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Remember Bradley Birkenfeld, Barry Soetoro and UBS? Just call them ISIS!

UBS’n us!   “ISIS and the Profit Mo”

Why did the US pay this former Swiss banker $104M? – CNBC 4/30/15

Bradley Birkenfeld was released from federal prison in August 2012 after serving 2½ years for his role as a Swiss banker hiding millions of dollars for wealthy American clients.

Five weeks later, he found himself in the kitchen of a small rental house in Raymond, New Hampshire. At that moment, Birkenfeld was an ex-con. He was out of work, infamous in a famously discreet profession, and probably unemployable as a private banker anywhere.

But then his lawyer walked into the room, carrying a check from the U.S. Treasury to Birkenfeld for $104 million—minus taxes. On the face was a picture of the Statue of Liberty. continued

Special Ops Officer Blows Whistle on CIA Funded ISIS Through Swiss Bank Accounts – Dave Hodges Commonsenseshow

RADIO INTERVIEW 3 – 1 hout segments


Connections: Bradley Birkenfeld, Pentagon, Covert Ops Funding and Finance, Booz, Allen, Hamilton, 811 World Trade, Mossad, ISIS, al-CIAda, Dov Zacheim, Bush and Company.

You can add Charlie Hebdo and Germanwings AIRBUS whistleblower to this planned Zionist Saudi and US traitor schematic going back to 1993 WTC and continuing today with the fantastic information given by Scott Bennett.

The Joo-joo-bees will keep Birkenfeld happy as he must have a list and his death might open the can of worms that will eventually come to light but would not be timely. FINCEN and Pentagon could easily track ISIS and al-qaeda money. That’s easily the way to stop a real terror organization, but as we know the terror is the trade of Military Industrial Congressional Complex.

If you are not a googleplexer you have missed the heightened alert for ISIS attack on the Motherland. Right now UBS and Goldman Sachs are making the appropriate transactions necessary while maintaining their usual drug money Laundromat operating. Tel Aviv to Rothchild’s London, Cameron and Soetoro are being kept in the loop.

The event for ISIS US, our American Spring should occur before September. It should assist in diffusing Clinton-gate,  Jade Helm psyop. The best move by the globalists would be to stage a real assault on a Military Base and make the Martial Law scenario much more palatable to the sheeple.




  1. Is the `war on terra’ a psychological projection?

    • As for the psycho-sociopaths in committee it’s an artform. What Media, TV particularly but now social media, EMR and chemtrails and PhRMA can do to change the human condition in brain science and health is likely far advanced beyond what we know.

      Seems most of what we have seen and heard is part of the Bluebeam Project. I accept it, how bout chu? I have covered the topics of the DSM-V and the new plagues of human conditioning.

      I have also deposited much on MK-Ultra. From Holyrood to our kids classrooms, the psychological brainwashing they receive are far beyond what we baby-boomers and X’ers got.

      Listen to the MSM meme of late. THE NEXT STEP in American Spring is taking the immigrants illegals and SB1 and L-1 visa illegals and creating recruiting centers for “citizen” induction into ISIS.

      We know ISIS is the projection of true terror broadcast daily in Video Games X-Box and on the idiot box. They are recruiting teenagers who are psychologically polluted with the Vax-PhRMA, Fluoride, Aspartame and anti-depressants. The younger, the easier to recruit. Teenage girls want to marry a head chopper British Bob? Sure. Either that or suicide. Might as well take a ride before dying.

      The Joo-joo-bees and Rabbi Kabbala have the MajiK to make MK-Ultra a national plague. How easy to usher in Global Governance, complete medical takeover, forced Baker Act to FEMA re-ed.

      Every News Spews sewer pipe is streaming this diarrhea out. I have to give them credit. With all the evidence and connecting the dots of the War on Drugs to the War on Terror (World Trade) they have funded the very destruction of the minds of the best people on the planet.

      Here is Scott Bennets info on DEEP BLACK, the syllabus being taught in the Halfway Houses for the Criminals Obama is cutting loose by the hundreds. The hard criminals are released and the non-violent offenders are inside and going through the revolving doors of the high profit prison/court ponzi.

      From Gary Webb (the man with two heads) to David Guyatt


      What follows is drawn from an affidavit signed by Col. Edward P. Cutolo; a letter written by his close friend, Paul Neri – an employee of America’s huge National Security Agency; and an additional supporting affidavit signed by PFC William Tyree – a soldier under Cutolo’s command.[1] Collectively, they amount to a powerful indictment of the Central Intelligence Agency and senior Pentagon officers who knowingly engaged in large scale narcotics trafficking.

      In effect, Operation Orwell was tasked with implementing intense “surveillance of politicians, judicial figures, law enforcement agencies at the state level and of religious groups.” The underlying purpose was to provide the “United States government and the Army” with advance warning of the discovery of Watch Tower to enable them to “prepare a defence.”

      — fascinating reading

      • unity of opposites


    Connecting the dots the colors of the Joo-joo-bees





    Murdered by Car
    Col. Edward Cutolo
    10th Special Forces Group (United States)

    His affidavit before his murder


    10th Special Forces Group (United States) JADE HELM and the HUMAN DOMAIN
    Fort Bragg North Carolina

    The 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) (10th SFG(A) or 10th Group) is an active duty United States Army Special Forces (SF) Group. The 10th Group is responsible for operations within the EUCOM area of responsibility, as part of the Special Operations Command, Europe (SOCEUR).[1] 10th Group has also been involved in parts of Africa and the Middle East. In 2009, as part of a new SOCOM directive, the group is now also responsible for operations within the AFRICOM area of responsibility.[2]


    Samaritans Purse – Zapata Bush

    Billy Graham, Drug Trafficking, Ebola, and the CIA



    From Zapata Panama to Columbia MENA airport to Rendition/smuggling Afghanistan to Mexico NAFTA Superflyway.

    Years of Horrific Fraud-Enabled Aviation Disasters


    DEFRAUDING AMERICA (series of books) Rodney Stich

    Examples of my many sources include the following:
    An FBI Special Agent who repeatedly reported CIA drug trafficking to his
    supervisors and to FBI Director William Sessions and to Congress.
    A former head of a CIA proprietary airline for over a decade, who
    described in great detail the drugs that he carried for the CIA, how the CIA
    set up his airline, how the CIA funded the operation.
    A former head of a large CIA financial operation based in Hawaii who
    provided me with a great amount of data and documentation.
    CIA operatives who operated covert CIA financial institutions, describing
    the looting of the HUD program, the Savings and Loans, and other
    financial scams.
    Many pilots who flew drugs for the CIA and DEA, who gave me hundreds
    of hours of specific details of these operations, including maps.
    Military personnel who described to me the existence of CIA drug
    trafficking at the military base at which they were stationed.
    A vice squad detective who repeatedly reported to his New York City
    superiors the CIA involvement in drug trafficking.
    And many other sources that I have acquired during years of friendship
    and research.
    In addition:
    Confidential transcripts of testimony given to members of Congress by CIA
    operatives of the CIA’s dealing in drugs, dealing with organized crime
    families, laundering of drug money for organized crime families and for
    the CIA itself.
    Many books have been written by DEA agents and others who described
    the CIA drug trafficking that they observed in their area of operations.
    Iran-Contra hearings that showed the White House’s National Security
    Council relationship with drugs.
    The massive amount of evidence of Justice Department officials blocking
    investigation and prosecution of drug traffickers that are CIA operatives or
    working with them.

    Pdf file on website COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS – good read
    Subverting America Vol.1

    Rodney Stich data dump

    From Reagan Iran-Contra to Zapata and “Poppy Bush” to Barry Soetoro ‘s Fast & Furious Mexican Cartel
    the Watchtower is MI6 Mossad CIA to serve the NWO committee and their capo-regime.

  3. As predicted in 2015 BRICS AND DRONES MAY BREAK MY BONES, Oklahoma and Texas will feel the tornadoes unlike any year in memory. The dynamics of Winter HAARPING and chemtrail brought the arctic dips via jet stream pacific exothermic en-mod.

    Texas beware. Jade Helm and el haarpo nino


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