Posted by: Mr. M | March 14, 2015

So I’m an idiot, so what?

Earlier this man came up to me as I was on my way to my spot and called me an idiot and walked away. As he was leaving I told him that I would be happy to debate that on camera if he wasn’t the coward he appears to be. So I pass him and set-up and wait with my camera out and this is what ensued.

People always ask me do I get a lot of flack, and my answer is “no.” Because this is typical of the cowards I run into. The few that even have the courage to insult me to my face, never have the courage to engage in any kind of rational debate.



  1. Poor America! This guy went as far as listening to Noam Chomsky, but couldn’t take anything heavier. Good on you, Mr. M, for confronting these dolts.

  2. Well, if we’re choosing teams, I’m on the idiot team too, because the ignorant team already has too many players and the shill team is cheating.

  3. The signs are everywhere, the matrix is swallowing deeply now.

  4. Noam Chomsky, ha!. The last defense of the liberal intellectual set. It is clear that when the truth is revealed, the weight of denial and reality will crush the scientific and intellectual liberal order.

    The symbolic image of the free fall twin towers fully ingrained on the masses offers the best reality of the left right paradigm being crushed and the INGSOC of 1984 in it’s place. Though by that time, all beliefs will be forced by the mindset of MK-Ultra and those who oppose, silenced..

    The symbolic NEW single tower only reinforce the NWO as the single and consummate one world order and it is firm and unshakable. Your liberal loon, Michael showed the beginnings of this reality coming into view. He likely was au courant to the information and yet retreated to Noam (somewhere in Alaska or Siberia?). He seemed very unhappy and powerless.

    What’s left? Unfortunately I suspect the continuation of “killing the messenger” and coopting the message. Stay alert and cautious, you are in a kill zone.

    • Today a women literally put her hands over her ears and and started screaming “I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”

      I’m not making this up.

      I need my cameras.

      • Airport machete attack suspect dies

        The man who attacked a security area at the New Orleans airport with a machete and wasp spray also had a bag of Molotov cocktails and a car containing smoke bombs and gas cylinders, authorities said.

        The suspect, Richard White, 63, died Saturday after treatment for three bullet wounds he suffered when a sheriff’s lieutenant fired at him to halt the Friday night attack, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said.]

        This has Monarck Drug induced MK Ultra written all over it. They always pick the mental challenged as simple stooges and then get them under the right Obamacare whitecoats and screw with the medications, a little hypnosis and trigger and send him on his way to kill the giant wasps pretending to be airplanes.

        • I can understand using the bug spray on the TSA, but the machete?

          • Maybe the next evolution in gun control is to completely disarm us.

            We should expect an an assault by someone with safety scissors soon. 🙂

  5. Here’s your next talking point Michael


    Hot new idea from Hillary Clinton: What we need are camps for adults

    I think they call it Bohemian Grove – Kids welcome of course.

    • only young virgin boys welcome at the Grove, that is!

      • Yes and those with Down Syndrome get to ride the pony.

    • It was a beautiful today. Perhaps 6 to 8,000 people, give or take, walked by my rig.

      Was called a racist 4-times to my face. One of those times could have gone south real fast. In another, I lost control. The women was so condescending that I came close to biting her head-off and spitting it up her ass.

      I made $30-bucks. Gross.

      I didn’t say it was a “good”day.

      Supposed to rain tomorrow.

      • Somewhere in America there must be an economic boom happening. It’s not the Dakotas, Louisiana or North Carolina. Anybody know where this ka-ching is? I have made $900 so far this year. Good thing I know how to steal.

        • Well, America has clearly hit (and Japan is not far behind) the hysterical phase of what Lobaczewski called the “Hysteroidal Cycle” of history. Patrick, it sounds to me like you are well prepared to get through it. There are clear warning signs before society goes batshit, so hopefully my husband will deem our current abode “too hot” before it’s too late (we are in one of those “n*gger get your ass outta town before dark” towns, Japanese-style). Mr. M, you are our weathervane sitting out there, with the thunderclouds gathering. If the hairs on the back of your neck start to stand up, run!

          • Run where?

            • I’m just a worried mother hen. Yes, where do you run? Depending on the way this here thing blows, there will be no place free from fallout, literally and or figuratively, take your pick. It is easy for me to lecture at you from behind this paper screen about America being finished or some such thing. Japan is a powder keg, too. You seem to be ready to go down with the ship. There are things worth fighting for, and it is not for me to try to discourage you. Rather, I want to encourage you, but I don’t want to hear about you becoming a casualty–though I dare say you’d have a safe journey to Heaven. You’ve got lots of friends, but if they are not near you, maybe you should go to them.

            • Iceland.

          • People who have never been to Japan see it as an Island that all looks like downtown Tokyo I suspect. They have no idea what downtown Detroit was and “is” now.

            I would never recognize it now, I know. Osaka was beautiful back then but now the largest slum is there I understand. Rough? I bet. Are the gangs Ainoko?

            I read that Japan just voted an Ainoko A-A as Miss Japan? I’d like to hear her tales.

            • What is really interesting here, Patrick, is that since they began modernizing and aspired to be a world stage player, complete with their own colonies, Japan has idolized Europe. My European ancestry serves me well here, but America, Australia, etc., have always been “second class.” The Japanese do not consider themselves Asian (I am in the middle of a translation where they insist on “Japan and Asia”), and they seem to consider European features and certain fantasized aspects of “noble” culture ideal.
              Over the last thirty years, however, while there have been many foreign male TV personalities of all races, there have not been any female ones at all. Recently, though, it seems like there are lots of ainoko stars, all girls with the idealized big eyes and smart European features, and most are stars merely for their looks. I think that for a woman, if you are not schooled in Japan, you don’t know how to be “cute” in their eyes, or you probably would prefer to choke yourself if you did. So the ainoko beauty would probably blither saccharinely at you, Patrick, if she knew any English at all.
              Ainoko are pretty rare, though. I know a few, all male. They all look and act sort of Harry Potterish. In this society, you find your niche and go along with it. If you were brought up outside Japan, chances are you will always be outside. Accept that, and you’re fine.
              Lots of little motorcycle punks make it out our way on the weekends, but since almost none of them knows how to handle a sword these days, they are not a real menace to us, and probably never will be. It’s the octogenarian psychopath living up the street that has me concerned, and another one down in town, who has studied us.
              My husband’s biggest worry is China invading. There are no signs of such, but as collapse proceeds internationally, that could change, and if they start making noises at us the way Obama makes at Russia, I’ll take that as a really good reason to polish up my Thai.

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