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For the Millennial’s – This is an excellent presentation of what the deflections back then in Waco, while getting the WTO-GATT NAFTA Trade Agreements.  Hillary or Jeb will be on the TPP if Barry fails to deliver. This video offers the Indonesian and Asian connections and the money keeps pouring in as we have recently become aware of. Bribes and Blood Money.


From the Googleplex: How to screw the Truth. Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton. Who is the Rhodes Scholar Rapist? It’s not Heathcliff Huxtable.


The  Clinton  Body  Count

The Unanswered Questions in the Foster Case

Over 200 deaths trail the Clinton Crime Family and more likely to emerge over the election cycle.  The Hillary Chronicles are more deadly than the Rhodes Scholar Rapist.  She is pure power and all of it evil. Defending the child rapist and laughing about it was the nicest thing she has ever done.




  2. Obama was a new face, a seemingly refreshing change, and I can see why so many people were fooled by his smooth talk. Hillary, however, has been around for ages. What is their excuse for supporting this thing, this she-creature? How are people so foolish? There is nobody good left in these high positions. They are all bad. Voting for the lesser of two evils is wrong in itself. As long as people continue to allow themselves to be fooled, our system will continue in this downward spiral.

    Clinton was president when I was a teenager. My dad, a die-hard Republican, could not even look at the tv when he came on. He would literally turn his head, then turn the channel! It was hilarious. Now I see why, and I’m not laughing. I do the same for Obama. I just cannot watch him. It sickens me. Same for Hillary. These leaders we have are so corrupt, and it just seethes out of them. They open their mouths, and speak nothing but lies. I am not fooled! You are not fooled! But so many people are. They aren’t even good liars either, which makes the problem even more pathetic!

    Then you have other problems, like Soylent Green vaccines (vaccines derived from human fetal cell line) These vaccines show a connection with rising autism rates. You just want to shake people out of their trance—hey folks, your leaders are lying to you, you are injecting your children with poison and Soylent Green baby cells, the food you eat is poisoning you, your rain is toxic, no–those aren’t normal contrails up there, etc…..

    How many people are entranced, but still able to wake up? How many are too far gone, where the lies and corruption are the very foundation of their reality?

  3. As slaves and properties of the committee, Zebranomics tells us that like any portfolio some assets must be liquidated. Some kept. We now know those who will be kept. It is amazing that it we continue to see this biblical epic being played out and as foretold, the massive evidence of all of this is unknown to the majority of sheeple. It’s not sad enough that they just do not know but that they just refuse to take part in their fates.

    The dumbing down is no excuse, hell, I did it all. I drank the fluoride water, brushed my teeth, ate the fast food and took my prescriptions growing up. What’s the deal with them?

    Michael s tribulations in LA LA land are the same for me here. I have said on several occasions that when I have tried to talk to someone about these soft-kill chemtrails or fluoride, vaccines or any other evidence, the lights go out in their eyes. I swear I almost hear a small click like a light switch and then it’s the blank black stare and their mind goes on to some meaningless diversion. Living here is like living in Stepford but I know everywhere is Stepford.

    It was no surprise after years of reading from Committee of 300, None dare call it and Jeckyll Island the real economy has always been human assets and real estate. The fact that we will eventually be cannibals is no surprise either. The hour of the time had chimed. One of twelve has rung. 811 will give us another chime in September this year. 2012-2015. Are we in the 70th week? The vortex says yes. We need the Obama to usher in the new King of Persia and get Bibi to meet with the architects and we will know for sure.

    We know i $ i $ will win. But hey as we Babylonians know, the shit has got to end.

    Your Dad is my age or a little older possibly. Anybody 50+ knows that Bill and Hillary make GWBush look like a boyscout. Dick Cheney is in their league as are the Bush Joo-joo-bees, but the Clintons represent the most dangerous couple in history since Ferenc and Elizabeth Nadasdy.

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