Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 29, 2015

BRICS and Drones….Subduction Zones!

Semidi Island

BRICS and Drones predictions 2015

I predict tragic events for Belarus, North Central  India (Bhopal) and Mexico City.

Tsunami warning for Alaska, Northern California, Oregon and Washington State after 8.0+ event
Semidi Island  – Aleutian subduction zone.

I expect a bad Tornado season again and severe weather for Texas and Oklahoma due to the Vortex shift in Mid Atlantic Arctic dips.  Climate change will be back on the Carbon Exchange of Media propaganda


Semidi Island ASZ ALASKA


Chirikof Island, Alaska

Preliminary Earthquake Report
Magnitude 7.0
  • 29 May 2015 07:00:08 UTC
  • 28 May 2015 21:00:08 near epicenter
  • 29 May 2015 01:00:08 standard time in your timezone
Location 56.689N 156.578W
Depth 51 km


  1. 6.7111km NNW of Chirikof Island, Alaska2015-05-29 07:00:09 UTC55.6 km
  2. 6.296km WNW of Willow, Alaska2014-09-25 17:51:17 UTC108.9 km
  3. 6.3Gulf of Alaska2012-11-12 20:42:14 UTC9.0 km
  4. 6.1Alaska Peninsula2011-07-16 19:59:12 UTC36.0 km
  5. 6.0Kodiak Island region, Alaska2009-03-30 07:13:07 UTC21.0 km
  6. 6.0Kodiak Island region, Alaska2008-05-25 19:18:25 UTC22.0 km
Largest in the basin region. Juan De Fuca and Pacific plate – No Tsunami alert but powerful and shallow

Expected 8+ event with a Tsunami alert.



  1. It’s nice to hear someone else link I$I$ to the World Trade Terror Organization.

    William F. Jasper does just that!

    REGARDING: The Hastert Affair. This comes from the NWO formula. All politicians are inducted as administrators and funded by the foundations of committee. Once in they are under mafia rules. They have dirt on everyone and all is well until they screw up. Such was Dennis Hastert.

    A political ploy ot dump the GOP Bush boy, the FIFA scandal was an assault on the Clinton Crime Family. Back and forth it goes. This TRIAD is simple COTO.

    Hastert was a warning #1 to the vote on TPP and TTIP through TPA and executive action. Don’t read, don’t see it just sign it. Hastert was a sacrifice with multiple benefits. It gets a lot of play these types of triads do.


    Meanwhile Texas, (the hostiles) and Oklahome (Blood Alley) are drowning.

    • ISIS is most clearly an American creation, fanned into life the same as Al Qaeda, when the latter failed to be aggressive enough. America’s elite are suffering such a crisis of legitimacy that people are talking openly about revolution.

      • Why would we believe they don’t want that? Its inconceivable to understand unless it is a matter of separating wheat from chaff or the willful versus the biddable. Might they already have that information? I have no doubts.

        I hope you are well, Pat.

        • Likewise, Patrick! We are in a good location, by and large. Mt. Fuji blows, like Kuchinoerabu (Mt. Thingamabob) did yesterday, and you’ll see us on the nightly news doing the bunny hop over the mountains to get out of range. Looks like the volcanoes here are in no mood to warn people–I suppose someone knows where their funny bone is.

          The thing with revolutions is (and it is already apparent with the upcoming one) by the time the proles get mad enough to do some harm, they are already being manipulated to blame the handiest whipping boy. Masses of people show the intelligence of amoeba. Prod them and they will do what they always do. Smartest thing to do is stay out of the way until the smoke clears.

          Thus it is beginning to look to me that rural and quiet is indeed better. The cities are set to explode. The countryside will be attacked later. Best be prepared to dig in and hold the fort with your neighbors. We’ll stay in touch until the plug gets pulled on the Net.

          • I agree. Biblically and philosophically the architects would divide and conquer, then incorporate many of Sun Tzu’s strategems. The RothRocks were so impressed with themselves in the China model. What the British East India base crew did was show how a regime could manage a billion or half thereabouts.

            We should expect, at least, the premise of 80-90% reduction. I suspect they predict we will do the vast majority of the work ourselves. Not hard to connect road warrior with the Texas Outlaw and Cossack mentality in a staging. Great promo for the sheeple, great psyop example for the initiated C.T.

            I think Japan unfortunately has become much like the US in terms of dumbed down brainwashing. Since my time with them in the late seventies, it seems they have used the same kind of tactics on the generations. MSM plays up theatres of our enemies and it always seems to be a region where people are aware of the ruling order and their programs. Iran, Libya, Iraq, Venezuela, Liberia and Ivory coast. I added Nepal and the monks recently to that list. They must pass the wisdom down to the young who do not imbibe the mind control spells and brew of the matrix.

  2. Semidi Islands 56°03′43″N 156°41′54″W

    7.0M Quake: 56.589°N 156.435°W

  3. I was a wrestler in H.S. I never wrestled Greek – Mark Foley or Denny Hastert. How fortunate.

  4. No radiation found after scare at India’s Delhi airport via @sharethis

    India’s Heat Wave Death Toll Tops 1,800

  5. By the time we gt to Phoenix, she’ll be rising???

    Mohammed cartoon contest: Hundreds expected outside Phoenix mosque
    CNN‎ – 11 mins ago

  6. The False Flag Road to Martial Law

  7. (inside job)

    Moelis Dives

    Moelis & Company (MC) performed sub average at the closing bell Thurs with a 7 day performance of 1.89% closing at $29.13, losing -0.61%. Shares traded at a volume of 241,897 shares and relative volume of 1.69. Moelis & Company (MC) has a quarterly performance of -9.13% and is trading from the company’s 52 week low

    So do their bankers

    Exclusive: Father of investment banker, 29, fears son turned to drink and drugs to cope with stress and jumped to his death after a ‘Wolf of Wall Street cocaine party’

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  8. Hey Pat.

    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 7.8
    Date-Time 30 May 2015 11:23:02 UTC
    30 May 2015 20:23:03 near epicenter
    30 May 2015 05:23:02 standard time in your timezone

    Location 27.831N 140.493E
    Depth 677 km

    • They were saying 8.5, but too deep to produce a tsunami. The TV was already posting a notice of a “strongish” earthquake somewhere, when our house started swaying. Apparently, it started out in the Ogasawaras, but ripped along and wound up having another center of destruction quite near us. We are up on Mt. Fuji bedrock, so it takes a really big one for us to notice anything. We can expect aftershocks, some of which may be pretty impressive. There are two subduction zones, basically overlapping just to the south of us. Yesterday’s was the Pacific/Philippines subduction (starting east of us and proceeding under us), and Suruga Bay, south of us has the Philippines/Eurasia subduction, where a huge megathrust earthquake has been expected to come along any time now.

      • Yeah it was very deep. Thats no biggy 8.5 at that depth. 50 km or less is a bad day at black rock. Your bedrock is a floater on the plate?

        Stay in the high ground. It is the best place for a strike-slip shallow biggy subduction. Convergent collision on the other hand could be trouble. Can’t live in Japan without having your knowledge and diploma in seismology.

        • Folks in Tokyo got a real scare out of this one. Trapped in elevators, or–poor little softies!–up on some 52nd floor camped out waiting for the elevators to start up again. When things do not go according to plan they are helpless with fear, just like sheep! (I used to lead them on ecotours, but it was an awful lot like torturing them, so I gave it up.)
          My husband and I live on the Fossa Magna, and on the maps it is depicted as a line running straight through our town, meaning we do not know whether we are on the North American plate or the Eurasian plate. I saw another map recently, though, that depicts the Fossa Magna as a zone, much like the DMZ in Korea. On the other hand, where the Fossa Magna shows up in rock cuts or canyons, it is an abrupt, traceable line with completely different strata on either side. The most recent layers where we live are mostly basalt from Mt. Fuji. Our garden, though is a thin soil layer over sedimentary stone, with sandstone and limestone dominating, obviously uplifted by the two plates subducting under us. The geology here is much like a four-way tryst–too complicated to figure out who is up to what, but it is the stuff of novels. The heroine is Mt. Fuji, who appears originally to have been a regular run-of-the-mill stratovolcano born from the relationship between North America (who was having an argument with Eurasia) and the Philippines. A rift occurred in North America, possibly as a result of the quarrel, allowing basaltic material from the mantle to rise, elevating our princess to stardom. The mystery is, what influence has the Pacific plate brought to bear, supposedly undermining all of this? Yesterday’s episode may give us some hint. Surprises are yet to follow!

          • Interesting. I had some daydream thoughts to Atlantis Rising and possible major subduction and convergence in pacific creating another continent in the region inside the firering. Like Okinawa.

            Chinas new airstrips and military island forming seems to be connected to counter World Terror Trade Org. but sometimes I think it goes further in what they expect at the time the pacific plate decides to transform itself.

            Trade routes and maritime laws converging with territorial limits and defense make for murky waters. Theres a lot of real estate under to consider.

          • M6.4 – IZU ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION
            Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.4
            Date-Time 30 May 2015 18:49:07 UTC
            31 May 2015 04:49:08 near epicenter
            30 May 2015 12:49:07 standard time in your timezone

            Location 30.768N 143.021E
            Depth 13 km

  9. And I Rand Paul is supposedly set and in a position to repeal the hated and unconstitutional “Patriot Act” during some odd Sunday evening senate vote gesticulations. (See discussion of this at Info Wars).

    Since And I Rand Paul is a yarmulke-wearing, wailing-wall humping Zionist crony/puppet of the highest order, WE must assume this “action” is a Strategic move by the Zio-Corporatists that is just a changing of the lipstick color on the Pig of Booberment legislations. S’posedly the Paul Puppet will garner Kudos for mucking up the re-upping of the scum patriot act — making him of pResidential “quality” in the deluded eyes of some sheeple flocks.

    I see the plan now, with this cynical brain fart epiphany.

    The “timing” and weird Sunday choice for this “action” makes the drama suspect in my opinion anyways.

    Have a sparkling weekend COTO!

    • My bet is the target of “Patriot Act”, the movie is Section 215 (=8 btw)

      It is a traid. He gains the libertarian and moderates and gets to ride high during primaries. But also the goal is to bring the boil of the Snowden Psyop and Surveillance State fever down by throwing us proles a few bones. Then without warning we get the BIG TERROR and then they go on a 24/7 campaign to tell us why we needed more surveillance and how we could have prevented it if we hadn’t clipped the wings of our NSA freedom Act.

      That 24/7 campaign will last until the day of the 2016 election. At that time whether Jeb, Hillaryor Obama III, the TPP and Police State will go in hyper mode. That’s my best guess of Zebranomics and Election psyops from TAVISTOCK GRP.

      • Yes, I think you are right. This is oddball timing for giving up our “defense against terrorism,” now that we’ve gone out and created ISIS for fun. The false flag with be a “black swan.” Just as long as they don’t go violating the laws of physics this time, though! Have your little false flag and then clamp down, folks, don’t be maudlin! I’m beginning to see the wisdom of just ignoring it all.

        • I think the counter to ‘conspiracy theorist’ is ‘hoax’ when I get called a CT I always force the conversation to the official story, get them to confirm it and then simply ask if they were there at that time. ??

          In the medical realm, I ask why they believe a stranger in a white lab coat?

          CERN collider is back online again Pat after a two year tune up. They essentially modified it to Hemi status. I am certain they intend on violating every possible law and ethic and the certainly the law of relativity falls into that category.

          Black Swan-Black Hole=dark matter. I guess arrogance will always overrule caution. Seems these days they have taken the governor off and anything goes in science breakthrough. Theres too much money involved for life sciences and too many death panelists in the game.

  10. Preparing for BLUEBEAM: Artificial Raptures and revelations

    ‘There’s room for scientific, common sense and biblical skepticism in this matter’

    Pastor, talk-show host and author Carl Gallups, who used the symbol of the trumpets of Revelation as the basis for his exploration of the end times in “Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation,” says believers should be wary of hoaxes.

  11. US Senate Moves to Vote on NASA Surveillance Program Reform

    Read more:

    Sputnik Typo? NASA….NSA. No they are one in the same. Surveillance will be run by aliens. The NSA and Freedom Clan will have deniability. Remember the laws for us are terra based. Space is the NEW FRONTIER.

    All the N-Words apply NASA, NSA, NIST, NOAA, NAVY and NAS. All under the Dept of Energy(DoE DoD)

    What Will Happen If the Patriot Act Expires? Earthraker goes live and we get the “Event Horizon” As we watch this I$I$ black hole swallow up the earth in pieces, the Powers that be will call the emergency international committee to present the new world compact “Earth Constitution” This will be post-bluebeam.

    It’ll save us all. Save us all from time spent voting, eating, drinking, breathing and living in general.

  12. The President hosts a discussion with Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative Fellows – TPP

    What is glaringly obvious is the little time he spends addressing American groups. Never in history has a 8 year president done less domestic executive work than a predecessor did in two years.

    InDONEsian AfriCONner – WTO/WOT=OWT

    It’s the TRIAD of WTO. War On Trade – World Terror Org – One World Tranformation

    Meeting with the Bilderberg inside committee elite eugenicists of Netherlands –

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