Posted by: Puddy Dunne | April 19, 2015

The Baby-Boomer’s 911


Clinton-Bush crime syndicate, Madeline Albright, Janet Reno, Eric Holder, Southern Poverty Law Center and the criminal pedophiles in the FBI and German Stasi BATF. Just a few of the players in this state sponsored sacrifice for World Order.

James Comey, FBI director: I require every new special agent to go to the Holocaust Museum

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If you think this headline is a shocker, you have no idea.

Hey Comey, how about every agent goes to Jail?

FBI Scandal: Flawed Forensics Rampant, Impacted Many Cases





  1. Clinton needs one campaign plane just ‘for her baggage’

    Why is Rand Paul surprised. She;s got to carry the dead bodies from Benghazi wherever she goes. Likely some missing children as well.

  2. 799 dead in smugglers boat? You aint seen nuthin yet. A gift for MaGog Bush.

    ‘We came, we saw, he died!’ – How the 1st African-American US president used AFRICOM to take out Gaddafi


  3. Not on topic, but when I saw this, I immediately thought of Puddy:

    • Hi CP. good to see ypu.

      Yeah thats a classic AF NWO piece. Since the time of it’s release, experiments from some fifty years in tesla science was under their belts. A cold war economy was born, the master architects played up the nuclear MAD scenario and meanwhile summoning the nations to the 1976 weather Mod Treaty signing..

      I always found the names of the contributors to be interesting.

      That’s on the COTO website along with other key Rothrock silent publications. I have poorly managed the site. Too much good news to upload. 🙂

      JADE HELM 15 = 11 – 2 – 6 (too blatantly obvious in this cryptic name)
      I can see no meaning in the words but better the logo they decided on.
      XYZ is represented well in 3D euclidean full spectrum dominance.

      Their use of 811 in the Capstone NLE exercises set for 2016 gives me pause to think Jade Helm is an exercize for 2016. Once they make the big correction and crash the grid and financial sector, it’s NLE live.

      In the CAPSTONE 811 posting I published, the QUAKESMART 8-11 info tells me my prediction in 2012 for major LA-CA quake is still on. since I am off three years, this year woulkd be the event for 2015 followed by two other major annual events as we move into TPP and Global International Government.

      JAde Helm is in states that firewall Southern and Central California from the nation. It also is a good ‘Normandy’ for invasion along with the porous southern border. This could be a D-Day scenario.

      I am sure we will see a vile spring / summer weather assault and continued jet stream drought and flooding for key areas. Chemtrail-o-plenty too.

      Take care bro.

  4. I laugh when seeing Alex Jones talk truth about Warren Buffet, Mr. Benevolence eating an ice cream cone and saying he doesn’t pay enough taxes. He’s just a big kid who likes Ketchup and Choo-choos.

    Imagine the billionaire thinks food and rail will be the best investments for future commodity economy in global trade scheme TPP. Heinz and Burlington Northern came cheap and he continues to pile on Sante Fe shares.

    Would you like fries with your Soylent Green burger? Ketchup is a la carte.

  5. Who is looking for Nessie? Is Nessie looking for ET? Is ET looking for you? You gotta love the NSA Googleplex.

  6. Whoa, If True: Jeb Bush, Bilderberg, and the Secret Rulers of the World
    (intercepted from Southern Poverty Law Blog.

    SPLC-BLOOMBERG connection.

    Of course the answer was “no” and “no” and as we at COTO know, two no’s mean one “yes” (vortex 11)


  7. WalMart closing stores????

    Exclusive Video Inside Closed Jade Helm State Wal-Mart Reveals Attempt To Hide Something With Cops Guarding Loading Docks And Entrances –

  8. OMG. Is this real life?

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