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World Propaganda Outlets Shill Themselves Silly with Obama Administration Report Bloviating

“The Obama administration has the highest approval rating  of any country in the world among foreign citizens, according to a new poll conducted by Gallup. Forty-five percent of those polled approved of U.S. leadership, down one percentage point from 2013″.

You should read this U.S. New & World Report article at the link below, and then “Think for Yourself!”.

Obama Administration Wins High Approval Worldwide?!  (sic)

Obama Administration Wins High Approval Worldwide?! (sic)

“© REUTERS/JONATHAN ERNST U.S. President Barack Obama smiles as he delivers remarks at a reception for supporters of H.R. 2, the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015, in the Rose Garden at the White House in…”

Supposedly, here’s WHO did the research on this incredible statement, and their “error” sampling.

“Gallup polled approximately 1,000 adults aged 15 or older in 135 countries or areas in the U.S., Germany and Russia and 136 countries or areas in the European Union and China. The study has a sampling error of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points”.

This Report/Article/Propaganda is owned by this group — Copyright 2015 U.S. News & World Report  US NEWS & WORLD REPORT

What the Hooey?

You should read some of the statements/conclusions in the following, while considering the “source” and agenda.  There’s some WHOPPERS!:

“About Obama’s Peace Prize”  (A defense)

“The Peace Prize War President”

“Mar 4, 2015 – The Nobel Peace Prize Committee’s chairman has been removed from his post for the first time in the award’s 114-year history”.

Like Hollywood, CLUB MEMBERS can host awards ceremonies, throw galas, and award their esteemed “members” all the awards, trophies, recognition, blah, blah, bling, bling they want.  Does it change reality?  No!  It changes people’s “perception” of reality — which is Their goal.  Remember that!!!  These awards (shows), polls & rankings are given publicly, but the policies, insider deals, and “real deals” happen behind-the-scenes and in secret.  Like Executive Orders (EO’s), the face of things is presented to the public with fanfare, hoopla, signing photo ops, etc., and is packaged up neatly for sale — but subterfuge reigns; greased by political interest, money & power as the real currency exchanged amongst the elite controllers.  The Public gets scammed, robbed, and flim flammed EVERY TIME!  Is this not OBVIOUS?!

Cue — the infamous and unconstitutional misnamed “Patriot Act”.  A real act of treason.  Cue — the NDAA.  Cue — those “Banker Bailouts”.  Cue — the Wars on Terror.  Did Americans or victims like “the Iraqi population” have a say or opportunity to even defend themselves?  Cue — the Federal Reserve Act of treason.  Cue — the TPP.  SECRET agreements amongst the elites/transnational corporations, selling out entire nations/states, and making slaves out of already chained people.

So, consider the Virtual World, the Matrix, produced and created to bilk and control the masses.  Political agencies are whoredoms and parasites, a pox and cancer upon the world’s populations.  They misappropriate the world’s assets to their own nefarious narcissistic dark purposes.  Wars, economic upheavals, terrorism, police state surveillance, weather modification, etc., etc., all of the grotesque schemes and inhumane remains resulting from “the hands of elite government” programming would cease to exist if these structures and the creatures that crawl upon them were no more.

It can be imagined with a fair amount of certainty that should the World’s People throw off tyranny — a Better World would emerge almost immediately.  By considering the hundreds and thousands of years elite political organizations have FAILED at improving OUR WORLD — they’ve been given their chance — we must stand back and look at where we are TODAY!  What does OUR WORLD LOOK LIKE TODAY?  It teeters and wobbles, faint & sick, the way it does, DIRECTLY BECAUSE of “THE TWISTED ADMINISTRATORS” INTERFERENCE.  Gasping for breath and freedom from the bombardment and onslaught of hellish creatures, WE THE PEOPLE can take our OWN polls, see with our OWN eyes, discern with OUR own minds what is real, and what is deceivingly fake, false, and evil.

Life can be found only in rejecting that which destroys and brings death.

Some other ratings of same over the years:


“President Obama’s Approval Rating Very High Among Muslim Americans: POLL”

“Gallup Poll Shows How Much Latinos Loved Obama’s Immigration Announcement”

“Ranking the World”, “Grading States as a Tool of Global Governance”



  1. I guess that’s why they call it GALL-UP. Mr. Audacity delivers his bile and vitriol with approval from the minions(select)

    We know whenever a Nobel, Medal of Freedom or some NGO honorary is presented to one of these puppets, they have just or soon will be exposed in some massive crime. I remember George Tenet and have remembered how I dreamed of putting it around his neck and then strangling him with it. Hard to believe that he seems like a misdermeanor to me now compared to what we have seen in the last ten years.

    The backroom deals are done and the TPP is a breath away. It was nice knowing all of you. We had a good run….four, three, two, one…………………….*

  2. We knew it was coming….I said never keep your PM/Cash in safe deposit box.. Drug profits/zero-tolerance and RICO and Bam. You will never see it again.

    The War On Cash: JPMorgan Chase To Prohibit The Storage Of Cash In Safety Deposit Boxes

  3. Breaking News:
    Chinese scientists genetically modify human embryos

  4. No, WE are definitely NOT in Kansas anymore — never were in fact.

    The INSANE “Leaders” are working hard to foment new wars — / “European politicians urged to prepare for war with Russia”. April 23, 2015, 18:45

    “EU leaders have announced their readiness to fight Russia – this is no laughing statement anywhere, at a meeting of the largest faction of the European Parliament. The participants said that the Russia is a “threat to existence” for “eastern flank of the EU”. Such statements is result of the work of the United States with the political elite of Europe”.

    May Creator God Help Us All stay out of these Insane Creature’s nightmare scenarios, schemes, and scams!

    The above linked report offers stodgy language and is confusing at times, but there are definitely some statements that should raise eyebrows and hackles. Understand, WE are getting a view inside the addled brains of “European” policy makers here. What with the Pedophilia Investigations going on “over there” which may very well be associated secret-society/Satanic Cults (I’m not saying it! I’m reiterating recent accusations and factual investigative evidence that has been trending for months now), and the alt-news disclosures, the state-of-mind of “leaders” and policy-makers in the Euro Zone and other elite Zones is suspect. “War by Deception”, and “War by Propaganda, Lying, Subterfuge, and the other Dirty Bag o’Tricks” used by the elite controllers is now, well out-of-the-bag and on world populations’ radar screens.

    Here’s some highlights from the linked story above:

    “Italian political scientist and public figure Giulietto Chiesa, a former MEP, a member of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) and the faction of the Party of European Socialists, I am sure that the application of the EPP – an attack on Russia.

    “The process of creating an alliance of neoconservatives and the United States of EU law, which is already working on the new American president – Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. One of the two will be elected – the difference is not large. The process of preparing for war. In Europe, in turn, has only one year in order to stop a major war, “- said the newspaper LOOK Chiesa”.

    Well, Huh! These people seem to be pretty damn sure about the scheduled and scripted “outcome” of the soon-coming bogus American sElections. Thanks for the heads up!

    “Russia has become the enemy of the EU, and the next target will be the Baltic countries. When this happens, the West needs to prove its reliability, “– quoted Estonian MEP Kelam portal He recalled that Kelam statement echoes the statement of Estonian President Toomas Ilves that the lack of commitment on the part of NATO to defend their country in the future could mean the death of the alliance”.

    “We must make it clear that, yes, we are ready to go to war because we believe existential principles of the future of Europe” – added Fryudenshteyn”.

  5. Additional Reading Material:

    • It’s important for all to read the TPP post on Washingtons Blog. I have HAARPed on this since 2012 and was avid at reminding coto of the WTO-WOT syncronicity.

      Spot on is the NAT’L SECURITY aspect of NWO. The death knell for US sovereignty and what we perceive as our position in the world. We have (as sheep) done our job. We have spilled our blood and bankrupted our treasury, reached our credit limit and sold our assets, thanks to the crimes of our reps. We played when we needed to be working, we were negligent in the warnings from Eisenhower to Perot and we screwed the coming generations.

      If revelations of Billary and Hill Chappaqua and the other insiders bleeding the well dry doesn’t indicate the end game for the committee then there is no hope for these sheeple. The door has closed and the last window is being shut. The World Trade Org is the War on Terror. TheTPP is the terror come home to feed.

      Vortex 3-9-6 2+5+8 / -1-4-7 (you can see the cycle in micro with the Clinton Chappaqua Uranium deal and Russia, Iran. The pivot player is Iran from the October Surprise to Contra to Iraq to TPP)

      Watch the players use the dialectic with precision on the fast tracking of war and terror to force the TPP as a necessity for world peace and earth survival. It shall be the greatest and final performance before the global world authority emerges.

      We should start to think about what they are actually going to call it, this great work of theirs. It will, I say WILL include all the aspects of vaccines, Obamacare, death panels, NDAA confinement, finance, work, travel, freedom, surveillance, patents and internet and your very existence, however long it will endure.

  6. AG21 steroids

  7. Thank you Puddy for your comments, info, and highlighting the TPP. The “secrecy” of this thing, and TPTB working in the deep shadows to keep this outright treasonous “contracting” in the darkness , away from the public or any CONGRESS or groups that might stifle it tells US what?!

    What have WE learned?

    9/11, Banker Bailouts, B.S. sElections, Patriot Act, TSA, HLS, NDAA, Wars against Middle East, against the American middle class, Isis, doing the coup in Ukraine, on and on, AND the re-upping of ALL whenever oppotinity presents. The “Oligarchy” and the dual citizen “agents” or just plain Zionists salted within American infrastructure, political, educational, MSM, financial of course, MIC, Corporate… …

    What’s the Trend? What does an ear to the ground tell us? It is OBVIOUS!

    • Like a muddy puddle, the depth of the hole where it resides is concealed. Once we decided to step into it, we were certain to sink into the depths.

      When I imagine how many are completely clueless to agenda and final solution, it begs the question to me if they are they better off or are we? These days I think about it far too often and struggle to support my position. I don’t know about the rest of the coto initiated.

  8. 2 Good Articles Here: by Ellen Brown by The Rutherford Institute

    Like “Sandy Kook” or 9/11 or the Batman Cinema guy, or {all the other} False Frigging Flags, it requires People whom are “engaged” in the world in that their instincts are still intact. Plus, they’re not terminally stupid.

    With a few working tools in the tool shed, folks don’t seem to get deceived so readily by “The Matrix Makers” and their Klass of Evil Klowns.

    If only the Klueless kould kome ’round from their stupor’dness, the world would look a whole lot different.

    Do you think we can “vote” out the corrupt, out of a corrupt system? ahhhh…no. That’s why revolutions were invented. Evidently.

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