Posted by: Mr. M | March 11, 2015

A Reason to Vote For Hillary



  1. Alright, M! Good Stuff! Does paint the picture of the “sheeple” as, well, “sheeple”. Pretty pathetic.

  2. Good grief! There are women in america who actually say this! What kind of brain washing have they been through? Oh I know, the MSM wash, rinse and repeat.
    Okay, I’ll give a good reason to vote for Hilary: she has so much overweening confidence that she’ll start one war too many, and America will be on the receiving end of a “coalition of the willing” that refuses to take it sitting down anymore. Put that miserable beast out of its misery, and publicly impale the Grand Butch in her own turn.
    I’m sorry Mr M, I don’t wish this upon you or any other aware and concerned citizen, but I will cheer when America suffers a resounding military defeat on its own soil. The majority there deserves it, if they are talking like these two jerks. Maybe they will learn a lesson on what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a Hilary scheme.

  3. Jim Stone has some good stuff going at

    1) He reports as an eyewitness about the U.S. Southern Border crossing and illegal immigration “crisis” — says, Obama is just plain “chauffeuring” illegals into the country via buses at the border crossings.

    2) Comments on Vladamir Putin reported “death”.

    3) Busts on the Boston “bombing” and Tsarnaev trial going on.

    Check it out at the link above.

    • Pour water into a glass of oil and no more oil.

      We are the Cotosaurus Rex, to be burned in ORDER to heat the halls for the death panel constabularies.Oh, Frack it!

      The Arab Spring started with Bill and will end with Hillary. Libya sets the 30th degree for AFRI-CON. Just as Afghanistan was for CENT-CON. Ukraine will serve as EU-CON. Malaysia seems apropos for USPA-CON and I suspect Missouri 38th parallel to Colorado Springs will the center of NORTH-CON.

      The Patraeus betray us and Hillary mission was clear. I just gag when I hear that Hillary and Obama do not like each other. Just as I do when Putin is thrown into the mix as well.

      Peas in a pod? I believe it. They don’t hate each other, they just don’t love each other as much as they do themselves. It’s a matter of EGOPOLARITY and they just repel due to megalomaniacal-magnetics and psychopathic-cybernetics.

      Great job as usual Michael! I don’t know whose scarier, Hillary or her supporters.

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