Posted by: Mr. M | February 23, 2015

Shoot Them In Their Gribs

Control. Something I struggle with every day. Not so much control of others, as myself. More often then not my lack of self-control stunts any progress wishing to be achieved. Specifically when it comes controlling my anger. Torn between wanting to rip apart a person with my bare hands or verbally bitch-slapping them into a cringing pile of crying, cretinous slim, or asking, “now what would Jesus do?” is where I hover.

I missed the boat on this one. Early on this “proper England bitch” makes the statement (in your best upper-class English drawl) “Well it’s better to control the people,” and I didn’t hear it because I couldn’t wait to tear them apart. I should have let them run their mouths before I ran mine.

Nonetheless this is the enemy.




  1. Gay Related Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Had they just eaten the GMO? He appeared to be still chewing a bit. Ha, Michael, you are beginning to sound like Jesse Ventura to me. 🙂

    You were noticeably irritated and I can understand why. With sheep there are ewes and rams. British sheep are ewwww! I think the Brits know and deny it out of fear of losing their tidy comfort.

  2. P.S.: I still miss “Smack Down Man”

  3. possibility that they are hired assholes..acting like people who promote cabal crap. most likely. HEY BOSS!!! I MISS U LOVE U!!! (PUDDY!!!)

    • Nah. I don’t think so. They are as real as two phonies can be. I’ve had provocateurs try to set me up, but these weren’t one of them.

  4. Wow.. just wow…moooooooooooo.. “yea chip me mate cause after all, I’m just another part of the herd ! ” is what he was really saying.
    Michael, I think I’d have thrown something at them and their chimpy smirking faces!

    • Of course afterwards you always think of things you should have said.

      When he said he had nothing to hide, I should of asked him to jack-off. Right there. Maybe asked his wife to show her tits.

      I wonder how that would of ruffled their proper English feathers.

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