Posted by: Puddy Dunne | May 15, 2015

Hellstorm and the Great American Blackout


The Carpet Bombing has never ended, the carpet is just a little bit softer now and focused only on the target of our mind.  -PD


“All was there—the programme of German resurrection, the technique of party propaganda; the plan for combating Marxism; the concept of a National-Socialist State; the rightful position of Germany at the summit of the world. Here was the new Koran of faith and war: turgid, verbose, shapeless, but pregnant with its message.”
Winston S. Churchill, The Gathering Storm

One of a thousand points of light

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  1. The video related to this story is disturbing in the subject matter, just as the book is:

    • The War on Women is all Feminine and the Islamic is the logical controller of this meme. We have seen Boku, ISIS and Wahhabi fingerprints. The Left Right paradigm works domestic and foreign operations respectively. The obvious frequencies from MSM streams for each are constant and consistent. When confronted by anyone who tries to cross the line, they just ignore it as if it does not exist. This is the mental disorder that seems to bleed into the populace as well.

      It is not by accident that the two documentaries Greatest Story Never Told and Hellsttorm are coming out at this time. We see the repeating of history all the time, but never so obvious as now for global conflict has to be in the mix for NWO transformation.

      What we saw post WWII was the NWO takeover of all the currency finance in debt economy. Now it’s about taking the same control over all HUMAN assets which many still have a problem trying to grasp. Zebranomics and what the fate of humans will be in this century will make Hellstrom look like a picnic. Insect Politics and survival based upon compliance and capitulation.

      The victims of these Pogroms know, but sheeple cannot see the hour of the time. Their AADD just will not allow them to connect, focus and multi-task the agenda and see it in Macro. I don’t know why they don’t feel it intuitively but the pineal must be hermetically sealed and completely ensconced in toxic waste.

  2. Re: TPP

  3. This piece should also be read regarding the TPP:

  4. Yes, the “Blackout”. That’s what I am seeing as I post links above from alt-news sites/independent authors who are discussing the current OPs of our times, while MSM covers up and sleeps. The People are mostly unaware of the selling-out going on by their “leaders”.

    Here’s more revealing information from Jim Stone on the train crash as attention-getting device to get people’s eyes off of the BIGGIES of TPP & Jade Helm 15:


    • I always follow the master architects. Never waste an opportunity. As I predicted in Brics and Drones EMP, Sonic and Hack. As 911 proved as well as JFK and what I posted about TRIAD, the way to run a event in Hegels dialectic is to have a minumum of three independents running the scam. That way there are no sigle explanation but a double or triple pronged assault.

      I think I aluded to the firing squad scenario. Give one a blank round and then you have deniability. In this case you cannot prove which is the true trigger. ex: MK-Ultra/engineer, Sabotage, EMP, Stuxnet or hack and takeover.

      We will again have to settle for what is was not. “the official story”

  5. Either a Hack or EMP plasma meltdown. Explains the Engineers inability to manage.

    The thrill is gone at 89. Too bad. Saw him in Houston Kool Jazz and Rokefellers.

  6. Just ran across this, “Berlin in Color 1900”.


    There is a part 2 with additional footage that will come on after this video. Kinda gives more import to the devastation that would come to Germany in a few short years. War is Hell. And War for Profits for Elites is Hellacious!

    • How the German, American and Russian Joo-joo-bees operated was a synchronicity of this agenda in TRIAD. The Khazar Kings and Queens used it effectively in past times as well.

      We saw how little yellowcake it took to get the left/right in sync for 2 million Afghani and Iraqi deaths. The 811 of I$I$ will make certain now that the hatred of Islam and Christianity peaks and kills itself with their guidance. After that is done, the religion of UNESCO, to be formally named at a later date, will be the turf of our prayer rugs.

  7. My Pennsylvania and India/Nepal predicts are active now.

    If I can bat a thousand here on the other predictions we have California hit. Hack / EMP of something big. Something to do with Nuclear or Water Works seems apropos for the event. Foreign OPS are still Belarus, Mexico City. Why Mexico hasn’t fallen into complete chaos I don’t know but suspect there are a hundred murdered a day there now. This plays well for the agenda here.

    Expecting the tornadoes in Texas/OK to pick up as well. Can’t stop thinking about the Miami So. FL devils triangle (Bermuda) I have to add this late as it was so coded in Googles Lehmann feminine reference. Tropical Storm season in high gear now. As long as they keep manipulating the polar vortex and Jet Stream for Texas and California, Florida can see much rain and subtropic climate. Time to call the Miami Surf Boys at UM.

    • Upstate SC massively gridded out this late afternoon and evening with chemtrailing. Wonder wot’s up?


  9. “DC corporate executive Savvas Savopoulos and family and housekeeper slain in Northwest DC home on embassy row. Savopoulos was a major campaign contributor to U.S. Senate candidate Chris Van Hollen. DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier flubbed it when she said this multiple homicide was under investigation by the “Joint Terrorism Task Force,” then quickly correcting herself, saying the “Joint Arson Task Force.” This is one of DC’s most affluent communities, with homes easily starting off over at $1 million. WMR editor is very familiar with this neighborhood and there is much more to this story”. Sourced from

  10. . What’s Real in this country is the mountain of BS that gets bigger everyday.

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