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UPDATE: Port Wars Off West Coast Resulting in “Fallout” for U.S. Economy.


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To get an idea on how this “Event” is Tied In to important things going on elsewhere around the world (especially Greece and the EU), please read this piece by James Kirwan (who cites recent comments on the subject by Paul Craig Roberts:


This bubble is just rising to the surface, and it may be a very important issue to keep on American’s radars…do you already know about this?

The “Catastrophic Shutdown Of America’s Supply Chain” Begins: Stunning Photos Of West Coast Port Congestion
By Tyler Durden
Created 02/12/2015 – 23:20

Ships just sitting off of port(s)...Bad Sign for a "Consumer" Nation.

Ships just sitting off of port(s)…Bad Sign for a “Consumer” Nation.

Comment at Zerohedge link above:  “We photographed them from anywhere between 200 and 5,500 feet, and even at this height the enormous size was something else entirely”.

GO TO THE LINK ABOVE –>  There are quite a number {A Boatload!} of question-inducing photos to take in.

Think of the ramifications of this “problem”…”Trade” is being stopped.  That means prices go UP on imported goods.  Does this have to do with a pending fiat dollar take down?  Again, WE can Obviously see that The Administrators of this nation are either (A) Failing at their duties to serve The People’s interests, or (B)  Successfully creating another clusterf()ck to harm the economy and American People.

Here’s an article on the types of SHORTAGES that are occurring and will occur within the economy from this Port stoppage:



  1. It’s not apparent to me as of yet the war on trade as fart as Congress and Obama goes. The TPP and TCIP have a direct link to the issue. If Obama is trying to destroy the democracy he is going to assure a Clinton loss as well he may want to. It’s certain that Commerce dept has issues and the exporters of US toxins as well. I bet the ranch on the labor unions biting back and Obama the target at this point. Seems the objective is to deflect the strategy and make it out to be the fault of greedy Americans. This way it works for all three (foreign bankers, socialist transformers and TPP party.

    The losers? EVERYONE ELSE.

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