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Grunting & Groaning — That’s How Policy Gets Made

OPENING REMARKS to This Wind Breaking News:

“Republicans warn world that Obama U.N. plan could be undone”.  A gigantic World-encompassing title posted by “The Republican’ts”, a comedy troupe straight out of centralized casting in D.C.  They are complimented by an equally demented comedy troupe, often referred to as the democramps.  ( You’ll get this shtick later in this absolutely, positively “Non-Satirical” piece.  “I promise!”  Visualize your favorite political creature mouthing these 2 overused and unbelievable words ) .  (Read it)

“By Valerie Volcovici  4/01/15

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama administration’s plan for U.N. climate change talks encountered swift opposition after its release Tuesday, with Republican leaders warning other countries to “proceed with caution” in negotiations with Washington because any deal could be later undone”.  Awesome!!!  This is what Americans and The World wants to see — all “deals” and bogus legislation UNDONE!  UnConstitutional, illegitimate (illin) paper “laws” and Executive “orders” tossed here:

Congressional Lavatory & $hit Can

Eat $h1t

Yes, in the link above, there is dootyfull Mitch (scratch) McConnell pictured, and shown shilling his best with the other congressional shillsters.  This, following another heavy caca luncheon.  Sorry, caucus luncheon.

Contact:  "Your Political Swami"

Contact: “Your Political Swami”

Reuters/Reuters – U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) talks to the media after a weekly Senate caucus luncheon on Capitol Hill in Washington March 17, 2015. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

But Really, HemReuters — it is much more fitting to contemplate “our leaders” of public policy, creating their personal bests while seated on their proverbial “thrones”.  It is a game of “throwns” is it not?

Mitch "I've got a Quorum!" passing more Greenhouse Gas...

Mitch “I’ve got a Quorum!” passing more Greenhouse Gas…

Remember, this is a deliberative body working for YOU, the American People!  Source THAT at ( first line ).  The entire CONgress is working hard FOR YOU; working on cutting (snicker) greenhouse gases down to a tolerable level.

“As people around the world prepare to celebrate World Toilet Day (Nov. 19), CBS News is celebrating the world’s strangest toilets”.  What?!  “World Toilet Day”…Nov. 19?  I must have missed that bowl.  Something We All can look forward to celebrating!  For news on this popular subject, or to donate (?) you can go to a — .

Your “Least Favorite Names” in the News

Watch em wiggle, Watch em waffle, Watch em try to bake an appropriations cake, and make the usual expensive useless mess:

“Senate Passes GOP Budget After Late-Night Debate”.  See the Group Effort to screw Americans under the banner of “helping” them…This is as exciting as watching water boil.  Have they got a caucus for YOU, baby!

And I Rand Man, the Real Rubio Zirconium, “the Cruiser” Cruz, Mercedes Enzi, Don’t Worry Murray, You’re My Bitch McConnell, Markey Malarkey, and Bad Rumor Schumer all pipe in on this (yawn) important budget vote.  You gotta read it and weep at the link above.

The final sentence states, “Adding to the pressure is Obama, who said in an interview last week with The Huffington Post that he would not sign a spending bill that doesn’t fix sequestration.  This sounds like another “peersonal problem”.

"You don't say?  There is No Such Thing as 'Global Warming'?  Someone Lied?!  I'm flabbergasted. O.K. Then... Never Mind.

“You don’t say? There is No Such Thing as ‘Global Warming’? Someone Lied?! I’m flabbergasted.
O.K. Then… Never Mind.



  1. Where’s the I$I$ in CRisis? Trading Carbonians, the TPP technique.

    I love the ‘I” 9 Rand Man, Z-Rubio 811 guy and the oil slickster Cruzer dude. The mind meld has begun. Memory alpha is in total control. You need not go “way back” into the machine to get to the Gore and Blood dire straits ans navigate to the
    committee’s dialectic for change.

    We imagine it and they make it happen, we tweet it and they answer, we want it and they deliver it like a google-amazon drone delivery. Bilderberg was busy in 14 and the 2015 meet, greet and cheat event ought to be a lollapalooza.

  2. Sequestration………it does say it all

    “Dark Winter” 2001 exercise

    “Dark Winter” 2014 exorsism

    The trick is to read between the lines and avoid the “HOOKS”


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