Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 15, 2015

Weather Wars: February 2015 USGS


UN members agree deal at Lima climate talks

‘Not perfect’

The agreement was adopted hours after a previous draft was rejected by developing countries, who accused rich nations of shirking their responsibilities to fight global warming and pay for its impacts.

Peru’s environment minister, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, who chaired the summit, told reporters: “As a text it’s not perfect, but it includes the positions of the parties.”

Miguel Arias Canete, EU Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, said the EU had wanted a more ambitious outcome but he still believed that “we are on track to agree a global deal” at a summit in Paris, France, next year.

UK climate change minister Ed Davey said: “I am not going to say it will be a walk in the park in Paris.”

He described the deal as “a really important step” on the road to Paris.

“That’s when the real deal has to be done.”

Climate Change Deal In Lima Fails To Find Consensus

The sheer number of people involved in COP20 this year was staggering. About ten thousand delegates and hangers-on arrived in Lima by jet, airplane, and bus. More people arrived via boat, train, and plane to surround the talks with protests and activism. Others arrived to protest the protesters and still more were there to call into question the whole point of climate change and the science behind it. The amount of carbon expelled just to rant about climate change itself was likely in the tens of thousands of tons


Inconvenient study: Seafloor volcano pulses may alter climate – models may be wrong

M 7.1 – Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Time 2015-02-13 18:59:12 UTC
Location 52.635°N 31.884°W
Depth 16.4 km


M 6.2 – 32km ESE of Taitung City, Taiwan

Time 2015-02-13 20:06:31 UTC

Location 22.664°N 121.440°E
Depth 27.0 km

Taiwan Develops New Missiles To Counter China’s Threat

Strong Support For Independence In Taiwan Forbes

U.S. Taiwan Policy Threatens a Face-Off With China


M 6.7 – 103km W of El Aguilar, Argentina

Time   2015-02-11 18:57:22 UTC
Location  23.107°S 66.691°W
Depth 22.3 km

Prosecutor Puts Leader of Argentina on Defensive

New York Times

Second Argentine prosecutor renews probe of President

EXCLUSIVE: China sells fighter jets to Argentina which are able to attack Falkland Islands
As we countdown the days we have remaining before the 2012 (+3) Global event, we can observe the framework as being fully laid out. When I am asked what will happen first I allude to the financial event. I do this because most do not believe the ENMOD weather control grid run by the NASA, Navy, NOAA ans associated international cartel by committee and it is too much for the average sheeple to accept,  let alone conceive.  The TPP, TCIP, Project Bluebeam, Agenda 21 and Global Governance to emerge will come after the main event. The Climate models are fabricated but indeed formulated, planned and scheduled for this year. The larger alternative plan is prepared as well. Should the design program fail, which seems likely. If it were up to the USA alone, we’d already be in the throes of One World Government. It’s the wiser people from Asia that are going to blow the lid on this international cabal and force plan B. The Majestic plan with it’s global survival unification (transformation) may be the most likely outcome.
Climate change is not just about weather.




  1. Exposing TPP, Suing BoC, Crashing Monsanto – New World Next Week

  2. Brazil faces water disaster; scientists warned it was coming

    Read more:

  3. 911 HEBDO

    -charlie company-cia

    Zacarias Moussaoui is a French citizen who pleaded guilty in federal court to conspiring to kill citizens of the United States as part of the September 11 attacks

    Al Qaeda’s Bookkeeper Spills the Beans


  4. Approaching the Vaccine‐
    Hesitant Parent using C‐A‐S‐E – MAYO CLINIC

  5. Ha! Anybody on the East Coast, or down south noticing any global warming? Cool pics here (pun intended) —

  6. Have you seen this video? Great footage on the chemtrails & a formal meeting held by a bunch of experts. Feeds right into this weather modification!

    • Thank you for that video lead, Ms. Darlene — Awesome Video! I’ve sent it to some “deniers”. Others should as well. COTO is NOT crazy, rather mostly “informed”.

  7. No vaccines please, aren’t they already falling from the sky?

    • Yes Ma’am. We are. It’s a smorgasbord of delicacies. From heavy metals for Autism and Alzheimer’s to pathogenic mold and fungi. All hosted by nano-bot carbon fullerenes. Coal Ash? We wish it was that only. .

  8. Today, 2-17-15, upstate SC is Shut Down following the overnight ice storm…

    —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —- —-

    An almost three-week snow siege has buried parts of New England with feet of snow.

    (MORE AHEAD: Winter Storm Neptune: Blizzard Possible | Winter Storm Octavia: Another Storm)

    You may wonder if this extended snowy blitz is setting records. Below, we have a rundown of heaviest snowstorm, snowiest month and season lists for the hardest hit parts of New England. Click on each bolded city link for the latest forecast.

    We’ll update these lists as we head through yet another snowy period for New England through Presidents’ Day week.

    Winter Storms Juno and Marcus each made the top 10 heaviest Boston snowstorms, all-time.

    1. Feb. 17-18, 2003: 27.6 inches
    2. Feb. 6-7, 1978: 27.1 inches
    3. Feb. 24-26, 1969: 25.8 inches
    4. Mar. 31 – Apr. 1, 1997: 25.4 inches
    5. Feb. 8-9, 2013 (Nemo): 24.9 inches
    6. Jan. 26-28, 2015 (Juno): 24.6 inches
    7. Feb. 7-10, 2015 (Marcus): 23.8 inches
    8. Jan. 22-23, 2005: 22.5 inches
    9. Jan. 20-21, 1978: 21.4 inches
    10. Mar. 3-5, 1960: 19.8 inches

    In just over two years, we’ve had three of the top seven heaviest snowstorms in Boston.

    February has obliterated the previous snowiest month on record in Boston.

    1. February 2015: 58.5 inches
    2. January 2005: 43.3 inches
    3. January 1945: 42.3 inches
    4. February 2003: 41.6 inches
    5. February 1969: 41.3 inches

    For perspective, the average seasonal snowfall at Logan Airport is 43.5 inches.

    Speaking of seasonal snowfall, 2014-2015 has already cracked the top 3. In the last 21 years, Boston has now had 4 of its top 5 snowiest seasons.

    1. 1995-1996: 107.6 inches
    2. 1993-1994: 96.3 inches
    3. 2014-2015: 95.7 inches
    4. 1947-1948: 89.2 inches
    5. 2004-2005: 86.6 inches
    6. 1977-1978: 85.1 inches
    7. 1992-1993: 83.9 inches
    8. 2010-2011: 81.0 inches
    9. 1915-1916: 79.2 inches
    10. 1919-1920: 73.4 inches

    Other records Boston has set during this stretch include:

    – Record 30-day snowfall: 90.2 inches from Jan. 17 – Feb. 15, 2015, inclusive (previous record: 58.8 inches from Jan. 9 – Feb. 7, 1978)

    – Record snow depth*: 37 inches on Feb. 9 (previous record: 31 inches on Jan. 11, 1996; * gaps in this dataset exist)

    – Fastest six-foot snowfall: 72.5 inches in 18 days from Jan. 24 – Feb. 10, 2015 (previous record: 73 inches in 45 days from Dec. 29, 1993 to Feb. 11, 1994)

    – Four calendar days with at least 12 inches of snow, a first for any snow season (previously, only two seasons had as many as two such days, in 1977-1978 and 1960-1961 seasons)

    – At least 0.5 inch of snow had fallen 6 straight days through Feb. 12, topping the previous such record stretch of 5 days in 1943. The record stretch of measurable snow (at least 0.1 inch) was 9 straight days ending on Mar. 10, 1916.

    – Finally, the Blue Hill Observatory in Milton, Massachusetts set an all-time snow depth record on the morning of February 15.

    Worcester, Massachusetts

    (Caveat: Except for the April Fools’ snowstorm in 1997, there is a gap in the period of record from 1997-2002)

    Winter Storm Juno in late January set a snowstorm record for Worcester.

    1. Jan. 26-27, 2015 (Juno): 34.5 inches
    2. Mar. 31 – Apr. 1, 1997 (April Fools): 33.0 inches
    3. Dec. 11-12, 1992: 32.1 inches
    4. Feb. 8-9, 2013 (Nemo): 28.7 inches
    5. Feb. 14-16, 1962: 24.8 inches

    This is now their snowiest February on record and is a top 3 snowiest month, all-time. Incredibly, they’ve had 2 of their top 5 snowiest months back-to-back (highlighted below):

    1. January 2005: 50.9 inches
    2. January 2011: 48.4 inches
    3. February 2015: 47.8 inches
    4. January 1987: 46.8 inches
    5. January 2015: 46.5 inches

    Worcester has now chalked up a top 10 snowiest seasons.

    1. 1995-1996: 132.9 inches
    2. 1992-1993: 120.1 inches
    3. 2004-2005: 114.3 inches
    4. 2002-2003: 111.8 inches
    5. 2012-2013: 108.9 inches
    6. 1960-1961: 104.3 inches
    7. 2014-2015: 103 inches
    8. 1993-1994: 100.2 inches
    9. 1971-1972: 99.3 inches
    10. 1957-1958: 97.5 inches
    Portland, Maine

    Winter Storm Juno in late January was a top-five snowstorm for Portland.

    1. Feb. 8-9, 2013 (Nemo): 31.9 inches
    2. Jan. 17-18, 1979: 27.1 inches
    3. Feb. 17-18, 1952: 25.3 inches
    4. Jan. 27-28, 2015 (Juno): 23.8 inches
    5. Jan. 23-24, 1935: 23.3 inches

    Portland needs roughly 26 inches of snow to reach their fifth snowiest month (50.9 inches in Feb. 1893). They also need just over 23 inches to reach their 10th snowiest season (103 inches).
    Bangor, Maine

    Bangor needs just over 16 inches of snow to reach their top five snowiest months.

    1. February 1969: 58 inches
    2. January 1966: 48.4 inches
    3. December 1962: 47.5 inches
    4. January 1987: 46.7 inches
    5. December 2007: 42.3 inches

    January 2015 just missed the top five, with 41.8 inches.

    Bangor should easily vault into their top five snowiest seasons, currently sitting at 100.5 inches through February 15.

    1. 1962-1963: 181.9 inches
    2. 1970-1971: 119.7 inches
    3. 2010-2011: 115.1 inches
    4. 1968-1969: 114.4 inches
    5. 1965-1966: 101.1 inches

    Bangor may near its all-time record snow depth (snow that’s on the ground at any one time) of 53 inches from Feb. 27 – Mar. 1, 1969.

    Bangor and other Downeast Maine locations set several 7-to-10 day snowstorm records from late January to early February.

    (MORE: Full writeup from NWS-Caribou, Maine)

    One of those Downeast Maine locations, Eastport, has picked up over 100 inches of snow since January 24.
    MORE ON WEATHER.COM: Winter Storm Neptune Photos

  9. Ya, I’m in the middle of all of that snow. It’s all fun & games, until you are on the back side of the shovel or your roof collapses. Plenty of THAT happening.

    • Here too. This is why the heavy metals aluminum barium add the weight to the density of the snowfall. Some things are so obvious they are beyond confirmation.

      If you have shoveled snow for years you know its two to three times as heavy now.

      • I’ve been shoveling for years too and what they are calling light fluffy snow is quite heavy. More on the way tonight & the weekend woo hoo…….NOT.
        But, we got chem trail sun today. Everybody is sick, and keeps getting it over and over. I had it 3 days & kicked it to the curb!

        Magic potion 😉 5000 mg vitamin D, zinc, echinacea, elderberry syrup & Source Naturals Wellness formula. Plus a bulb of garlic at each meal. It works, if anybody needs to get well….BE WELL.

  10. Update:

    “The week’s record-breaking cold is courtesy of a plume of not just Arctic, but Siberian air that has been trudging across the North Pole and into North America.

    NOAA’s Weather Prediction Center cautions of continued, dangerous cold on Friday morning, courtesy of the polar vortex. “There are indications that this could be some of the coldest weather since the mid-1990s for parts of the Southeast U.S., Mid-Atlantic, and central Appalachians,” it wrote in a morning forecast update. “An eddy of the polar vortex will add to the potency of the surface cold front, thus creating a deep layer of bitterly cold air.”

    Contrast this warning with the above-average temperatures in the West, where record highs are falling. On the north slope of Alaska, temperatures were running an astonishing 40 degrees above average on Thursday morning”.

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