Posted by: Puddy Dunne | March 2, 2015

“S’il vous plaît”









  1. Why is Benyamin Netanyahu speaking???

    As Benjamin Netanyahu prepares to give his speech in the United States, Secretary of State John Kerry gives the Prime Minister a strong warning against publicly sharing information related to the ongoing nuclear talks with Iran during his congressional address this week. According to reports from Politico, Speaking to reporters in Geneva after addressing the United Nations Human Rights Council, Kerry said the U.S. is “concerned by reports” that “selective details of the negotiations” over Tehran’s nuclear program could be divulged soon. The remarks come after Israeli officials said they know certain details about the talks, and told reporters on Netanyahu’s plane to Washington that he planned to share some of his concerns about them to Congress.


    What was the instant message? When Iran and Russia decide, the truth may be revealed. Is it time? Does Bibi lose the election. March to September we may get the message in a false flag.

  2. Ah Yes…the 3 “BushWhackers” front and center in the Header.

    Heard a snippet of Thrush Goombah, the bulbous bloviator, saying that NitwitinYahoo did with his speech, what Oblammo has failed to do — sound “Presidential” (sic) (ness).

    Like reading a script from a speechwriter makes “the man”?

    That NitwitinYahoo has been allowed to soil the shores of the USA without being arrested as a War Criminal just goes to prove Conspiracy Theorists are damn correct when they speak the Truth of the matter — a Cabal of murderous warmongering criminals has hijacked the power structures, the infrastructure, and just about everything else not nailed down with railroad spikes.

    So, there’s 3 of the worst and most Obvious waggling their fingers at the peasants of the world. What WE KNOW, is there is a giant pod of these killer whales surfing back and forth across the seas, doing what they do best — kill, pillage, and destroy. All, under the Obvious lies of “improving” the world and spreading “democracy”.

    We ask ourselves; “Why?!” are they still living large and in charge (apparently), when their deeds have incriminated them to Hell?! There are so many more of these fiends behind the scenes, pulling strings, making “policy”, steering the ships-of-state onto the rocks. I think of the PNAC members, I think of the Trilateralists, the CFR’s, the Masonic mothercluckers, the Zio-Satanists, the Bankers and the Cankers.

    My Oh My, Why ‘O Why, does the World allow psychopaths to parade before them, constantly twitching their itching “trigger” fingers?

    Can this status quo really continue to go on? Until every country, perhaps the entire World is on Fire? Land and Seas poisoned, bombed, shot through, decapitated without putting up a fight. It is almost impossible to believe that apathy of this medical degree, this stage 4 cancer, can continue to grow unimpeded. How could this be?

    Salvation will not come from one of “these” world improvers, that is a fact. Humanity’s Hope lies within each individual, looking to their neighbors and nodding in agreement that, “WE Are NOT One of THEM”. From this simple assessment will spring the fortitude necessary to collectively say “NO MORE!”. And mean it.

    • I love your euphemisms and poetic license Boom.

      The harsh reality is clear when compared to 911 setup. The steps prior to the WTC were conducted in the same manner as the GRAND I$I$ event.

      From the financial ponzi and market manipulations are the signs of the road to G-Day. Like Burma Shave, the markers are really clear. In this case the event will be a trade war and collapse. It was not happenstance the Towers were “World Trade” and that three had to fall. That was bldg “7”, 4 planes

      (3)1-2-4-8-7-5-1(6) (147-285) shifted to their sequence.

      This cat & dog I$I$ agenda and ‘Jihad- i -John’ Doe have planted the seeds, the Arab spring saplings have sprouted nicely while the manipulated markets have put the global index at the edge of the cliff. It takes only a Pentagon ( Reichstag) or Assassination or Black Swan to start the harvesting of the transformation. Everyday that the event does not occur only increases the potentials and severity of the damage. The Burma Shave signs are still saying “hopeful” and “recovery”

      I have to chuckle at Hillary’s latest “furr paw” and what is appearing to be planned Bilderberg program for a non-Bush Clinton crime syndicate candidate for 2016. I can’t believe we will make it to election day and I am talking to my neighbors and local bankers. They may not believe the coto tenets but they have smelled the rat.

      How about SHarpstown, my old stomping ground?

      Texas Town Experiences 61% Drop in Crime After Firing Their Police Department

      The Vortex periodically points the polarity absurdity of where society has been manipulated against the normal order of people and planet simplicity.

  3. Wow Boomerang, I agree with your post!

    1.”Why, does the World allow psychopaths to parade before them?”
    My thoughts exactly. Why? How? Have you seen the movie “Devil’s Advocate” ? Movies reveal many truths (probably since they are tools of evil!) Well, in the movie, the wife sees demons in people, but nobody else sees them. I feel like this –I totally see evil seething out of these terrible leaders we have, yet it seems most people are evil-blind (they cannot see evil when it’s as plain as day!) I see policies, laws, education, food and medical decisions, etc. controlled at the top by demonic people who do not care about us one bit. Nobody else can see this, but to me there is honestly no other truth. For me, the truth is that we are living in a world controlled by evil people, period. It’s that clear, and everything I read just confirms that fact.

    2. You are right, it is up to the individual to make changes. We must go against the current system in whatever way possible. For me, that involves choosing different medical advice, not vaccinating my kids, not eating the Monsatan poisoned food, learning how to grow my own food, buying food from organic farms, trying ever so slowly to make our home off the power grid, etc. The current system is NOT here to protect us, and it is up to the individual to change. We are not wild animals, but we are definitely living in a predator/prey situation, and we are indeed the prey (it’s more like a cannibalistic society, which is still predator/prey). How will we survive this new world? By understanding that we need to fight as if we were being preyed upon. Sadly, too few of us understand this.

  4. Yes N.A., it should be obvious to people. But there is a mass psychosis going ’round (some may refer to it as “mind controlled”) with a multitude of causality factors. COTO talks about them all the time. We wonder what happened to people’s survival “instincts”? Well, they’ve been dulled down to a nubbins, to where they literally have become as sheep. Thus, the name fits. It IS a conspiracy of the controllers that has worked rather well upon the masses. The “symptoms” of the population bares this out. The root causes run the gamut from continual war mongering, vaccines, fast food, fake food, and GMO mutated food, chemtrails, TV and media programming, religious programming, poisons in the air, water and food, radiation, plus the electronic WiFi and other pollutions, scalar, schooling, Agency programming — IRS, DHS, TSA, inhuman psycho police actions, False Flags and Fear Campaigns, imposter Klowns cavorting as “People’s Representatives” with fake elections, (The Thing is a Matrix of sorts), economic oppression, banker and financial gang rapes upon the population…on & on it goes.

    Where can you find sanity in an insane world? People have checked out, bought in, or blocked out the causes of the dissonance smashing against them from every direction. This is an extremely difficult time to thrive in, much less survive in. We are living in it, but for most it shouldn’t be called living because it is just “existing” at a pathetically low level.

    This screed may sound depressing and fatalistic, but I am not. One must find ways to rise above the tide of evil and status quo capitulation. Knowing what’s going on around you, doesn’t mean you have to give up and give in. Then, you would be “one of Them” — either an enabler of evil, or evil, or a sheep.

  5. Why Polarity matters. The worst brings out the best. We have an opportunity to understand how the garden of good and evil power each other. We can design our own PLANT to harvest, store and conserve the right or wrong energy and build the right system for transmitting to others.

    If the socio-psycho paths are for you then the dividends are short term and doomed to short circuit. The proper polarity should be clear to all now and all future energetics from the source should be rejected. Consider COTO a band pass filter for those frequencies and amperage’s. They only serve to give us the true bias of false transmissions. Their system runs only on positive to negative and we have reverse the polarity immediately.

    The greatest biases in information is transmitted with the greatest amplitudes. They give us all the means to trim and cutoff before becoming saturated or overloaded. Those who understand the principles can benefit from their positive TX and adjust the RX to the negative. The difficulty is working in constant fields of distortion, interference and looping artifact.

  6. There has not been a doubt in my mind in years, that those in “charge” are demonically possessed entities. They are not your run of the mill psychopaths but pure unadulterated evil as NA states. Archons… which is why they are polluting our planet with radiation, heavy metals and harmful emfs…to make it more hospitable for their species. It’s the only thing that makes sense and after watching all the satanic rituals at the olympics, super bowls and music awards, who is going to disagree with me 🙂 ?

  7. Patrick…that recording of CeCe you put up there… it does sound like Sil vous plait.. or something something. ..”plane” I couldn’t make out “that’s great” in the other one but I’m nearly deaf in one ear..soooo

    • Hi JG, how are you? I was away for a few days. I had to see a man about a dog.

      It does sound like it doesn’t it? Those Vichy french were involved in all the schemes going back to JFK. Was he/she asking for the phone back? 🙂

      Who knows what goes on behind the Charlie Hebdo blue door? The CIA knows.

      It could be something something plane. It does not match the environment of the phone call on my equipment and seems to be recorded outside of the actual phone conversation and rerecorded. I can’t determine it.

      I agree we are dealing with archons. I came to the conclusion back then.

      The twenty traits assessed by the PCL-R score are:

      glib and superficial charm
      grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
      need for stimulation
      pathological lying
      cunning and manipulativeness
      lack of remorse or guilt
      shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)
      callousness and lack of empathy
      parasitic lifestyle
      poor behavioral controls
      sexual promiscuity
      early behavior problems
      lack of realistic long-term goals
      failure to accept responsibility for own actions
      many short-term marital relationships
      juvenile delinquency
      revocation of conditional release
      criminal versatility

  8. “And finally, just one other quick question, my apologies. The King Faisal Foundation has just given a $200,000 award to a leading Islamic scholar from India who apparently called the 9/11 attacks in the United States an inside job, suggesting that the Bush Administration was behind it. Could I have your reaction to that? Thank you.”

    • I suspect the left right assaults are all aimed at Hillary & Jeb. I see enough stink to nix their chances.

      What bothers me is that as psychopaths are cunning, the fact is we got Obama who is arguably worse than Bush or Clinton, but as an unknown he came in with higher expectations. Seems there are good reasons why Americans would want a dynasty pick, if not for predictability. Another unknown like Obama in 2016 would ice the cake. Imagine Bush and Clinton being able to say “see what happens when we don’t get elected?”

      If the TPP agreement gets done we are toast. I remember the Gibson Guitar event and that would be everyday business for destroying what’s left of our manufacturing economy and small to medium size business. Tragic.

  9. wow. is this real life?

    • Hey Waldo. How the hell are you? Glad you are still alive and kickin. What’s the word in Krackerland?

    • “Ultimately the question is of little practical significance.”

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