Posted by: boomerangcomesback | April 18, 2015

Fukushima Water Wins “Gold Quality” Award from “Officials” — Humanity to Offer “Officials” Their Own Special Brand of Water!


FUKU Tap Water Wins “Gold Quality” Award!
— Officials Claim Safe to Drink —
“Officials in Fukushima, Japan, are touting a recent ‘Gold Medal’ award as evidence that their tap water is safe to drink.

Its A.O.K!!!

Its A.O.K!!!

How can the People of the World not grab this latest announcement by the “Officials”, and toss it right back in their faces?!

I ask U? Thus…


With genuine sincerity — ALL of Humanity generously announces the funding of a new corporation { Double Tap }wholly owned by ALL of Humanity, and funded by OUR TAXES (so product will never be unavailable to the thirsty “Officials” and Their Associates).

Now that FUKU tap water has received a prestigious “Gold Medal Award” bestowed by none other than – Local “Officials”, ALL of Humanity has collectively decided to create a never-ending resource of FUKU tap water for the consumption by ALL “Officials” and Associates of Government, Banking, Big Pharma, Big Ag, International Corporate Conglomerates, Prestigious Foundations and Think Tanks, Secret & Not-So-Secret Societies, Military related Industries and most Agencies often referred to as “Alphabet Soup” Agencies, PLUS other Deserving Groups whom have proven their “thirsty-ness” in Obvious Ways. Such as Main Street Media Groups, and Entertainment Elites for instance.

FUKU Bottled Water by the “Double Tap” non-profit Humanitarian Corporation (ALL Rights Reserved) will be available soon, in generous quantities. Shipped direct from the FUKU source of inspiration.

FUKU Water for the Few

FUKU Water for the Few

The marketing motto of “FUKU — Drink Swell!” will be happily plastered everywhere, to convey the sentiments of humanity behind every drop served.

FUKU Bottled Water will ONLY be available to the “Select Few” 1% Club — and the rest of Humanity is strictly prohibited from imbibing the “Gold Medal Award” water. This caveat is to highlight the Exclusiveness of the 1% who will ONLY be able to partake of this Special FUKU Bottled Water.

***It is Our Privilege to give back to the privileged 1% what they so richly deserve – Exclusive Access to “Officially” Blessed Products.

NO!  This FUKU is ONLY for the "Officials" son.

NO! This FUKU is ONLY for the “Officials”, son.

Here Mr. & Mrs. "Official" -- We are HAPPY to serve YOU your "Special" water.

Here Mr. & Mrs. “Official” — We are HAPPY to serve YOU your “Special” water.

Watch your Alt-News stations like COTOCREW for announcements of exciting NEW PRODUCTS from Double Tap, made available exclusively to NWO 1%ers.  Products like “Chemtrail Cocktails” and “Monsanto Meatballs” are sure to be hugely popular with the elite crowd.



  1. Yes looks delicious. Cold Springs brew.

    They had to build a containng wall a mile long and run freezing rods down a hundred feet to contain the leaking storage contaminated water that keeps seeping out of the riveted tanks. Most running to the sea of course.

    I’m waiting for the Greece quake to come to fruition. Seems the time has run out for the techtonic default and Grexit could bring a HAARPING in Sparta.

    Someone should tell Leonidas not to buy thier bonds.

    Eurogroup meeting in Riga on 24 April on Greek default and Wolgang Halbigs day in court in connecticut on Sandy Hoax. Seems like a good day for an e-VENT. I’d lay odds on a false flag or staged diversion. MAYDAY MAYDAY!

  2. The top photo is “Fukushima Mizu,” but the bottom two are Mt. Fuji water, where there have been few problems so far. We had one small fall-out episode in our town west of Mt. Fuji, which the police recorded. We no longer collect mushrooms in autumn, but otherwise are not affected so far. My impression is that Alaska and the west coast got hit pretty hard. The worst was places near the reactors; the second, Chiba Prefecture, just east of Tokyo. Everybody I know in these areas has faced serious health issues since that time. Large areas of mountains in central Japan came in third, but the fall-out was concentrated on the mountaintops where few people live. No, I would not drink Fukushima Water. It may be just tiny amounts of radioactivity, but why subject oneself to that? There is no end to propaganda stunts in Japan.
    The fourth hardest hit, from what I could tell, was Alaska, followed by the rest of the west coast of North America. Hawaii had a brief bout of fall-out, but it appears to have been limited. With water and air currents carrying the radioactivity away from Japan and toward America, the problems there appear to be increasing. I’m expecting a tie between Chiba and Alaska for the second worst affected in the long run.

    It will be interesting to see how Japan fares in what appears to be shaping up as an especially eventful year regarding the global economy.

  3. Hi Pat! Thanks for commenting. I don’t read Japanese, so the bottled water pics were for “effect”. Seeing that the EPA turned “off” their sensors/readings following 3/11, thereby “blinding” most Americans to the levels of radioactivity this country was subjected, and all the other known and unknown information “management” programming — this piece represents a satirical raspberry directed at TPTB. Well-deserved of course.

    • Boom! Good heavens, I’m coming across as critical. Raspberry happens to be my favorite color and flavor, and this was a good one! I have to endure all kinds of BS about how great Fukushima is doing. OTOH, Japan has managed to shut down all of its nukes for more than a year now, with no energy shortages. That speaks volumes that no amount of BS can cover up.

  4. Thank you again for your comments. May you remain safe and “upwind”.

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