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“Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right” — Watch the Puppets Duke It Out on Your Dime!

***UPDATE TO THIS POST (6/03/15)

“Freedom Act has been Passed”.  One article on this is at  The comments are not very intelligent at this point on that thread, just bickering back and forth.  But, some of the points of the so-called “Freedom Act” are laid out.


Twas recently said…By: boomerangcomesback on May 31, 2015 at at 4:31 pm in a comment at the previous thread here on COTO:

“And I Rand Paul is supposedly set, and in a position to repeal the hated and unconstitutional “Patriot Act” during some odd Sunday evening senate vote gesticulations. (See discussion of this at Info Wars  Since And I Rand Paul is a yarmulke-wearing, wailing-wall humping Zionist crony/puppet of the highest order, WE must assume this “action” is a Strategic move by the Zio-Corporatists that is just a changing of the lipstick color on the Pig of Booberment legislations. S’posedly the Paul Puppet will garner Kudos for mucking up the re-upping of the scum patriot act — making him of pResidential “quality” in the deluded eyes of some sheeple flocks.  I see the plan now, with this cynical brain fart epiphany.The “timing” and weird Sunday choice for this “action” makes the drama suspect in my opinion anyways.  Have a sparkling weekend COTO!

Cue photo of Zio-Rand:

Who Butters Rand's Bread?

Who Butters Rand’s Bread?

Reply by By: Puddy Dunne on May 31, 2015 at 7:36 pm:

“My bet is the target of “Patriot Act”, the movie is Section 215 (=8 btw)It is a traid. He gains the libertarian and moderates and gets to ride high during primaries. But also the goal is to bring the boil of the Snowden Psyop and Surveillance State fever down by throwing us proles a few bones. Then without warning we get the BIG TERROR and then they go on a 24/7 campaign to tell us why we needed more surveillance and how we could have prevented it if we hadn’t clipped the wings of our NSA freedom Act.

Stars & Stripes Zebra Finger Puppet

Stars & Stripes Zebra Finger Puppet

The National Security Agency (NSA) will lose its authority at midnight to collect Americans’ phone records in bulk, after an extraordinary Sunday afternoon Senate session failed to produce an 11th-hour deal to extend the fiercely contested program.

{Fiercely contested by The Corporations’ ballerinas, not representatives for The People, a forgotten group of slaves often referred to as “voters”).

Cue photo of Ballerina:

Really?  A ballerina?

Really? A ballerina?

Rahm Emanuel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee …. Rahm was encouraged by his mother to take ballet lessons and is a graduate of the Evanston School of Ballet,[11] as well as a student of The Joel Hall Dance Center, where his children later took lessons.[12] He won a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet,[13] but turned it down to attend Sarah Lawrence College, a liberal arts school with a strong dance program.[14]”

NEVER MIND!  That weirdness just got too political there.  Back to the story —

“Intelligence officials warned that the outcome amounts to a win for terrorists. But civil liberties groups applauded the demise, at least temporarily, of the once-secret post-Sept. 11 program made public by NSA contractor Edward Snowden, which critics say is an unconstitutional intrusion into Americans’ privacy.

The program is all but certain to be revived in a matter of days, although it also looks certain to be completely overhauled under House-passed legislation that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reluctantly blessed in an about-face Sunday evening. With most senators opposed to extending current law unchanged, even for a short time, McConnell said the House bill was the only option left other than letting the program die off entirely. The Senate voted 77-17 to move ahead on the House-passed bill”.

McConnel Doing the Photo Op Perp Walk

McConnell Doing the Photo Op Perp Walk

AHH, I was just kidding.  He’s doing the “Purposeful Walk” for this scintillating Photo Op.  From this angle he appears in his Sunday Best to be a “Man-on-a-Mission” for ALL Americans, no?!  This striding Senate Majority “Leader” approves this visual message in a stentorian expression “shouting” from the MSM media that he is Doing Something!

What’s he doing?  What’s he really doing?  What are THEY doing?

 Definition of Stentorian:
“There seemed no one to dispute his claims when he said, or rather shouted, in stentorian tones: “I am Tsa. This is my she. Who wishes her more than Tsa?”. You find this gibberish 2nd down at

What?  What are they saying?  Wha?

It is only in other apoplectic photo captures that he appears as a bloated toad who just swallowed a jug ‘O Ex Lax!
Cue Bloated Toad Photo:
Bloated Toad

Bloated Toad

NO!  DON’T GO!!!  I know the entire figment of the political puppet masters’ imaginations is almost too revolting to see, to hear, to comprehend!  But, this latest gambit — Created — for The Masses’ entertrainment displays craftsmanship & craftiness in its total thrall, which ends up being nothing but a fish’s wet dream.  You could just go to the movies?…

Tune in to the description of the “Fight” as described at the end of the Politico article linked above –Its a Rough & Tumble Dispute between the entirely illReputed heavy weight puppets!  Where else will you get a title like this?  “McConnell moves to swallow USA Freedom Act”.  Yummy!

“McConnell (R-Ky.) made one last-gasp attempt to keep them on life support. He moved to extend for two weeks less controversial wire-tapping and “lone wolf” terrorist provisions, only to be rebuffed by his Kentucky colleague. McConnell responded with a rare show of anger on the Senate floor, ripping the “demagoguery” surrounding the PATRIOT Act’s bulk data collection programs as they headed toward a temporary lapse at midnight”.

What writing!  What a CONTEST of wills, of STATESMANSHIP!  And I Rand Paul winks and nods, and delivers a Punch — “I will force the expiration of the NSA illegal spy program,” Kentucky’s Paul said in a statement Saturday. “I am ready and willing to start the debate on how we fight terrorism without giving up our liberty.”

My COTO friends, this satire has been brought to you to highlight the absolute ridiculousness of the ridiculous charade of “law-making” in America, performed daily (even on weekends!) by highly paid Actors.  It is my hope that the show soon closes and moves out of town to a deserted island or desert near a war front.



  1. Oh gawd! Send them all back to ballet school!

  2. Ditto. Clownfests ARE the curriculum by all observations.

    By reading the comments at the following Infowars thread you can get a sense of the nonsensical reasoning of certain of the sheep. They’re “All Aboard” the And I Rand Paul train because they’ve sucked down a liter of high fructose Good Cop/Bad Cop theater. Really sad and pitiful. Check em out —

    Not that surprising, has got WAY MORE comments and action than the dancing Rand ballerina.

  3. To add insult to the blasphemy of “Politics” run out of D.C., we now get this bought & sold travesty flown up the flag pole as another “contender” for the heavyweight position of POTUS — “I’m ready’: Lindsey Graham officially enters 2016 race”

    For those not educated about Mr./Mrs. Graham as a politician; you will be hard-pressed to find another “COMPROMISED” individual piece of political meat than this war-mongering, sold out, zio-friendly creature. This is truly surreal kabuki theater in drag watching this political gangbang game show.

    • I think he should do his Geisha Mizuage for the USO and leave the Kabuki to the professionals.

  4. What I see here is the perfect “double bind” in a triple cross of a Hegelian Triad.

    1. Patriot to Freedom. A jump from promoting Patriot as something good. Reinforcing Freedom as a ‘state of stasis’ selling globalism to combat the evils of sovereign terror (we are paying for both simultaneously)
    2. Doublethink: Freedom=safety if the freedom is an act, the action is only for the Free. We are free for now but data collection and designation is a process to identify those who know the doublethink of FISA and NSA.
    3. Terror is a Trade and soon the only trade will be those in the terror network. The lone wolf is one who rejects the WTO. Bush coined the rejectionist as one who was against him.
    4. Section 215: the CIA uses it to track financial data, such as wire transfers, that can help expose terrorist networks. The FBI has used it to obtain companies’ Internet business records in combination with IRS Lois Lerner targeting. This eliminates the threat of financial independence. The crux of TPP is eliminate independent agenda’s financed by independent means.
    5. Deflection: This ultimately takes the headlines which proves it is a psyop whereas the TPP and WTO are secret and get no MSM coverage which is how terrorists work. (in secret) The very nature of TPA and TPP are terror.
    6. Double Bind: Terror and Trade Open and closed. This is brilliant to take the financial and say cash or credit? (translated Terror or Trade)

    Vortex to Base
    7.The cashless open full spectrum internet financial model is the 6x6x6 = 215 (base 11) of Buy/Sell in the vortex 215 =258 and base 9 reversed. Note that there is no base 6 . Hex 29A will be the transition. Wait for number and section to be published.

    There are complex algorithms at work on the financial matters at I$I$ base. Whether 9, 10 or 11 they have to be utilized in the program. The numbers add up easier than the programming we are watching. None of it adds up and we can only speculate the first trigger in Base 10 will be finance, followed by the terror trigger in Base 9 and finally the Base 11 solution or synthesis completing the transformation to a system of the FREEDOM ACT that incorporates the FUll Spectrum Dominance into the 1984. The Mark of the beast TBD later but my best guess is this happens between now and September and the complete transition has to be done by 2020. Many think 2025 but the numbers are better for 2020.

  5. MAFIA BOSSES remember cash transactions (section 215 can’t track it)

    The War on Cash #666

    TPP is to Free Trade what I$I$ is to Freedom

  6. Iraqi PM Says Government Forces Lost 2300 US Humvees to ISIL

    How many of these humvees do you suppose are landing in the US for I$I$ Jade Helm? Hmmmm?

  7. From the Semidi Subduction Zone : Shallow M5.8 earthquake registered 180 km S of Axial Seamount, off the coast of Oregon

  8. Theres the axis to Juan de Fuca Pacific and Semidi. Theres an active volcano there since early May

  9. So much to watch go down around us, folks! Hard to keep track, and that’s the point in this time of chaos, corruption, and turbulence.

    No Kidding?


    Kissinger is still “allowed” (sought after even) to meddle / formulat murderous “Policy” around the world? A walking war criminal, is an “adviser” to Obama and others — what does that tell you about the “state” of the slave states?

    Absolutely Sickening, but FACT, not Conspiracy:
    PROOF of Soros continuing to commit war crimes and create criminal atrocities by working behind the scenes with criminal power-brokers and policy makers. Now, he is “OUTED” by hard facts, but let’s watch how long he can continue to walk the plank amongst the criminally infested ranks of the elites before he is held to account or “sacrificed”… We can only imagine the horrors this man is directly responsible for as is Kissinger, Jack Lew, the Ukrainian puppets, Obama, and so many others playing the game of “Lives for Profits”.

    More on the “secret” TPP (for secret reasons, namely illegality and criminality):

    • Read the account of the Sorcha Fal blurb regarding Kerry getting “whacked”. Somewhere lies the Truth…find it at


      Everytime I hear Heinzicker talk I think about Peter Sellers in “Being There”
      He is so tired and a relic anymore. They just put up with him now. Same ol Hank and wank.

      I know the French would love to whack Kerry. They said if he had won the presidency 2004 he would have had to go it alone in Iraq. They’d love to see him in Ramadi with two broken legs. Gunga Din too.

  10. A, I. Rand Paul on the move. Isn’t he wonderful?

    Rand Paul wants the infamous ’28 pages’ of secret 9/11 files released

  11. No Drug Money to Launder?

    HSBC set to cut thousands of jobs globally: Sky News via @YahooFinance

  12. The AP traced at least 50 aircraft back to the FBI, and identified more than 100 flights in 11 states over a 30-day period since late April, orbiting both major cities and rural areas. At least 115 planes, including 90 Cessna aircraft, were mentioned in a federal budget document from 2009.

    FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over US cities

    FVX Research, KQM Aviation, NBR Aviation and PXW Services.

    646 1184 529 725 7 5 7 5 =6
    Pentagon [6] HUMINT operations

    • I’d propose this is an oversight operation for the coming event. The FBI essentually is relegated to the firewall of protecting the operation from exposure. This was their job during 911 and why they were doing surveillance in New Jersey months before and during the WTC operation.

      This tells me it is close and I am sticking with September. There will be some major deflection event when the date gets close and the ‘go live’ green light is given.

  13. Explosions in Flint, MI as military “exercises” begin. This state was not designated as part of Jade Helm? See Story at:

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