Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 19, 2015

Twin Peaks Hoax: Psyops coming Fast and Furious

TwinPeaks openingshotcredits.jpg

9 and 811 (9 dead – 18 injured – 192 arrested)

6-9-3  vortex based psyop =  11 Twin Peaks

Freemasons, FBI informants, Waco Texas, FOP, CIA, Fast and Furious, Waco Siege 1993, Jade Helm, Reconquista, NAU, Psyops


Waco Texas Biker Brawl and Shooting is a Hoax – Totally Ridiculous – No

This is really becoming boring to sit through the MSM’s pathetic coverage of these lame crISIS hoaxes.  The only important point is that when these AMTRAK hack and  flako WACO events become more regular, it genarally applies to distraction from the larger event. In this case BRICS, China and TPP and our dollar collapse coming this year.

The Bikers in this event are right out of Central Casting and the CIA Fast & Furious drug runners on the payroll of Langley and  Quantico training. Some likely from Mexico too since the plan for the North American Union has been exposed in Fast & Furious and AZTLAN Reconquista. 

Also it lies on Blood Alley and the I-35 corridor which automatically makes it a Freemason, FBI Fraternal Order of Police event. The Lodge is No# 92 (=11) located in Waco, Texas.

33rd Level and fifth largest lodge in the world.  Part of the WACO Siege team at Carmel on April 19, 1993. which occurred 22 years ago almost to the day.  It’s a hoax. They are all hoaxes. Some deadly some not, but never as reported officially.



  1. Ask yourself how the Cartel Top Men got nabbed and tucked away in Chicago

    Exclusive: ISIS Border Threat Exposed – Judicial Watch

    Rahm Emanuel sworn in as Chicago mayor for 2nd term; Bill Clinton to attend inauguration ceremony

    Media Ignoring ISIS in Mexico

    When the CIA, ISIS, Clinton, Emanuel and a drug kingpin get together, a false flag is only a few lines away.

  2. Honorable Among Thieves

    What difference does it make?
    You mean being hung by a new rope versus an old one? Not much, maybe a little neck chafing.

    Hillary Received Memo Describing Benghazi As Planned Terror Attack Within Hours

  3. Great header, prescient piece here. When was the last “Biker Gang” shoot-em up melee that actually happened and received national MSM coverage, anyways? I can’t remember. Maybe when I was a kid. Now, badabing badassbang, one goes down in Texas? Of all places, huh? Texas is the one state that’s been tabbed as a hotbed of non-compliant “rebels” since Jade Helm 15 came across the public’s radar via the alt-news. A bunch gun-toting “patriots”, er “enemies-of-the-state” as the coined demonization goes.

    So, now certain rogue questioning “elements” are nicking the scene as a False Flag? We’ll see how the MSM/GUV “story” stands up in the days to come. {By the way, that Honey Bucket is choice, but to me more so, is that orange water cooler on the tailgate of the pickup in the last scenes of the second video. Also, with a great number of badass bikers who were no doubt “involved” or witnesses to this terrible “event” — wouldn’t they be handcuffed, sitting on the ground, getting police-handled “just for the the fun of it” (more so than the innocent citizen stories we keep reading about) as 12 police were supposedly “on-scene” when the thing went down?

    Anyways, shifting gears, it appears Hillary/Obama and others dirty laundry is being flown about regarding Benghazi. This is timely and of course “for reasons” that suit some shadow groups. See: “SMOKING GUN! HILLARY KNEW BENGHAZI ATTACK PLANNED 10 DAYS IN ADVANCE”


    It would be fitting for the weapons manufacturers to be named, as well as the middle men and the ghost people above the ops who scripted and directed the ops.

    Perhaps we will begin witnessing the fall of many of the elite “infallibles”? Their pride and arrogance have certainly been on display past the rotten date.

    • You can call Hillary a “Broker” now. She deals in Trade favors, US Real Estate, weapons and arms and (SR’s) special requests. These are likely human trafficking from her State Dept connections to CIA boku-isis. The Clinton Foundation like Gates, Soros and older Fords, provides the best cover for human trafficking and 2nd wash money. Rinse n’ repeat and deny it all.

      She knows to never let them see you sweat. Years of mind control TeeVee says the jig is eventually up for the criminals. Those days are long gone. What the sheeple forget or are too young to know is that Drug busts used to be a regular thing and now major seizures never hit the news. This is like all other major crimes as well. Now they stage it when needed but never admit they run the program.

      Memory loss ADD is the best weapon of the Cabal. Keep the News spews vortex running 24/7 with better and more entertainment and yesterdays news is old news. Whitewater, Watergate, water under the bridge. Even when a rerun occurs, it’s just all fiction made for Kevin Spacey and Reese Witherspoon.


  5. The battle lines for TPP are drawn. The ridiculous polling, rigged information gets bantered about though the still think it means something. What AMERcia has learned about elections in clandestine assistance to foreign committee puppets makes 2016 irrelevant. Only vet the voter.

    The data collected over years says that 70% were ripe for HOPE n’ CHANGE. So forward we go into TOMORROWLAND. Save your money and skip the goofy Clooney version and tune into Barry Soetoro. All the signs and markers say he will not finish term. I went on the record saying there will be no election 2016.

    My spidey sense says Biden will take the helm based upon his keeping his mouth shut and his sacrifice of his son Beau. Then we could get the attack (ff) and the exec order and congressional mandate for VP Hillary using #25. Since we have seen the most outrageous and elaborate hoaxes, it may as well be used in shrinking vortex Lincoln-Kennedy 6-9-3.

    CW says they have spent much time in race wars and making inequality B-W a major focus, along with other feminine psyops. What they (joo-joo-bees) in committee want is the end of people power. It says that the PATRIOT ACT is now the FREEDOM ACT.

    This shift is the end of the fake democracy, for the fake Terror War. It will assure that life itself is by their hand. “You didn’t build that” was just a sampling of the mind-control-set of instructions they will dole out in the EVAN spectrum 24/7. Now life itself and anything we get is by the grace of GUV and the unseen gods of the elites. Behind the corporations and UN there are these (?) mystery benefactors who breathe life for us all.

    So will we see the hoax of assassination? The anointment of Soetoro third term under martial law? The disappearance of Air Force One? I know that we get something that provides a WAR by September. TPP by proxy and then it’s open season for UN-NATO and we get the rules from NY, Hague and the ICC. I fully expect that by 2020, the ICC will be handing out death warrants for crimes against humanity targeted at climate AGW deniers, vaccine rejectionists, Faith based libertarians, etc etc. Once the TPP TTIP and WTO assume power, the game changes dramatically. Only the centurions and octogenarians can understand how this works. Historians can get a sense of it if they forgo the propaganda of state sponsored texts and get the diaries of those who lived through the Fascism.

    World War III is the ultimate mind war, with no borders, no delineation or bombs. A scalar that utilizes all the spectrum of EM in 3D. Most of the crap we expose are deflections off the enormous GRID Data, Energy and Weapons systems that were paid by massive theft of our labor for a hundred years.

  6. Now, they’re saying there were over a 1000 weapons onsite — .

    This seems like a stretch.

    • 320 / 1000? What difference does it make? 🙂 WHEN ITS FAKE!!

      Ha Ha. 2nd Amendment psyop for Texas Jade Helmers. These pretty boys were just to neat to be Bandidos and Cossacks. Not skinhead enough to be real “stormtroopers’ like the federal boys.


  8. Do note the wicked weather affecting Texas — coincidence?

  9. No problem predicting BRICS and Drones, the I-35 corridor and Texas/OK for weather wars. Tornadoes coming again next week.

    BTW the arrest tally in Twin Peaks (TPP – TTIP) changed to 170=8. That was no surprise for a psyop media event.

    The next event is for the TPA today. What hinges on TPA is life and death itself. In Trade Wars this is D-Day.

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