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The Big Blue Omnibus: The Airbus-Boeing Fly-by


“Everyone on the program knew that what we were doing was going to be a major breakthrough in flight control,” – research pilot, Gary Krier

Somewhere on terra firma earth is a hangar or bunker. It has a dozen aircraft, maybe 11 by now. It includes French and US competitors and rivals in world dominance, a integral part of the NWO scheme for a transition to the World Trade Terror Organization who will eventually rule this planet.

In the latest event involving my predicted AIRBUS downing for 2015, the consistent signatures of committee based psychological and experimental digital reality are present.  The D-AIPX A320-211 clues are becoming clearer

At the time of its debut, the A320 was the most advanced airliner in the world. It was the first commercial passenger plane to feature a digital fly-by-wire control system that had previously only been used on high performance military aircraft.

The aircraft involved in the incident — registration number D-AIPX — made its first flight on November 29, 1990 and was delivered to Lufthansa on June 2, 1991. D-AIPX flew as a member of Lufthansa’s mainline fleet until January 31, 2014 when it was transferred over to Germanwings.

According to a statement from Airbus, the Germanwings jet had accumulated 58,300 flight hours on 46,700 flights and was powered by a pair of General Electric/SNECMA CFM-56 5A1 turbofan engines.

According to the airline, D-AIPX received its last major service in the summer of 2013.

The Airbus A320is a short-medium range single-aisle airliner. The model is the airplane maker’s greatest success. Since the A320 entered service in March, 1988, Airbus has added a stretched version ( the A321) and two shortened versions (the A318 and A319). All together, Airbus has sold more than 11,500 A320-family aircraft, with 6,200 currently in service.

At the time of its debut, the A320 was the most advanced airliner in the world. It was the first commercial passenger plane to feature a digital fly-by-wire control system that had previously only been used on high performance military aircraft.


I have talked extensively about the “flyby anomaly” which are the events that seem to pass without much notice or investigation. Often they are media psyop spun or ignored. The Analog to Digital conversion was completed in record time in terms of DC speed. Washington’s agenda of stalemate and quagmire effectively keep us powered down and dumbed down by bureaucracy and left-right paradigm but in the case of Agenda 21 and the Big Blue Omnibus things get done quickly. The Kodachrome conspiracy was also included in the design to transition us from real analog and film negative to a complete digital and manipulable medium.

It was by design that the digital effect on the ability for us to get real news has passed by like a flyby. We are supposed to be happy with the new technology. Analog to digital cellular, streaming digital video and instant gratification in bandwidth. Some trade-off has escaped most people.  The digital encoding and ability to encrypt with endless amounts of coding. The three key committee takes the  Asymmetric, two key, cryptography and  uses three keys, a “public” key, a “private” key, and a “committee”  key to insure decryption proof communication .

For over forty years, the aerospace conglomerates have perfected the fly-by-wireless and optics control systems. What was used in the Apollo hoaxes was some of the technology that is common now. What a single chip can accomplish now took substantial circuitry back then.  There are many uses for the technology and the benefits are always touted in the media, but rarely exposed  are the negative and covert aspects of these discoveries. Add to this the fact that we get the technology roughly fifty years after they have run the experimentation through the DoD industrial complex.

The theory of flight 9525, the A320-211 is one that provides many scenarios. I will always take the extreme and committee based opportunistic approach to a conclusion. The flight may have or have not been the D-AIPX aircraft.  The plane was likely at it’s cycle end metal fatigue and starts were reached at the point of the event time. (48,000 flight cycles/60,000 flight hours).

According to the airline, D-AIPX received its last major service in the summer of 2013 and this provides plenty of time to retrofit the AIRBUS for certain fly-by-wire modifications and other RFID controlled modifications. This includes many possibilities.

* Auto overide of wire or human control

* Auto depressurization (causing unconsciousness)

* Fly-by-wire commandeering of the flight plan, altitude and transponder and signalling operations

* On board passenger (pilot) with countermeasures for chemical or depressurization of cabin (deadhead)

* Radar countermeasures, cloaking chaff, altitude changes to avoid detection.

Process for Advanced Management of End of-Life-Aircraft (PAMELA) Project

Airbus estimates that more than 4,000 aircraft will finish active service between 2004 and 2023, a rate of over 200 aircraft per year, and that between 85% and 95% of their components can easily be recycled, reused, or otherwise recovered.[1]


TARMAC AEROSAVE, the Biggest Aircraft Storage Company in Europe, is an EASA Part. 145 MRO company dedicated to Aircraft Storage, Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Recycling and CFM56 Engine Recycling in an entirely environmentally friendly manner.

With its headquarters in Tarbes (France) and a new aircraft storage facility in Teruel (Spain) Tarmac Aerosave is able to offer the largest aircraft storage capacity in Europe: space for some 250 aircraft.

In addition, TARMAC AEROSAVE provides not only Aircraft Storage services but also Aircraft Maintenance and Aircraft Recycling services. It performs the work to keep the aircraft in flying conditions or to recycle them once the aircraft have reached the end of their life cycles.

Along with its qualified partners, TARMAC AEROSAVE proposes a flexible and reliable solution for all aircraft owners and operators: at one single location, close to you, in safe and legal conditions and completely environmentally friendly.


Marko Rodin's Fingerprint of God, animated photo: Marko Rodin Fingerprint of God Fingerprint_of_God_anim01.gif

The Boneyards have bodies. The 911 events, those aircraft (4) [no planes] , flights Air France Flight 447, two Boeing 777’s in Malaysia flights 17 and  370 and now the AIRBUS 320-211

#11  767-223  (2) 11———————begin

#93  757-222  (3) 11

#175 767-222 (4) 11

#77  757-223  (5) 11

#447 A330-203 (6) 11

#17  777-200ER (long range) (8) 11

#370  777-200ER (long range) (1) 11

#9525 A320-200 (7) Wildcard 5 ———————-end

I think 8 is the number. I do not believe we see another cycle in the vortex on the aircraft diversion. This opens much speculation if there were planes in 911, were they Boeings versions of PAMELA? Where did the planes get diverted. How many planes did  crash?  The suicide by pilot scenario just doesn’t add up in these listed events. The pilots silence and breathing were results of unconsciousness and remote piloting and the black box recorders are as fraudulent as the 911 cellphones working from the faraday effects of aircraft and the technology fifteen years ago.

There is much evidence of Stock swindles and shorts on advanced knowledge from 911 through the Malaysia and Germanwings events. There are insurance issues and other financial movements that can benefit certain individuals and entities.

I can only work from the vortex and PTB signatures of never wasting an opportunity.  I believe all eight aircraft are intact and resting someplace for a future event to be determined. I follow the Big Blue Omnibus for a Project called Bluebeam and an Agenda 21 transformation to a One World Order under the Corpo-Global Government Model that will include all the designated  goals of depopulation and enslavement.  Under this assumption of the end game I believe killing the passengers would be of no benefit and as assumed dead offer a great opportunity for chemo, radiation, vaccine-Rx  and electromagnetic visual audio experimentation.

Y2K is 911 (25-2-11) 911 or 2. It started in 2000 and ended in 2008. The NWO agenda and Agenda 21 operate on a shifted scale and vortex and we are in 811 (2008-2016)

I expect this event before years end  or before Dec 2017.  Everything else is all psyops and outright criminal thievery and murder for profit. An open season of grab what you can before the collapse and event.  I’m excited to see what they have planned and figure either the red pill or blue pill will be fatal. The catch-22 of committee is that we may be missing the irony of our opting out. I figure we are already bagged and tagged, therefore the reality of the coming delusion and operations will be a flight to Disneyland and a long or short vacation in the Magic Kingdom.  Just make sure you consider which plane you plan on boarding.



12 /3 \ 48 /9\ 75 /6\



  1. Thank you for your continuing analysis and postulations on the wider import of the “Happenings” all around us.

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