Posted by: boomerangcomesback | May 22, 2015

False Flags Repeating, While The Truth is Buried

Fact, or Fiction?

Fact, or Fiction?

It is fitting, with the excellent and prescient 3D Glasses “OBEY” theater Header — to post once again, the sad and pathetic False Flag story of the Aurora Theater Batman Shooting suspect, James Holmes…

The Story “convicting” this individual by descriptions of the carnage versus looking at the facts — once again comes across the radar of the public in typical “scripted” fashion.  Boston Bomber, Tsarnaev recently received the same treatment.  It can now be anyone.  SEE STORY AT:

I read the above story, and knowing what I know from research and questioning and logic; I’m again amazed at the devilish slant used to sell False Flags.  Capitalizing on emotional reaction to created gore and horror is so debased and evil.

See the photo collection of Mr. Holmes at the link below:

“Guilty” Until Proven Innocent — A Complete Reversal of the Justice Once Found in America

Drugged to the Gills

Drugged to the Gills

It is so terrifically sad, that all of the facts that made no sense are simply wiped off the desk, and hidden away, as a fabricated story is presented to the public over and over again.  We sit here and marvel at the Beast Power that continues to play charades with people’s lives, while deceiving the masses.  SERIOUS scrutiny and treatment of this sordid Batman Theater “OP/PLOT” was provided here at COTO and many other worthy sites.  Yet, the heartless MSM continues its conscienceless job of selling “stories” to the Sheeple for the Shadow People.  It is a Sad, Sad Day all over again.

Photo of the “Computer Maestro” at the top of this thread sourced from Zen Gardner’s site, and an interesting article by James Corbett titled, ” Elites Panic as Information Control Flounders” — .  I thought the “Computer Maestro” fit quite well below Puddy’s 3D theater “OBEY” header.



  1. Does anyone forget the laughing patrons leaving the theatre that fruitful night? The “bach doorman” orchestrator who open the rear exit before the previews and stage production? Do we forget the father like Sandy Hook and his affiliations? Did we also forget the Batman Map-Sandy Hook Gotham clue?

    I can expect some to forget the promotional graphics character who died? mysteriously when police were summoned to assassinate him? SONNY ARCHULETA

    I have not been able to watch or rwad any of the trials for these MK targeted individuals, though I have had many thoughts of my hands on the throats of their fathers.

    It’s very timely Boomer, you posting AURORA as it is the subject of my next post.. It should be up sometime Saturday.

    As we glide into Jade Helm on the visual spectrum there are more secrets to the DIA phenomenon. As I was thinking back to my time in Denver during the post Oklahoma City, OJ trial and terror drills in the Downtown Metro Denver complex, I had more focus on the airport. You posted some updated material recently and it got start looking at Denver’s prepping for D-Day. Thanks for bringing the stagings we tend to ignore these days due to the massive deflection campaign we have seen during OBAMATRADE.

    They are going to jump another hurdle on TPA over the holiday in the same fashion they did the FED PRIVATE BANKING BILL during Xmas. They continue to make their boldest moves on Holidays when the sheeple are sucking budlight GMO syrup and tossing animal lips on the Barbie or they stage a false flag or sacrifice.

    I suspect the DC killing (ala Manson) is the latest from the illuminati. It already appears to be full of holes from Pizza to DNA to motive holes as well. The Elephant in the room is Mitch McConnell who is literally threatening livves to pass FISA -FREEDOM ACT and TPA. That’s where the real crime is now.

  2. Holy sun! Solar halo in Mexico causes social media frenzy (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

    I hate to be repetitive but keep an eye on Mexico City – BRICS and Drones 2015

  3. 2+2=3

    US Officials Leak Information About the ISIS Raid That’s More Sensitive than Anything Snowden Ever Leaked via @disinfo

    Any cotohead can add this and solve the mystery

    Drudge says “Clinton-Rubio Matchup Unnerves Many Dems…”
    He has no clue what it does to the Coto nervous system.

  4. Hillary Clinton, Morgan Stanley and TPP: A free trade triumvirate?

    Bilderberg Triumvirate , The TPP is the eye of the triangle. No politician will decide, We know the deciders.

  5. Always good to read the disinfopro sites. For TPP go to and there you can see theirs “SNOPES” of real journalism and exposers of the Trans-Terror Perpetrators.

    All TPP is the worlk laid out by Rothschild and Rockefellers. We remember well NAFTA and the COA, SPP, CFR and Corporate profiteers. Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America(SPP) was the base of ops for domestic agenda21.

    This was a good list of the corporate offenders. You can review any and find not one that hasn’t been under the CORPWATCH eye of corruption. When you look at TPP’s teamsters, you find many of the same offenders.

    In the worlds of the prophet ROSS PEROT, “getting ready for another giant sucking sound. Like opening a Papsi the vacuum of US jobs flying out is replaced by the incoming police state and trade Security.

    The final analysis will prove that the WAR ON TERROR is the WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION and the thousand points of light are the fortune 1000 profiteers who will make the death panel a reality. Zebranomics is about the conversion of Currency Fiat to Debt Instruments which are human flesh traded derivatives. Death is profit and will be paid in short term sales and revenues and also be capitalized to the stakeholders over the longterm by the RothRock-elites and their eugenics banking zionist joo-joo-bees.

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