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Letters from Langley: Another Diversion and Psyop by committee

U.S. Releases Contents of Osama bin Laden’s ‘Bookshelf’

The US? Who is the US? Why it’s the boys at Langley-Mossad-MI6


US government releases Osama bin Laden’s letters, conspiracy books, and software manuals – The Verge


(TN: video letter)
My last will
To my dear faithful wife
Praise God, and prayers and Peace be on the prophet of God, our
prophet Muhammad, his family and his allies.
My dear wife, Peace be upon you, and mercy of God, and his


How are you doing? I hope you are well and all who are with you.
How is my son `Usama and my two daughters, `Asma` and (TN:
possibly, Duha)? I pray that you are all in good condition. And
how is my sister Iman, and Um Hamzah, and how are my brothers
and sisters? I ask God that you all are in good condition, and
that he expedite your release and of all prisoners of the
mujahidin to the shores of safety.


My dear wife, you know that I escaped from prison for my sister,
you, Um Hamzah, and Hamid, but I found that the matter (TN: his
situation after escaping) may take a long time. I know that you
are in a psychological crisis, so I doubled my thinking to find
a way out for you, so I ask God to speed up the resolution for
you and to get us together on the shores of safety sooner and
not later.


My beloved wife,
Know that you do fill my heart with love, beautiful memories,
and your long-suffering of tense situations in order to appease
me and be kind to me, and every time I thought of you my eyes
would tear for being away from you. I want you to know that I
will not marry on you because I will not find a woman like you,
and I will remain in the land of jihad until God will bring us
together in this world to see you and enjoy looking at you and
at my children, and to compensate you for the kindness and love
you missed in prison, due to the tension and being occupied with
the thought. Or if meeting in the world is not possible, then I
will see you in the thereafter and that will suffice.

So be patient and strengthen yourself with faith so that you
meet God with him pleased of you, and we meet in paradise
between its rivers and luxuries, as that is the eternal life
that remains because you are a good wife in this world, and I
ask God that you will be my wife in the thereafter.


My will: If I get killed, and you want to return to your family,
then that is okay, but you have to raise my children properly,
and to watch them, and be careful of bad company for them,
especially after puberty, especially the girls `Asma` and (TN:
possibly, Duha). So be very careful about them and if you can
marry them to mujahidin, then that is best, or else to good

coto911reprise copy
As for `Usama, when he reaches adulthood, if there is someone
else who cares for you, then send him to the battlefield at his
grandfather’s. I specify his grandfather because his path is
clear and true without qualms on it, and because jihad is an
obligated duty for all adults, so he has to conduct jihad.
As for you, you are the apple of my eye, and the most precious
thing that I have in this world. If you want to marry after me,
I have no objection, but I really want for you to be my wife in
paradise, and the woman, if she marries two men, is given a
choice on Judgment Day to be with one of them.
In closing,


Please forgive me for my shortcomings towards you, and that you
pray for me, and remind my children to pray for me and to do
charity for me, and to arrange for a continuous charity in my


So, so long either in this world or in the thereafter, I ask God
to protect you and my children from all evil, and to nourish you
and the children with His unsleeping eye, and to give you the
best of endings, and get us together in the upper heavens with
the believers, prophets, and martyrs, and those are the best

(TN: a sentence that is possibly “I leave you with God in
And peace be upon you,
Your husband
Sa’ad Ibn `Usama Bin Ladin
15 August 2008

To my dear father,
Praise God and prayers and peace be on the prophet of God, our
prophet Muhammad, his family and his allies.
How are you doing my father? I ask God that you are in good


For starters, I do not forget your kindness in raising us, and
for deepening the meaning of jihad in our hearts, and spending
on us, marrying us, and many many other things, so you have the
credit after God in our adherence and guidance to that path, the
path of dignity and winning of paradise. What a father you are;
you are the greatest.


My dear father, I ask you to take care of my wife and children,
to ask about them always, follow on their news, and arrange for
their marriages and for their needs, as they are from me and I
am from you, so they are your children also.
My dear father, I counted myself as a mujahid and immigrant in
the path of God, so if I get killed, please pray a lot for me,
and do continuous charities for my memory, as I will need all
the push I can get to reach that everlasting home.


There is another issue, which is that when I got married, Abu
Burhan (TN: cut off word) paid my marriage expenses, so if this
money is not from your money, please pay him back so that I will
not be imprisoned in my grave.
In closing, I ask God that if I am killed before you, that God
accepts my vouching for you, my mother, my sons, my daughters,
my wife, my brothers and sisters, your wives, and all of our


And I ask Him to make you victorious over your enemies and his,
and to establish the Nation of Islam at the hands of the
mujahidin sooner and not later.


And please forgive me if there is anything that happened of me
that you do not like and relay my greetings to all our family,
especially my mother, and remind her of the virtues, as God said
“strengthen yourselves.”
You son
Sa’ad Ibn `Usama
15 August 2008




  1. I guess based upon his reading room I am Osama bin Laden and living in a compound in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Just call me Teddy K.

    As we have pointed out since 911, you are either with them or you are with the terrorists. Seems the propaganda which we all know is a complete fabrication is designed to show CIA asset Osman “Osama” as a human and sometimes caring and loving psychopathic killer. That makes you and me the same. It’s the merging of lone wolf to I$I$ that we knew was coming when the global war on terror hits main street and the longknives are pulled from their sheaths.

    It’s all about us now.

  2. Individuals with knowledge, opinions, and a computer to voice their opinions are innumerable now across the nation of slaves. I see no terror involved anywhere when “citizens” with keyboards, commenting on the mucho malarkey and piles of elephant shit dropped by the “elephant shit class” send out reports, memorandums, rants, and repartee. That’s way more entertaining than watching TV, drinking, or whatever else all the non-elite classes do. Safer and Saner I tell you — you should get a Badge of Encouragement for creativity.

    Who would want to be “with them”? Contemplate that question, its a deep one. Really! What kind of slimeballs “want” to emulate or be a Bill or Hillary Clinton? One of the Bush clan? Oh My Gosh! Chris Christie living large? Victoria Nuland, Rush Slimebarf, any of the administrative whores, media whores, military whores, education whores, faux religious pretenders, or any of that cadre that “protects” such low lifes? Who wants to catch their disease? Yikes!

    Better to wear rubber gloves and type on a keyboard at home, waiting for the axe to fall on these elite liars. Fiefdoms like theirs Implode or get lit up with rocket’s red glare. They get stabbed in the back or poisoned, or some such thing, or torn apart by their limbs when the people they’ve fleeced have had enough of their oppressiveness and crimes. Pray for them that they repent. Their End will fit their deeds. Best to stay far away, and “just watch”.

    • You may wonder sometime if we are just being schooled? Data-collection aside, the mass of people you allude to seem often silent. Watchers and observers who come here by way of a search (200+ per day) seem very quiet.

      When you survey other sites Boom, you see far more comments pro/con, You see shils for the house and supporters. Why we get so little feedback either way is a mystery. Have I become too obtuse? We get DDOS attacks regularly and I just had to do a java fix for a mysterious glitch that viral”ly” showed up. Where are the threats I used to get? The copyright claims and legal action threats? It’s become a mystery to see many blogs I consistently have monitored and the realization that they too have far less comments than what I saw a few years ago.

      If I were the Infowars broadcaster, I would gather people to shut down prop mills by a massive DDOS/ping assault by audience. It’s unfortunate that while Alex Jones spends his airtime selling snake oil and spinning Black Lives Matter, he fulfills his duty as another race baiter that ‘hooks’ into the universal psyop. Too much money and too slick he is anymore. Meanwhile the RBN and real truthers are fighting week to week to stay on air. That’s where the real news and honest agenda reside.

      Yes, all lives matter. Why the psyop has decided to target black is pretty clear. What Obama the NWO ornament provides is a fountainhead. Hispanic lives matter and the slaughters in SA that have reigned over the years is still being unearthed as we speak. The baggage handlers of MSM wanting to show the inequality of how the bikers were treated vs blacks by police, just make it too unbelievable. Blacks in America ought to school themselves on AFRICON and then watch CNN’s “Parts Unknown” to see the watered down muddy image of what is an active genocide.

      Why wouldn’t Amnesty Man want to do a full campaign on the horrors of life in Mexico for the agrarian class and children? I just can’t figure out the mindset and motive anymore. When they staged the migration of kids flooding the borders, why didn’t they follow it up with the usual psyops we got in BLM? True or False? (null)

      Is capital crime so low now that they have to create it? Maybe CAPITOL crime is filling the void to balance null and feed the media. If indeed the truth is that per capita, Capitol Hill is the crime capital of the nation with the Chicago crime syndicate in tow to aid and abet the statistics for their mafia, we can assume this is consistent nationwide in all states. I’m sure Walter Burien would agree from a view of graft, political ponzi and cronyism.

      Now the Media is purposely exposing the Clinton Syndicate while defending it in this vortex (+-) and we still know nothing (NULL) It’s a perfect formula and system of algorithms that constantly adjust the sine cosine to null. Never allowing the shift or wave to dominate, confirmed or be externally manipulated. Whenever the prospect of breaching may happen someone dies. Then some polar adjustment is made.

      We saw this with the 911 – 811 Zero Dark 30, Sy Hersh Psyop and now the Osman Usama release. This all to counter something their system identified as a threat or at least a Major imbalance to the program. This is more than just diversion off the TPP but I suspect the deeper agenda may be a major blow to their cover.

  3. You may want to consider what Jim Stone discussed about faked sites, or fake mirrors.

    Also, George Sorrows, the NWO poster boy “instigator”, inflamer, and profiteer is now implanting memes into the minds of the masses about guess what? WAR!

  4. Specifically see: posted 5-20-15

    “Alex Jones did a report about an impending sense of doom and that for the last three weeks there has been a sense that something has changed in this world, and not for the better. I agree.

    I have documented on this page (and used the mail window to add content so the report stays close to the top of this page) that only approximately 10 percent of American readers who try to access this site actually get to see this site. All the while this is happening, traffic from America looks normal, but it is all synthetic, a “stuxnet on the server” to keep anyone from realizing they are being destroyed. Because no one seems to have paid attention to this, the alternative media in America is destroyed and will die. The shot to the heart has been delivered but the body is not yet cold. This could seriously contribute to a “sense of impending doom” with no one really knowing what the doom is”.

  5. Things to consider from writer Dave Hodges —

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