days time. I’ve seen this volcano send of 10 or 15 large blasts in one day before.. but in this case.. its OVER 85 different blasts since yesterday morning.

Massive volcanic eruptions and atmospheric oxygen ‘can narrow down hunt for alien life’

International Business Times UK18 hours ago

Indonesia Mount Sinabung: 2753 villagers evacuated as alert raised to highest level

International Business Times UK1 day ago

This 1783 Volcanic Eruption Changed The Course Of History

Forbes1 day ago

The Number Of Volcanoes Erupting Right Now Is Greater Than The 20th Century’s YEARLY Average – DC Clothesline

Is the number of volcanic eruptions worldwide increasing? Yes. During the 20th century, there were a total of 3,542 volcanic eruptions globally. That works out to approximately 35 eruptions per year. That may sound like a lot, but according to Volcano Discovery there are 36 volcanoes erupting around the world right now. In other words, the number of volcanoes erupting as you read this article is greater than the 20th century’s yearly average. And all of this is part of a larger trend.

I believe we are at 41 eruptions right now. I look for #44 to get some attention. It’s time for a Climategate, bluebean exo-terror space based false flag and a rampant scurry of the cockroaches to stir up the Agenda 21 pace in advance of TPP.  We will see.



  1. Also, see —

    “I was called a “conspiracy theorist” for saying this was possible for the past 4+ years, for saying WI-FI / Bluetooth (2.45GHz) microwaves could be used to power devices in your house.

    We posted this video on how the process works, done by NASA in 1975. The experiments were BURIED until we found them, and made them main stream knowledge!” ~ dutchsinse

    “See my whole post on the topic here:”

    “Ironically, last year (October 2014) I sent this “Wi-Fi” / wireless Microwave direct current power invention idea to Elon Musk as a power solution for his DC powered electric cars.

    Sent him a public tweet with the invention, and told him not only would it work on microwave frequency, but it will work on CELL PHONE frequency as well.

    No response ever received, the tweet is still up by the way:”

    • They are lethal in the right doses. The idea coincides with the kurzweillians vision.

      First you kill the people with the EUHF microwaves, then you build the robotics to replace them that run off this power. When the true conservationists realize they have been betrayed by these psychopaths, it’s not going to be pretty.

      After killing whales, birds and bees the “N” Team has got its sights set on Charlie. We may not even know that the order has been given but G7 and Bilderberg are the one,two of the September Triad coming later. I can barely find reason to plan dinner let alone 2016.

  2. Talk radio in upstate SC all about the upcoming “vote” on Friday regarding the illegal/unconstitutional/treasonous/Totalitarian TTP. Evidently, Boehner leading the Obama Fast Track.

    Ultimately, when The People have no say with a corporate/media-rigged “voting” system, fake puppet “leaders” pushing “legislation” over the top of laws-of-the-land like the Constitution, and serving their corporate/banker masters…what is left to do? Since individuals did not “vote” for any of the crap they pass, Not Complying is all that remains. Complaining does no good. Revolution by The People in some meaningful form seems the likely outcome of Totalitarian “government” “legislation”.

  3. Have you seen the NGO Lobby ads for TPP? Rich man, rich. Obama and Beohner (trade and barter) and both lousy golfers.

    Step back and look at the I$I$ vector. See it moving ever so closer to the TPP rejectionists, climate deniers, 911 truthers (aka bin laden reading room)

    Can you believe anybody fell for the bin-laden reading room?

    It’s pretty clear now that we were right. Since SNOWjobDEN, the psyop to rip the C.T. from the population pack has run the vortex. They have effectively put all of us on the fringe of a clearly distinct profile. And if you are as sick and fed up with BLM (black lives matter) as i am thejn you can observe Africom as Nigga-Gate and the MSM silence on what Ruwanda could only dream about.

    Pathetic American Sheeple are ready for shearing. Big balls of fluff in Thneedville.

    Life in the US Government Lorax – Everything is plastic and everyone full of shit.

  4. BRICS AND DRONES 2015 –

    By creating this as ground zero, the events that follow are too numerous to mention but will be better identified once we see the reaction of Russia and especially China. Obama made the trip to China regarding the climate change agenda and the empty promises and discussions were for show as China knows the whole global warming hoax is the attempt for Western Hegemony and a huge financial power shift to the UN. China has no intention of agreeing to the TPP unless there is an option for opting out of Kyoto, the next round. I expect the event to take place in the summer and formal attack to take place in September.

    Why Has NASA Announced That A Meteor Is NOT Going To Hit The Earth In September?


    WHITE NOISE (strange sounds)

    This year will be full of new nano-tech air chaff via chemtrailing and a new heightened agenda for carbon reduction. Though I see carbon reduction as simple as murder by depopulation it will not sway the amount of ENMOD HAARP and Scalar fallout for this year. There will many strange optical and audio phenomenon as the ISS is transitioning to most of the work in Climate Change. Since NOAA, NAVY, NASA are still involved the transition to space is key in order to allow these entities to focus on surveillance and defense. NASA games regarding Pluto (9) are diversions off the real agenda to cover the covert earthraker ATSS space station. If you wonder who is getting rich, I believe no one. The amount of money to fund Agenda 21 is staggering and bankers and politicians alike do not know. If they did well they would be fertilizer now.

    I expect several audio events for South America, The Balkans region and Pacific Rim. The sounds will range from hiss and crackling to low cycle sine waves or possible chirps in a triangle wave in the 15-20hz range under 1 decibel. I have heard and recorded these in my area several days before Xmas. I have a cell tower with added hardware over the last few years, near my location and it’s not cellular add-ons but GPS or Data transmitters being heard on analog receivers. I get microwave spectrum analysis from 5-25 gigahertz depending on time and intervals. I have yet to determine the exact source.

    People Hear Strange Apocalyptic Sounds Coming From the Sky All Around the World

    _____ITS ALL BY DESIGN———-aUgUst… DiE wE mUst

    • BTW please take notice if you google “BRICS and Drones may break my bones 2015 Predictions” you don’t get coalition of the obvious coto site location. These are the plexers at work. Part of TPP and internet transition to the cloud.

  5. Ugh –> This in Haiti, the backroom office of Bush, Jr., and Thrill Clinton who stumped for Red Cross “donations” which of course never made it to The People of Haiti. Don’t expect “help” from U.N. “Peacekeepers” when disaster strikes. This story explains the animosity and itchy trigger fingers many commenters express at various sites concerning the Blue Helmets showing up in the USA to “help”. Risky business, this “trust-in-authorities/agencies” appears to be…This headline should capture The People’s ATTENTION — “Report: Hundreds of Women & Children Forced into Sex by United Nations “Peacekeepers”

    Going back to Iraq for More!

    People ASKING QUESTIONS…is a Very Good Thing! “Logistics 101: Where Does ISIS Get Its Guns?” explained in the article below. ALSO, We the People would like to ask, “Where does I$IS get all those nice NEW TOYOTA TRUCKS we’ve seen in photos and videos?”. These NEW Toyota’s have been nicely modified to wield BIG GUNS. WHO is funding this?

    Air Warfare Against I$I$? Where is it? Could not the vaunted U.S. army and coalitions of “other” nations wipe out the traveling I$I$ Circus in a matter of days? Why does this NOT happen, The People are wondering?…

    Wondering no further on “WHY?” all the wars, destabilization, and war profits We’ve been witnessing, we turn and look to —

    Wondering some more…Puppet pResident is accused, more so, those “behind” him (advisers):

    “He goes on to say: “The fact is that the emerging countries emancipate themselves from US control. This is evident in the creation of competitive institutions of the World Bank (AIIB) and the IMF (New Development Bank) by the axis of the emerging countries. This displeases the still prevailing hegemon. The current international hot spots of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, to the Ukraine, are an expression of this, in the background, as a clearly identifiable power-confrontation [between the U.S. and every other country]. If we were there intending to establish democracy and freedom, let’s look at the success in achieving those goals. [His implication: it’s failure.]”

    Ho Hum…another day watching Evil run amok.


      Time to delay food and water and rescue efforts and get to the main agendas of putting henchman in place. Let’s make sure we have plenty of chaos and inefficiency so that the weak and dying get what they need.

      *mass graves


      *puppet infrastructure

      *corporate raiders

      And we must make sure we get the world what they need.

      *false flag propaganda

      *a new money hole for the NWO

      *a diversion from the Wanta Heist

      *deflection off the WTO-WOT

      *a Mafia Clinton-Bush makeover

      *a better show than we did when we attacked New Orleans



    -[147] ($) +[258] = 396 Decode the cover and confirm eco-trigger comes first and war second before one world order.

    The failure of the moneygrubbers and sheeplenomics crowd is that they think there is ultimately a recovery. The vortex math (slinky effect) is in play but the vector is DOWN. Watch the slinky go down the stairs. It never travels up but gives the illusion of recovery which is only based upon the cycle – 1/8 – 4/5 – 2/7 where adjustment made at 9. Though we talk fractional in base 10, the vortex reveals it historically so.

    SLINKY #3 (tesla vs zebranomics) We can watch the overton window and new “norm” in processes currently coming to light.

    The N-Man says “you cant have a car, air conditioning or a house” There is no money being printed as many believe. No lending, no investment outside of the NWO globalist markets. It’s drying up and will whither away. Rainy day is monsoon season in perpetude. [N=No, nothing, nil, null Never again] How do ya like the transformation so far?

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