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The Dexter to the Sinister Denver Airport

Autodesk Case Study: Denver International Airport

It’s no exaggeration to say that Denver International Airport must be managed as if it were “a small city.” In fact, it’s more like a large city.DIA is one of the largest

Click to enlarge Orthophoto of Denver International Airport

airports in the world – the first one to land three airplanes at the same time, on parallel runways, in bad weather. Finished in 1995 at a cost of almost $5 billion, DIA sprawls across 53 square miles, twice the size of New York’s Manhattan Island.It is populated by 23,000 employees and 106,000 passengers, coursing daily through 89 gates to 1,450 flights.For passengers, it offers a chapel, an Islamic prayer hall and a 365-foot, glass-enclosed pedestrian bridge that spans the airfield.Snaking underneath the airport are a giant automated rail system, sewers, baggage conveyors, utility tunnels, 5,000 miles of fiber-optic cable and 11,365 miles of copper cable – enough, as the airport points out, “to run from New York City to Buenos Aires, Argentina.” …cont


Interview with Alex Christopher, Author of Pandora’s Box

The following is absolutely mind blowing. From Britain still retaining control over the US, to Nazis in US office, to what really happens to all the multitude of children who go missing each year, to the purpose of the Denver Airport and the mass slaughter of specific races. If you’re prone to squeamishness, hit your delete button. Otherwise, get ready for some of the most hair raising intel you’ll ever read…..cont

denver5 I did an article on it in 2006. I also did a diary for OPED NEWS (rejected) where I discussed the underground and the fact it was actually several square miles of tunnel that link Denver to Colorado Springs. I lived there for two years just after OKC bombing. My extended family lived there for many years and ran a blasting company. They did work in and around the airport. When I arrived there I investigated the huge over budget and the ridiculous tent roofs. It was obvious the money went to the underground and not the buildings. I saw all those murals and wandered around the most eerie spots of that airport. Rode the underground trains to the extended concourses. Really a bizarre experience. FBI and Spooks were all over the place back then after OKC bombing (false flag)  and you were stopped often for bag and briefcase searches. I believe it’s an extermination facility, meaning that it has the bio-military, weapons and com-ops required to operate the entire US from there and underground outside DC. I think the underground facilities were never discontinued from the Cold War and there are more than 120 locations in the US alone. Ever wonder about sink holes? Strange Sounds? Fracking frauds? Small but strong earthquakes in unusual locations? (eg. Washington DC) When Russia, US and Germany were sending useless eaters to their deaths during eugenics pogrom ‘holocaust / WWII’,  they had to depend upon the railroads. The program for next  transformation / WWIII will have the benefit of a huge number of tunnel rail systems from many Military decommissioned  bases (33) converted to FEMA camps and air transport.  If you wonder why Warren Buffett bought a failing railroad, you can rest assured he knows what he is doing. We have seen the FEMA rail cars. concentration-train

BUDGET AND SPENDING: Denver International Airport T-RCED/AIMD-95-184: Published: May 11, 1995. Publicly Released: May 11, 1995. 22 pages

Denver Aiport being the largest Airport in the world based upon the seen and unseen space, as deep as 6 levels,  represents the new capitol of World Order Central.  Why it went two billion dollars over budget was just one of many thefts we have been victims of from the Zionist government, left and right and the covert operations and banking that fund this national security apparatus.  I have said many times that the crooks of the Military, Industrial and Congressional complex are not getting to keep their ill-gotten gains but are paid handsomely for their continued effort to finance the projects associated with this eugenics based program to depopulate the planet by identifying the sheep from the wolves, the sick from the healthy, the moral from the depraved and the rejectionists from those willing to be enslaved. When the news hit MSM by mistake regarding the Veterans Kill List, we knew the whistleblowers must be silenced. No shock that in Mexico it is more dangerous to be a journalist than it is to be a cop. That’s because in Mexico the majority of cops are criminals.  The drug cartels work for the government and here in the US, it is never more evident. It has been a major funding source for these black projects from the time CIA sold its first kilo. First, DIA was designed and built in just over 5 years and opened on February 28, 1995. This accomplishment is often obscured by issues and problems associated with its state-of-the-art baggage system.

vortex Capstone

The airport, ever constructed in the nation, one of the largest taxiways. has 33 miles of runways and Site preparation and construction began in September 1989; 1993. the scheduled opening date was October Because of changes in the scope and design of the airport, the opening was delayed from October 1993 to December 1993 and then to March 1994. The airport’s opening was further postponed as a result of mechanical and software problems with the automated baggage handling system. Parts of the automated baggage system were functional when the airport opened, but a back-up conventional baggage handling system–using conveyor belts, tugs I and carts– will be used as a permanent adjunct or until the automated system is operating on all concourses.


Second, DIA’s total cost is over $4.8 billion. The total cost includes $3 billion in construction costs, $1 billion more than the first firm estimate in May 1990. Most of the cost increases were due to changes in the scope of the airport, such as the addition of an automated baggage system and widening and lengthening a concourse. increases for financing during construction also cost contributed to the rise in the airport’s total cost. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) plans to spend $655 million in federal funds toward the cost of the airport. —



Sinister and Dexter – Enter the Dexter


Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Aurora, Colorado – The Dark Knight Rises

Veterans Hospital Dubbed ‘Biggest Construction Failure’ Gets $100 Million Bailout

 A recent Government Accountability Office report cited several factors behind the ballooning price tag, including “changes to veterans’ health care needs, site-acquisition issues, and a decision in Denver to change plans from a medical center shared with a local medical university to a standalone VA medical center.”

VA building projects riddled with mistakes and cost overruns


Already $1,000,000,000.00 over budget and it still looks like a slum

Did Obama Know About Secret Kill List at VA Hospitals – Answer: Yes

At Least 22 Veterans Kill Themselves Every Day – Most are assassinated by suicide

Time to wake up people. There is likely unforseen costs in getting the tunnels connecting Denver International with the Veterans Obamacare death panel facility in Aurora.  No doubt that another $100,000,000.00 bailout will complete the work and then we can go back to finishing the walls.  I wonder why they didn’t opt for tent  style teflon roofs like DIA?  That may have bought them another diamond.carbide drilling and boring machine.

The GAO as usual is running cover for this creative accounting, If they didn’t they could expect to die by missile like the Pentagon accountants did during 911 cover :VIGILANT GUARDIAN, who as we know works hard to make sure the NATIONAL SECURITY is never compromised.

The Replacement VA facitity is slated to treat 500,000 Veterans. We can imagine based upon what we know and what we suspect that the care will be something out of the Mengele files and research.

22 Miles DIA to DIE


Obamacare is the fountainhead for 44

D.I.A  Denver Int’l  and D.I.E. VA Eastern CO health System equals D.O.A (Dead on Arrival)

33+22-11= 44




  1. Hey. It’s only Veterans we are talking about. No it’s about DEATH PANELS and crumbling infrastructure. Get the tunnel rail finished and well open the Pharmacy and vaccine clinic anyway.

    Foundations plan to pay news media to cover radical UN agenda

    [EXCLUSIVE: The United Nations Foundation created by billionaire Ted Turner, along with a branch of media giant Thomson Reuters, is starting to train a squadron of journalists and subsidize media content in 33 countries—including the U.S. and Britain–in a planned $6 million effort to popularize the bulky and sweeping U.N.-sponsored Sustainable Development Goals, prior to a global U.N. summit this September. where U.N. organizers hope they will be endorsed by world leaders.]
    LBJ Foundation Honors Ted Turner With 2015 Lady Bird Johnson Environmental Award

    [AUSTIN, Texas, May 15, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The LBJ Foundation will present entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turner with the Lady Bird Johnson Environmental Award on May 21 at a gala ceremony in the LBJ Presidential Library. Veteran CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer will conduct a conversation with the iconoclastic media mogul.]

    PS – CNN is 35 years old this year. Thanks for nothing, Ted.

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  4. VA Fails Veterans Again, and Again, and Again, and Again “You need to remove the placards that are leaning against the fence,” said the officer, because “they are touching the VA’s property.”

  5. Good short video expose here on D.U.M.B.S., Jade Helm, DIA, etc.:

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