Posted by: Puddy Dunne | April 28, 2015

Whither Posse Comitatus? Special Forces Officer Explains Jade Helm 15



via Whither Posse Comitatus? Special Forces Officer Explains Jade Helm 15.



  1. Let us remember the elite’s refined Art of “Sleight-of-Hand” disaster/false flag making. Ala, “Get em looking one way, and screw em from the other direction…earthquakes, riots, etc., etc…

    Thus, this fine title captured my interest — “While Baltimoristan riots steels our attention, Obama is preparing to shove the TPP up our asses…”


  2. posts a nice listing of the International subjects/issues simmering in the frying pan of the elites. We must remember Their “kitchen” is our backyard, they foment and create chaos with the intent to profit off it, and increase their control quotient.

    When we put the magnifying glass domestically on the Used State of Amerika we can see whats for breakfast, as the elites intend to continue to eat our lunch. chao(s).

  3. You nailed it Boomer. As I mentioned earlier this month, Jade Helm is an exercise. An exercise in Deflection. In some way a refraction of Post TPP dead-lines. A vortex cycling in reverse.

    This summer is a preparation for 2016 D-Day. If you watch this more than once you will appreciate the revealing clues and if you are a student of psychology, body english and scripting there is no better information I have seen than this “nervous nellie” non-com officer. (clue one)

    1.general votel sponsored exercise
    2.pentagon shake-up
    4.FT BRAGG history
    5.AZ (phoenix rising) NLE to CAPSTONE 811
    7.looking ‘forward’ obama (2012-2016)
    8.coordinates “big spring” (obvious)
    9.Hangar 18

    10. μSAs micropolitan project. (Agenda 21, wetlands, ICLEI, UN)

    11.nato or un forces? (rinse and repeat) “current for Jade Helm it is US only i’m not sure has occurred yet”


    1. The swift, quiet rise of Lt. Gen. Joseph Votel, Special Operations commander

    Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel meets with Lt. Gen. Joseph Votel, the head of Joint Special Operations Command, at Fort Bragg, N.C., on April 23. Hagel announced on Tuesday that President Obama has selected Votel to serve as the next four-star commander of U.S. Special Operations Command.

    I made many trips from Houston to Midland, Odessa in my day and know big spring. I covered many miles from witchita falls to McAllen and this location is perfect for a training exercise.

    The CAPSTONE IS-811 code is pretty clear to me now. The D-Day events will be multi-pronged and the DEA FBI Law Enforcement aspect of the Jade Helm is the merging of the federalized military policing force of 1984 to the ultimate transfer to Agenda 21 UN based authority. Slowly they are all traversing these plots in an attempt to diffuse, distract and deflect the linear convergence of all points to 0.

    The HELM is representative of the eight points to the base 9, the steering committee of the science and program we refer to as the NWO. Their axioms prove out in every event of this transformation. Real or staged, the stunning observations of what is happening is only subordinate to the billions of people stuck in the manifold committee vortex and cannot free themselves of it’s gravity. If they could, the essense of time and motion would would allow them to observe the matrix free of the committee’s temporal confines. (2+1)

    A good resource for Agenda 21 is Lisaleaks. A fine job of collecting data.

    • Do you think Votel stares at goats?

  4. 35°8′21″N [811]

    googleplex “secrets of Ft Bragg” ….

    It’s still a mystery to me but I moved here to be near it.

    … I remember a talk about North Carolina and a strange, strange pond

  5. Rural N.C. county had a role in Osama bin Laden’s death

    Read more here:

  6. Cache

    Secrets of the Special Ops Goat Lab Revealed

    Solicitation Number: USZA92-02-Q-0009
    Agency: Other Defense Agencies
    Office: U.S. Special Operations Command
    Location: USASOC

    The (caprines)goats must be live, healthy, free of disease, male, weighing 50lbs or more but not less than 50lbs

    Typical bullshit psyops using a phony deflection for their surveillance and explosive research. It may be wrong to assume the use of goats exclusively for psychic remote viewing or energetics but I expect the military used them for surveillance and/or weaponization for foreign ops against the citizens of Aphgan or Iraqi theatres.

    Do you think General Votel stares at goats?

    • He presents with that brooding, goat stare of foreboding. A dark case of isis mysterious, wrapped tightly in a cocoon of pre-clampsia. Quarantine or reeducation at FEMA Camp Stalag Mite might be in order. No telling if it’s contagious. Subject should spend 6 weeks with a herd of goats watching grass grow to clear up the eye problems.

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