Posted by: Puddy Dunne | April 8, 2015

HOAX US POKE US: Walter Scott shooting phonier than Ferguson

Officer Slager fired for being a bad shot?  No bullets defense.

New York Times extended video

Too much for me. I can’t even begin to want to explore this BS.  Oh Sandy Hebdo, you’re such a tool!! You too Charlie Hook.



  1. Where do I get a job in this crI$I$ gig? Do I need an agent? I bet Soetoro and Holder are paying better than scale.

    Gee Anthony you are so measured. At least you weren’t laughing before going live.

  2. I think I saw him as an extra in ‘Goodfellas’.

  3. Walter Scott, Michael Brown, T Martin… What’s with all the Scotch-Irish IRA names? Answer: HOLYROOD!!

    All killed by German NAZI names: Zimmerman, Slager. Wilson.

    Prediction: The next white on black will be Wagner shooting Collins.

  4. SLED investigating officer-involved shooting in North Charleston that stemmed from traffic stop

    SLED??? CRisis CRew?

  5. Shot with an i-Gun?

  6. I’m just wondering: Alinsky tactic is to create a problem, then “provide” a “solution.” This guy seems to be part 2 (“solution”), i.e. let’s all huddle together, not critique anything (for example, homosexuality, etc.). I don’t buy that this guy is truly on “our” side: I think he’s part of the Pretenders.

    • Hi BD,

      It’s solution, I agree. I can see ISIS America and don’t disregard the dielectic. The solution is a race war and divide and conquer.

      If you have been keeping up Wolfgang Halbig, you see the lengths they go to prevent the 911 JFK and Sandy Hook fruads from coming to the light of day. His attorney quit over death threats. Those who threaten the dialectic and scheme will see extreme measures.

  7. The other somewhat suspicious tidbit is that “Slager” looks an awful lot like a slightly trimmed version of the German word “Schläger,” which means someone (usually a man) who beats up on others.

    • A Brawler, thug?

      Here are the published pictures

      I get it.

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