Posted by: boomerangcomesback | April 6, 2015

Progress Dressed to Kill — Brought to You by the World Improvers

No explanation needed.



  1. Five Stars Boomer. Thanks for the history of man and his future under bluebeam.

    Kudos to the creator “Steve and his excellent choice for musci. One of my faves from Peer Gynt Opus46. You cannot find a better suite fitting the birth of the nation and the ultimate Soylent Green Agenda 21.

    No doubt “Pig Toilet Heaven” has arrived

  2. Hey guys, anyone else smell something about the SC cop “murder” ?

  3. going with a well honed Coto style Occam’s razor….”Everything outta MSM is bullshit until proven otherwise”….and without any, so far, evidence this was staged….just looks like a cheesy high school play

  4. thanks for being here, still ! 🙂

    been absent a while. Spring Break time! wishing all here well

  5. Hi CamusRebel! Glad YOU are still here!

    I’ll go with your theorem that everything crapped out of the MSM sphincter machine is horse poo poo until “proven” otherwise. Quite a sound theory to operate by, and should win most bets if wagered against herds of grass-eating sheeple. Propaganda, entertainment, entrainment, “programming”, and other descriptions are all appropos when it comes to main sphincter media offal.

    Truth is usually 180 degrees in the opposite direction. Same theorem applies to politicians and others of the elite/banker/sphincter ilk.

    Cheers for Spring Break! Mighty HOT today, and will be tomorrow. Hope the northern neighbors weather the threatening storms blowing up their way.

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