Posted by: Puddy Dunne | February 12, 2015

Bob Simon: Gone in 60 minutes

Could this be a Mossad hit?

Bob Simon

CBS News correspondent Bob Simon tragically killed in auto crash in New York aged 73

America’s 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon was killed in car crash in New York City on Wednesday evening.

Simon, who was based in London as CBS’s chief correspondent, was in a cab that was rear-ended by a Mercedes-Benz being driven by a 23-year-old man, which sent the car clamming into the central reservation.

The award-winning reporter, 73, was unconscious with head and torso injuries when he was rushed to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital in the city and was later pronounced dead.

imon was sat in the backseat of the cab and travelling on New York’s West Side Highway at about 6.45pm on Wednesday when the crash happened.

The car slammed into the back of another vehicle and crashed into barriers separating north and southbound traffic, the New York Police Department confirmed.

The livery cab driver was rushed to a different hospital with injuries to his legs and arms and police are now investigating the accident while no arrests have been made.

The 44-year-old Lincoln driver – identified as Reshad Abdul Fedahi – was treated by first responders for a possible heart attack, according to police sources. He also had two broken legs, a busted right arm and tested negative for booze, law enforcement sources said.

It was not clear if Fedahi actually suffered a heart attack, nor was it immediately clear if he was stricken before or after the crash.

His car was owned by Travez Transportation Inc., based in Long Island City.

Fedahi had two moving violations and nine cleared suspensions on his record.

Both the Lincoln and Mercedes were covered by insurance.

Cops said Simon’s driver also suffered two broken legs and a broken arm. He, too, was taken to Roosevelt, where he was listed in stable condition.

Simon, who lived on the Upper West Side, was traveling downtown to attend a seminar, source said.

(AP Photo/Evan Agostini, File) (THE ASSOCIATED PRESS)

REAR ENDED????????????????

I don’t think so

  • Name

  • Identification number:


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    OCTOBER 19, 2009

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    Bob Simon Dies in Car Crash — Award-Winner Stoked Israel Controversy on ’60 Minutes’



I can’t find any Steven Lazo. This stinks to high heaven and has all the makings of a MK-Delta trigger, Microwave assault weapons, the usual suspects and of course the new technology of taking over remote control of a vehicle. NTSB and local NY Zionist inspectors will be handling the scene and investigation. The Mercedes driver 23, has yet to be identified but  was likely a victim of the event.  As usual the press does not release the name and will sequester or threaten him if needed not to talk to independent investigators. I wonder what he did see that could confirm this bizarre losing control of a vehicle.

Let’s all enjoy the Lincoln Towncar and Interstellar man

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  1. I live in the VORTEX so…………

    WordPress has informed me “Congratulations! You published your 911th post on this blog!”

    I have hit the mark and the 911 mile marker andnow Bob Simon is a victim of 911 Truth.

  2. Wow, 911 huh?

    His car does not look rear ended at all! As with every high profile death, I never believe what the news has to say.
    Speaking of 9/11, I just saw this today: (sorry, don’t know how to link through wordpress)

    Is there any truth to this? Any relationship to Bob Simon? The plot thickens!!

    • Thanks NA. That’s noteworthy though unlikely as it is in my opinion, the vigilant guardian exercises were the means to cloak satellite and radar jamming was likely chemtrailed andf HAARPed that day.

      I assume this but cannot prove it. The weather vortex that occurred of newfoundland was suspect. It can only be known if we take them down and they are actively going after Sandy Hook truthers, no telling what they will do to 911 truthers. It’s getting very hot in cold city and I suspect this may be a bluff or VT psyops.

      It’s compelling though. Imagine how many sheeple would not accept it under any evidentiary or disclosure.

  3. Is it possible for you to put a link or button at the top of your website for Pintrest?

    • Hi Michelle,

      I added Pinterest. Thank you for your request.

  4. Yeah, its obvious that there was no “rear-end” collision. I wonder why They would promulgate such an easy to debunk, and visually disprovable “story”?

    Puddy’s inklings in his update thread above this one is probably getting closer to the Truth.

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