Posted by: boomerangcomesback | May 11, 2015

States “Rights” Makes it to the Dinner Table of Americans, as American “Idols” Spoil on the Floor

The People Protest in D.C.protest

“We can’t blame the Constitution for our failure to enforce it.

Far too many Americans view any resistance to federal authority as rebellion. They need to recognize that the true rebels are elected officials, federal bureaucrats and functionaries in Washington D.C. who refuse to respect the constitutional limits of their power”.

A fascinating article, “States Trump The Federal Government Offices Of Washington D.C. & No Such Thing As The 16th. Amendment Power To Tax”, is found at:

By “Appearances“, WE THE PEOPLE might rightly judge that “the system” of governance that has been guiding — no, steering — no, not quite… more appropriately stated as Directing & Controlling — the economy, the infrastructure, the major components, the policy AND implementation AND enforcement armaments, PLUS the mind controlling elements of technology, AND the very Elements of OUR Environment (Air, Water, Land and all that in them is) — this Home of a Vast People, the Directors & Controllers have been doing a “HELL-OF-A-JOB”.  Wouldn’t you say?!

So, if you’ve been sitting in the stands, watching and observing THE GAME then you probably have a few opinions of your own.  This is good.  You’ve noticed the individuals impersonating “leaders” possess very strong opinions, opinions which motivate them to say and do crazy, insane things.  If you ask the question, “How in the hell did we get here?!”, you should direct your question(s) to that special breed of policy makers who’ve greased the skids.

{You might want to also watch the video linked to (3rd paragraph) in the piece about what went down in Germany after WWII.  If you can stomach it.}.  *** I now see that James Kirwan has also referenced this video with his piece, “Global Curtain Call for Hellstorm” found at .

All I’m saying here is, whose handprints are all over the machinery of this country?  When you and your family are stuck in a “vehicle” driven by a drunkard, a death wish driver, a repeat offender crash-causing danger-to-society —   when is it time to take away the keys?  To say, “No more driving for You!”.  To stop that runaway car before it kills more innocent people?    Etc., Etc., ask the Obvious Questions However You Like.  If you can’t get out of the vehicle, wouldn’t it be better if you or another sober passenger took over the driving duties and saved lives, including your own?  Does this need to even be legally debated?  Or is it Obvious?  Is America heading for a Train Wreck?  The odds seem overwhelming.

THEY say, “Leave the Driving to US!”.

Will you?

P.S. There’s a nice line-up of articles at — go check em out!



  1. Interesting essay here: “Lessee..How Are They Gonna Get Us?.. Folks Will Seriously Object To Being Crucified Or Guillotined….”

    Essay is regarding article by well known writer Brandon Smith, with his story at:

    • Das “Boot” is absolutely correct isn’t he? Smith and Watchman are correct too. That’s the Base or bottom line. The number may have not been tallied thus far to date, but certainly we know the long knives are being sharpened. Sacrifice means from both sides but mostly we the people will kill ourelves and each other over a cracker and bottle of water.

      Media and magic can make everything in shortage except the obvious.

  2. PS: I think Kerry is meeting with Putin to get their ducks in a row for transition. Ukraine, Iran and Syria? They are going along quite smoothly for Kerry and the bonesmen of committee.

    Putin may need final details and Kerry can handle that for Soetoro. Meanwhile Barry’s got to get the votes or pull out the weapons of mass destruction (his pen) and ordain a fast track executive action. Must be the lawyers up burning the candle late these next few weeks.

    My timeline for SHTF is still before September and war upon the Ex Action/Congress and their posse.

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