Posted by: Puddy Dunne | April 30, 2015

Dont fall west, but lean east for JADE HELM 15

COTO, if the shoe fits….wear it.

Decoding JADE HELM
Hocus Pocus 3-9-6 (3,5,6,8,9,11,22, 24, 32)

In my previous post from James Tracy’s Memoryhole Blog

Reading from the cue card – public release document.pdf JADE HELM 15

(JH15) = 811 (5) = 6 (man) 3(event) 3d logo XYZ

Certainly the logo attracts attention to the shoe. But the PS Freemason properties are not lost. Neither is the vortex. JADE HELM and everything that goes with the exercise is merely the deflection and code for events that will take place outside the parameters of the event.

Obvious we see the eights and know both Jade and Helm represent 11, one in 20/11 and the other in 29/11 separated by nine. Committee 9 has an agenda for the (8) week event here in the US. What the deflection and distraction serve is a vague representation depicted by the translucent shoe.

The vortex simulation depicts forces and linear movement in three axis Euclidean space. The shoe is a perfect representation of the vortex in 4th dimension spacetime. Therefore the exercise id depicted well in the 3D portion of the logo while the (4)th object (shoe) complicates the message.

We saw Boomer’s post of the video regarding SABOT and the wooden clog meaning as an explanation. I cannot deny it’s a compelling link to Sabotage. But what is going to be sabotaged? What else does the translucent shoe possibly tell us. The nine (committee or TPTB) that control the world are unseen. Regardless of your scientific, philosophical or spiritual interpretation of this power, no one can dispute that it is invisible. Israel, Banksters, RothRocks, Masonic, Vatican and Satan may lead the list of the committee membership and the tentacles are too many to name.

If the shoe represents the fisherman of men and the Vatican, I can see the shoe and the log on the shoe as a fisherman’s ring. If the shoes of the fisherman hold true to the novel in 1963 we can see the parallels of the Ukrainian, Russian and China conflict and nuclear threat of mutually assured destruction. Interesting that the vatican signs off its wealth to feed the starving people.

“JADE HELM” Possible Acronym are
Joint Assisted Deployment & Execution
Homeland Extermination of Local Militias

Joint Attack Defense Exercise
Homeland Emergency and Logistic Management

Promoting conspiracies as a martial law takeover does help diffuse, distract and deflect. The fact they put the shoe in the logo is almost ridiculous as an “in your face” clue there is a larger and secret agenda at play. Realistic Military Training (RMT) is represented by the hard portion of the logo but I cannot resolve the shoe as having any meaning for the actual event of this SOCOM based op.

There are several consistencies and a major rule I have in vortex mathematical decoding. Rule 1 is all events real are post manipulated and all staged events are pre-manipulated. The powers that be can decode instantly collect the data and resolve all financial, political and social adjustments for their benefit. While most of the population live in the random world, these insiders, administrators and enablers know the connections.

Jade Helm depicts the unseen as the axle for the Helm. The Helm wheel is an eight prong vortex representation of the cycle vortex that repeats events from the past and dictates events for the future. Eleven is key to the illusion process to fool the observer that is manipulated by man and matter. Three and Six. Nine controls which means the dialectic will be synthesized. An event or person will create the thesis and the antithesis and cycle the vortex with the aid of the system and order they have control over. That’s pretty much all of our world.

Jade represents the anniversary of 35 (8) and that can play off historical earth time of 1980. It is coincidental that it was a year in crisis with Reaganomics, Election cycle, The IRAN hostage crisis, Soviet US relations and the October surprise. It also has links to Trade and as in the book Shoes of the Fisherman, the trade restrictions put on China by US had the world on the brink of nuclear war. Pope Kiril, played by A. Quinn was a Ukrainian decades prisoner of Soviets who becomes the Pontiff through extraordinary means.

Pope Benedict’s, stepping down was extraordinary (600) and the change of shoes from the red loafers to the Mexican made shoes he wears has some interesting correlation to the Jade Helm Texas Border (illegal immigration issue) Looking at the dominical lettering (FE) = 11 and Jade Helm shows me the Vatican and Pope Francis are heavily connected with South America and especially to Mexico.

Here is another strong connection = 32

The Russian satellite state of Chechnya has threatened to supply weapons to Mexican rebels to aid a conflict against the United States, in a move that has been quickly quashed by the Russian Kremlin.

Dukuvakha Abdurakhmanov, the speaker for the Chechen parliament, reacted angrily this week to the U.S. Congress which on Monday agreed to a non-binding resolution that called on U.S. President Barack Obama to supply lethal aid to Ukraine.

Abdurakhmanov said that the U.S. had no right to urge Russia to behave in a certain way to its near neighbors and questioned the legal status of territories like California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. read more

Trayvon Martin = 2917465 419294 = 34 29 = 7 11 = 9
Michael Brown = 4938153 29655 = 33 27 = 6 9 = 6
Eric Garner = 5993 719559 = 26 36 = 8 9 = 8
Walter Scott = 513259 13622 = 25 14 = 7 5 = 3
Freddie Gray = 6954495 7917 = 42 24 = 6 6 = 3


What does the cycle of the race war stagings mean? How does it play into the Jade Helm remaining sectors of FEMA district’s? Let’s bring the order of Chaos for the purpose of China and Mexico

Let’s put some clues into the mix.

Reconquista (Mexico) The Hispanic and Latino American population in the United States in 2010 and the Mexican–American border of 1836 in red. – wikipedia

Wow!… knocks you down? It did me.

TPP – United States,Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Is CHINA the Jade Helm steering force? Find the sources of the secrets of TPP talks and question the information from years past. Clinton/China. Remember Hillary pledging America to China?

Remember China’s demand to disarm Americans? SANDY HOAX. Again I say that logic should tell you that these are all connected. I have focused heavily on Sandy Hook and less on Aurora and Boston hoaxes. Ask yourself why would China miss an opportunity for massive sales opportunity to sell guns, ammo, accessories to US buyers? Why is the potential communist adversary concerned with Americas tragedy. What is China’s record on compassion for their own citizens?  This is almost on the ABSURD. It should again connect China’s huge influence on Trade, Finance and Politics in the decisions of our elected conspirators. Do not look at Russia for they are only providing the clues and cues to what is being orchestrated for America. Follow Clapper on this one. China is the biggest threat to the US and understanding the British/US whores who have been selling us out with the Trade deals and secret geographic and eminent domain of the elite EU and US/Israeli bankers.

China’s dumping of US debt says much too to the events we are watching this year. I can say we will see Jade Helm as an entity in itself but what we see outside the borders of this event are even more. The shoe points west but the west of Jade Helm is China.  As far as the sacrifices that will come with the events I predicted in January will come to pass this year. We will get an event that will trigger a global shift in September. I said the war begins in September and I say August, die we must. Metaphorically speaking for America, die we must.


I will be looking for major events and sacrifices during Jade Helm. I will be watching specifically the Vatican, Pope Francis, Benedict, the late birth of Prince William, QE2, California, Mexico City and Belarus.  I will be looking a Holyrood sacrifice possible and keep my eyes on AIRBUS BOEING and in the sky for MH370 or another missing aircraft to make an emergency landing.

If you spot Queen Elizabeth wearing her Jade ensemble, let me know.


Isaiah 46: 9-11

9 remember the former things of old;
for I am God, and there is no other;
I am God, and there is none like me,
10 declaring the end from the beginning
and from ancient times things not yet done,
saying, ‘My counsel shall stand,
and I will accomplish all my purpose,’
11 calling a bird of prey from the east,
the man of my counsel from a far country.
I have spoken, and I will bring it to pass;
I have purposed, and I will do it.




    Obama says we need the TPP to compete with China. That argument has a big flaw.

    Yes the biggest flaw beyond the record of every other trade agreement, the fact Obama cannot tell the truth , ever is the ability to see the hegekian dialectic at work now to formulate the financial crisis that forces US to become serfs to the globalist whims of the NAU, Reconquista NAFTA superhighway and CHINA.

    Sounds like a deal to me.

    Remember their rules = our laws and they never intersect.


    See this definition at the link provided, plus the pictures…”The person at the helm is the person in charge, and if you happen to be at sea, that person is the one steering the boat with a device called a helm, the mechanism that keeps the boat on course”.

    Highly INTERESTING Information HERE! — if folks are not familiar with “Admiralty Law”, its history and how it relates to Britain, the United States of America, War Powers, Martial Law, and other prescient topical issues — please read the information at this link. Stick through the “Lawyerly” explanations and you will be edified. It probably has something to do with “Jade Helm”, and WHOM is AT the HELM, steering this wayward ship-of-state onto the rocks.

    “The Governor of Texas is the head of the executive branch of Texas’s government and the commander-in-chief of the state’s military forces”

    2015 Governor is Greg Abbott.

    Governor asks Texas State Guard to monitor SOCOM exercise

    Paranoia catches Abbott’s attention: Gov orders Texas guard to monitor military exercises over fears of federal takeover

    Texas Governor, Fearing USA Gov Invasion, Orders State Guard To Monitor US Military Games In State {Different Media provides different slants}

    Former Governor – Rick Perry.

    Famous Residents of Texas – The Bush Clan. What are they up to these days?…

    Clintons and Chinese DEAL for the Port of Long Beach, CA – Remember that?!

    Earthquakes Erupting, Volcanoes Exploding, Fomented Covertly Funded Wars Raging, Riots Blazing, Markets Manipulated, Reality Twisted — Do the “administrators” know how to run a business? YES! They profit off of CHAOS, WAR, and every conceivable market THEY CONTROL. It is Obvious they do NOT desire or work towards peace, sanity, a steady state. No, humanity and the entire world must be aflame and blood running in the streets, where they can really turn a profit.

    FASCISM is where the money IS. Corporations whoring with state powers, military, financial, and religious to control and siphon off the life blood of the people and the planet. You can see it, right? Just think about the news and the world around you. It is SO OBVIOUS!

    • It was an easier decode than I had expected. We can tell the people that the core-committee rothrocks and cfr are at the HELM and the it’s a SLAVE SHIP.

      Know what’s below deck?

      Connect the dots of the global liquidity, hoarding and manipulation. See the global economy as well, but being manipulated to appear in need of OBAMACARE.

      See the timeline of the RothRock City of London, Dutch, French and Asian dynasties pooling the money, interest in funding the largest ponzi ever. One that makes 1929 through LIBOR just components of the massive and COMPLETE swindle of all governments, corporations and people (except the key 1000 points of light) This plan was in operation during John Adams presidency.

      British East India Holdings


    The Council of the Club of Romes, First Global Revolution

    Problem, Reaction, Solution, the dialectic was termed as transition by collapse by design in prophetic disclosures in World Problematique’ and ‘World Resolutique.’


    THE JADE – 11 Rothschild/Rockefeller Brtish East India and British Crown
    They own China proper and their move for Aztlan

    The Rothschilds and the “Crown”


  4. This is a CASTING call. We have seen Bergdahl, gitmo castings for years. How obvious is the patsie scree test?

    All the “HOPE”fuls waitng in the wings for their opportunity to become the new saudi “lynchpin” for JADE HELM live.

    Here’s the latest contestant. Enter and sign in please

    Didn’t we see him on epidodes of The Bachelor?

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