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MASTER OF THE HUMAN DOMAIN – The X factor of Global Depopulation

Published previously from the Alpha Beta Gamma of Transformation

The A-B-G’s of Transformation – The smoke and the signals – July 10, 2011

Within endocrinology (the study of intercellular signalling in animals) and the endocrine system, intercellular signaling is subdivided into the following classifications:

  • Intracrine signals are produced within the target cell.
  • Autocrine signals target the cell itself. Sometimes autocrine cells can target cells close by if they are the same type of cell as the emitting cell. An example of this are immune cells.
  • Juxtacrine signals target adjacent (touching) cells. These signals are transmitted along cell membranes via protein or lipid components integral to the membrane and are capable of affecting either the emitting cell or cells immediately adjacent.
  • Paracrine signals target cells in the vicinity of the emitting cell. Neurotransmitters represent an example.

Endocrine signals target distant cells. Endocrine cells produce hormones that travel through the blood to reach all parts of the body.Cells communicate with each other via direct contact (juxtacrine signaling), over short distances (paracrine signaling), or over large distances and/or scales (endocrine signaling).

Beyond the Hunger Games – Engineering Depopulation -March 28, 2012

During the 1970s and 1980s an increasing amount of public and scientific attention was paid to the health and medical problems of women and men whose mothers and grandmothers took diethylstilbestrol (DES) for prevention of miscarriage. A potent estrogenic chemical, DES was first developed in 1938 and initially became available in the U.S. for treating a range of gynecologic conditions in 1941. It is estimated that over ten million Americans were recipients of DES. Representing women directly and children in utero and that the offspring have developed a bevy of developmental issue and diseases.

Of these issues, the research has indicated that sexual orientation is included with the sterilization or physical abnormalities associated with endocrine disruptor and sexual organ malformations.

The omnibus can be deconstructed into several areas of identification.

1.) Food/nutrition – In this case the loss of natural Phytoestrogens found in organic vegetables.

2.) Introduction of estrogen disruptors such as BPA

3.) Introduction of synthetic estrogen such as diethylstilbestrol

4.) The usual dumbing down processes of bio, vax, disinfo and sequestered information and research

It’s uncertain as to how they introduce these to the wise who have detached from the usual avenues of assault but I am certain the chemtrails, dumping in water supply and food /PhRMA manufacturing segments are contributors.

When I placed this header u[p Thursday night I was so angry I could not contain myself. It is beyond speculation what we are facing with the TPP, TTIP and associated secret pacts in regards to having any choice. A thousand ways to die is a reality under TPP and Agenda 21. I always console myself by being thankful I was a baby-boomer and not a Gen Y or Z.

What research has been published confirm the program I will call the Klinefelter K47. K47 is 11 times 2.  What we know now from the posted references to these studies are this.

1. We are getting dumber.  2. Our brains are smaller.  3. Our genitalia is shrinking. 4. We are more obese.  5. Infertility is rising.  6. Man boobs with female nipples are common.

K or X? 6 or 11? Answer: All of the above.

Klinefelter syndrome also known as 47,XXY (46+1) = the X factor. This is target for all the various assaults we are getting from EMR, cellular disruption, GMO, Vaccines and Pharma, chemtrails and Monsanto Pesticides as well as other additives to the food and water chain. This is an attack that (times 2) is targeting the living for sterility and DNA damage as well as prenatal for  easier and better success rates.

Take a moment to wiki Klinefelters 47-XXY (K=11 47 =11 XXY is 666 + 1) It is the perfect double cross with the Y being TPP and a global effort to take the Human Experiment Lab known as America and bring this universally to One World Order. Those pesky nations and groups who continue to be “rejectionists” must become the terrorists. Staged events to follow.

Malaysia continues to be a focal point for the science of eugenics, pathogens, compounds and sterility research and also the location for much opposition to the eugenics and depopulation Agenda. You can see the murders and shallow graves of this hard kill and Ukraine another. That is why we saw fiscal ebola there in the flying economy.  Malaysia is the laboratory much like the Island of Dr, Moreau.

Not to be excluded, the Caitlyn Jenner, “Don’t call me Brucie Wussie” campaign is in full motion. This will be followed up with other similar psychological MK-Sex slaves and XXY’s to come out and fill the MSM frequencies.  Openly touting ripping fetus heads from their shoulders will be applauded while disdain for the Ms.Kardashian will be seen as terror or thought crime.

It just never sleeps, the NWO. You have no time to take a deep breath as the assaults come minute by minute now. We have an XYZ in progress and our babies that do get born have an XYX courtesy of the Disney Monsanto Eugenicists funded by the RothRock Joo-joo-bees and World Bank. The Zebranomics of this economy is based upon robbing you before they Obamacare you, capital gains in funding abortion in a negative credit system. This is ultimately a carbon based, TPP version of “Children of Men”.



  1. Quite possibly the best 9/11 footage released to date *New*- Intellihub

    NEW YORK, NY (INTELLIHUB) — A rare video, shot by an amateur, of the Sept. 11, 2001 ‘attack’ on the World Trade Center may be some of the best uncut footage released to date.

    Shockingly, according to the video’s maker, “pre-collapse explosions” can be heard at the following timestamps:


    911-811 Tripod 11 exercise. WMD? Scalar focused weapons

    Personnel from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) arrive in New York for a forthcoming training exercise and, as a result, their equipment is available to be used by members of the New York Police Department’s Emergency Service Unit (ESU) who are involved in search and rescue operations at Ground Zero the following day. [APPEL, 2009, PP. 195-196] The FEMA representatives are among hundreds of people scheduled to take part in a terrorism training exercise on September 12 that is being organized by the New York City Office of Emergency Management (see September 12, 2001). The exercise, called “Tripod,” is set to take place at Pier 92 (11) on the Hudson River.

    • Thank you for posting this excellent compendium of righteous FACTS.

      TPTB that did/and allowed 9/11 have not been held accountable.

      It is Obvious that 9/11 was a Mega False Flag. Many, Many of The People Know This, and Who is responsible.

      When will Justice meet the criminals who have earned it?

      • This is a 5 star video Boomer. It is loaded with Vortex sequences while showing great detail in how to run and exercise (biological) anthrax/asbestos/nano and bring the NWO World trade Terror dialectic into full spectrum Hegelian tripod 3-9-6.

        It also helps support my theory on 911 as a nano thermite set demo, that began in in 1993 after WTC 6-9-3 which allowed the access to set the charges. Meanwhile the Focused energy weapons were used in a series of simultaneous beta tests and the vigilant guardian and trip[od(data and observation) recorded it all.

        The trpod (biological/assault) exercise continues to this day with record numbers of sick responders and other victims. In any good experiment, the target(lab rats) must be separated in order to run the triple blind study. Now the NSA googleplex/twitter/facebook/youtube handles the tracking of the study groups for the [N]-Observers

        1998-google Operation: MENLO

        2004 facebook beta 6 – 2012 (must view)

        Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks


        We show, via a massive (N = 689,003) experiment on Facebook, that emotional states can be transferred to others via emotional contagion, leading people to experience the same emotions without their awareness. We provide experimental evidence that emotional contagion occurs without direct interaction between people (exposure to a friend expressing an emotion is sufficient), and in the complete absence of nonverbal cues.

        (adjusting the algorithm of selected study groups)

        The ultimate goal in MK-Ultra and trauma based programming is internet kill. Along with science of psychological operations in the Electromagnetic visual audio spectrum, the triple blind study includes the targets, observers and the administrtators. Now the awakening for the administrators is happening but the algorithms change.

        The admins are now the observers and observers are the target. It is only beginning to become clear to some. You can see it in events like Hastert openly but most are still blind. I’d love to have a talk with Diane Feinstein.

        What Snowjob, Wikileaks and Googleplex provide in way of deflectiong TRIPOD is immense. Meta data extraction is a crumb of the loaves in the NSA, NAS, NIST, NAVY, NASA program for a full spectrum triple cross. By the time the criminal compliant administrators fully awaken, it will be too late for them. The full blinded group will merge into one and the controller unseen (in the cloud) will operate autonomously, non-artifactual and invisible. The administrators will be the target, In the CLOUD, we are all SERVERS!!!

        The Vortex hold true for the final solution. The nine is unseen, never visible and the system will be run solely by this domain. Enforcers, Consiglieres and Bosses will become targets. This is how “V” and “1984” were meant to be warnings. Hell is in a cloud.

        • Great video, reading the comments is infuriating however. I just can not take the skeptics anymore. People that unquestionably accept the official narrative make me sick. No one has all the answers but these people are seeming more and more to me like the enemy. So sure of themselves, so smug and condescending, and absolutely WRONG. Some day all will be revealed and then they’ll see, it will be too late but they’ll see.

  2. Razor Wire Transported through Colorado during Raider Focus Exercise

  3. CHEMTRAILS: Buzzheimer’s Disease? Animal Alzheimer’s May be Killing Off World’s Bees / Sputnik International

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.0
    Date-Time 4 Jun 2015 23:15:43 UTC
    5 Jun 2015 07:15:44 near epicenter
    4 Jun 2015 17:15:43 standard time in your timezone

    Location 6.084N 116.549E
    Depth 10 km

  5. The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner’s Transformation – The Vigilant Citizen via @vigilantfeed

  6. 60 years later the Bavarian Illuminati reconvenes for Global Armegeddon. The Joo-joo-bees committee puppets. 1955 Biderberg meeting was heldin Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

    Psyop to ensue – TTP(i)

    OCCU-Pi (soros) – The protesters demand action on issues like poverty, climate change, and globalization, and wanted to demonstrate their anger at the leaders of Germany, France, the US, Italy, the UK, Canada and Japan. (-Putin 811)

    G7 Bavaria summit: 26 (8) hours of climate (11), trade(11) and Ebola(11) talks – and an oompah band (5) a prelude to formal war.

    On the AGENDA 21 is: [TTIP, the free trade agreement between the United States and Europe, the CETA agreement with Canada, and agreements between the United States and Pacific partners, including Japan) – development issues; climate change (with particular focus on the UN climate conference in Paris in December that aims to see an agreement on ensuring global warming does not exceed two degrees); global health, including the fight against antibiotic resistance, neglected tropical diseases in the light of the recent Ebola epidemic and reform of the WHO; female empowerment in the developing world, particularly professional training; and retail and supply chain standards.]

    (notice TPP was excluded) Wow! retail chain supply. What a career goal. Hey ladies you’ve come a long way baby!

    [Part of the 26-hour-long gathering will include time spent in “outreach meetings” with guests mainly from Africa, including the presidents of Nigeria, Liberia, Senegal, Ethiopia, Tunisia and Iraq. The main topics of conversation will be the fight against terrorism and, thereafter, health and development goals beyond 2015. Also invited to these discussions are the UN secretary general, the chief of the World Bank, and representatives from the World Trade Organisation, Worldwork, the IMF and the OECD.]

    (the whole enchilada of the WTO terror network)

    Location: Hotel Schloss Elmau

    [An ideal location for high-level discussions away from the public eye, this luxurious retreat offers the ultimate in accommodation and hospitality. Appointed with only the very best, the Hotel Schloss Elmau naturally selected TOTO NEORESTs and Washlets to grace all 47 (11) suites and double rooms with their elegant, timeless design, helping create an exclusive atmosphere of luxury and comfort for the global summit’s diplomats after their hours of negotiation.]

    [The spacious master baths in the eleven tower (11) and center suites offer stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountain peaks and provide the summit’s negotiating partners with the superior comfort of TOTO’s NEOREST, which meets their individual needs with its myriad personal cleansing and comfort functions. Its sensor-activated lid responds by rising as they approach and closing when they leave. The NEOREST flushes automatically, and its seat may be heated to their desired temperature. The adjustable wand enables soothing warm-water personal cleansing, and the temperature and position of the warm-aerated water may be set to an individual world leader’s preferences.]

    TOTO NEOREST for NEOSCUM ($4000.00 comodes)

    Makes you just wanna friggin puke, doesn’t it? Estimated cost $200 million for seven assholes to squat on a 4K TPP crapper.

    • 1955 was the creation of the EU. 2015 is the creation of the EUS.

    • Make these elites ride on a lorry and use the Walmart loo. Serve them McD’s fast food and offer them high fructose Mountain Dew to quench their thirst. They can be welcomed by Walmart greeters and given a Barcode implant. Let them eat highly processed cheese.

      Photograph them and publish everything on Facebook and Twitter.

  7. This subject is very near and dear to my heart. I would like to share some important info with you. Even if you already know, there may be lurkers who could use this info.

    1. Take back your health while you still can! Yes, they are spraying us like roaches, but we still have ways to combat it. One important addition to my supplement regimen is been organic sulfur. It seems that with the widespread use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, that our food has become depleted of sulfur. If your food was not grown in sulfur rich soil, then it will be lacking in sulfur. Most Americans are sulfur deficient. The quickest way to add it back is to take organic sulfur supplements. You can learn more from the coolest guy ever, Mr. Patrick McGean…..seriously, listen to him on Youtube. He’s a riot! Here’s his site:
    Yes, it IS a conspiracy, the history of how we have been robbed of sulfur, and are now suffering as a result–Thanks Rockefeller, you jerk.
    You need to add sulfur to your diet asap, either by eating organic food that was grown in sulfur rich soil, or by using pure orgainc sulfur every day. It’s no different than recommending citrus fruits to a vitamin C deficient sailor! I am 34 and have started taking sulfur for the past month and a half, and I will tell you that it has made a huge difference already. I’ve tried many different expensive supplements, and sulfur is the only one that I have had noticeable results in such a short amount of time.

    2. Tony Pantalleresco is a neat guy on Youtube who makes instructional health videos. He specializes in herbs and remedies, and talks a lot about recovering from Morgellon’s. He believes we all have it, but those who are suffering are just those whose bodies are actively rejecting the nano particles. We all need to learn how to rid ourselves of their nano crap!

    3. GMOs are death, yes, but also pay attention to the Monsanto poison otherwise known as Glyphosate. There is excellent work being done by MIT researcher Dr. Stephanie Seneff. You can look her up online, and listen to her presentations on Youtube as well (I have learned so much from Youtube lol!) Glyphosate is an herbicide they spray on our food, not just the GMO plants. One example is wheat–they spray wheat before harvest, and this means the Glyphosate is in the non-organic wheat we eat, which is in basically everything! Glyphosate is harmful to our gut bacteria, so every time you eat anything containing Glyphosate, you are basically killing your little gut helpers!

    We are growing our own food this year, and trying to source organic and non-treated local produce. Since I really dislike the fact that we are being deliberately poisoned, I have decided that my best way to protest is to take control of what my family eats. It is a pain, but it is my way of sticking it to the man! I won’t go down without a fight.

    • Eat eggs NA. Local raised. You will get sulfur in high doses plus other very valuable elements.

      I was real active in the fight against factory farming. Veal, chicken and pig. The antiobiotics intake plus the mineral deficent gmo feed are the one-two punch alpha-beta. Add the GAMMA factor to the formula and you have a softkill program unmatched by any other pogrom being run by the committee.

      The thing they can’t stop is the edible plants that we can find growing between sidewalks. There are hundreds of good things. That’s why they want us all out of the rural areas and into cement cities. Codex alimentarius and ICLEI wetlands project are pretty much high priority. The TPP and Agenda 21 UNCCC. Every single event, MSM frequency and committee program is focused on depopulation. The world will never see 8 billion people. Bank on it.

    • Exceedingly Fascinating Information from this credible and interesting mathematics guru!


    • It’s all vortex mathematics 3X3. I like his manner NA. If I were Dallas GoldBug, I’d say this was Jeff Goldblum in disquise. 🙂 – pretty close, eh?

      remember to take your egg shells, coffee grounds and peels and throw them in your garden.

      • You got it! We have gone into gardening overdrive this year. We have a flock of backyard chickens (had them for years, since I’m a bird nut) and have been working on a garden modeled after Paul Gotschi’s Back to Eden method. We try to use every single food scrap for something, since the food we buy is so expensive that I want to put it to good use. I’m sick of being a poisoned lab rat eating toxic waste called “food”, and this is my own personal protest against the evil system.

        –Oh, and he totally reminds me of Jeff Goldblum (and a little Sideshow Bob mixed in 😛

  8. Another great video by the man himself–Crewton Ramone, aka DHundrethMonkee (don’t you love that name?) Cancer Cures!

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