Posted by: boomerangcomesback | February 11, 2015

Conspicuous Consumption on “Steroids” in the Hamptons

Ira Rennert's $248 Million Hampton's Mansion

Ira Rennert’s $248 Million Hampton’s Mansion

Photo of Ira Rennert -- a "Taker".

Photo of Ira Rennert — a “Taker”.

Read the story here: .

For a heaping helping of sordid dealings and “DIRT” on this Tribe Member, please read

He also had $200 Million invested with Bernie Madoff (Birds of a Feather?) (Scroll down a couple inches to find his name and investment amount listed).

Disgusting and immoral displays of self-aggrandizement such as this example should be appropriated by The People, and turned into examples/”Greed” theme parks where folks can tour the grounds, and be astonished at the hubris and waste of a certain class of creatures. All over America, and the World exist such monuments to “SELF”. Materialism is not benign, it is a cancerous disease.

Ask, “What is the lost Opportunity Cost of such Waste?”. What Good could have been done in the world with the funds squandered in this manner…



  1. This guy is trying to impress the Koch Bros. It looks like he has succeeded. The compound is where he needs to stay as the Peruvians and Americans want his hide.

    Fill him full of lead? Seems appropriate.

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