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The Devil Wears Fly-Ash

Chemtrails are COAL ASH


Synthesis of multiwalled carbon nanotubes on fly ash derived catalysts.


Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are an allotrope of carbon with unique properties that make them potentially useful in a vast range of applications. However, CNTs are predominantly produced using expensive and/or nonrecyclable catalyst supports, e.g., mesoporous silica and alumina. In this work, coalcombustion fly ash, a bulk waste product with limited uses, was impregnated with iron nitrate and successfully used as a substrate to produce industrial grade multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) by fluidized bed chemical vapor deposition. CNTs were analyzed using thermogravimetric analysis, Raman spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. The most successful catalyst trialed at 650 degrees C using ethylene as a carbon source was a 5 wt % Fe fly ash catalyst, which produced a CNT yield in respect to metal loading of approximately 82.5%. The MWNTs had outer diameters of between 12 and 20 nm with a reasonable degree of wall graphitization (I(G)/I(D) of 1.17). Advantages of utilizing fly ash as a catalyst support are its availability at low cost at the megaton scale, its high thermal stability, and suitability for use in industrial fluidized bed reactors. Potential applications for the fly ash produced CNTs include use in composite materials.

Global Carbon Nanotubes Market 2015-2019

About Carbon Nanotubes
Carbon nanotubes are cylinder-shaped graphite sheets. They may consist of a single layer (SWCNTs) or many layers (MWCNTs). They have high thermal and electrical conductivity and are utilized in a wide variety of applications. Some high growth applications of carbon nanotubes are in electronic devices, electrochemical sensors and biosensors, transistors, lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries, hydrogen storage cells, cathode ray tubes, electrostatic discharge protection and electrical shielding applications.

We can understand why the Obama NWO Climate Hoaxers want a REDUCTION in carbon emissions. COTO knows that they are dumping more carbon from the heavens attached to carbon nanohorns and tuber fullerenes. I have written a hundred pieces on nano-chem technology and how the nanocarbs are the taxi’s for all things NWO. This includes PHrma and organic pathogens, fungi and mold as well as heavy metals aluminum, barium, strontium  and possible radioactive elements. It covers all the HAARP, RADAR RF chaff surveillance and the soft-kill enterprises for soil, water and human contamination programs. The nano chip  technology can include circuits and robotics as well. It’s the everything vector host. It’s ironic that carbon is killing us.  Another example of the “in your face truth” with the propaganda spin.

It should not be overlooked in my explanation of the TRIAD that the financial gains of the NEW CARBON ECONOMY is loaded with the market of death redistribution. Carbon Market analysis sees growth in continued chemtrail and ENMOD based programs and strategic sectors like the AGRI conglomerates Monsanto, Cargill, Archer Daniels. Nobody but the 1% will survive in business under the TPP Trade Transition. The patents, technology and financing have the .inside track.  Investors will be forced to take part in the Market of the Beast. It’s operated on fear and survival and those who can watch the death of millions while making a buck can expect to get their dividends now but their just desserts later.

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  1. Why did Warren Buffet buy a railroad and why does he fund the lobby against the Keystone XL Pipeline? COTO knows.

    This guy missed the boat but he’s almost there.

  2. What pisses me off most are the people who make fun of us…..they act superior and cackle at our expense, making jokes about tinfoil hats. The sad part is that they are all just fools who are helping with the whole agenda. I understand there is a group of evil beings who are against us, but these common idiots are allowing everything to happen, and then making fun of us when we try to warn them. I hate them as much as the evil ones.

    I was trying to find info about chemtrails when I came across some stupid site called The Vane. All they do is make fun of people who believe in chemtrails, especially those in Shasta County CA who are trying to do something about it. Has it always been this way–the love for authority blinds most people into trusting the authority and turning on each other? If you dare question vaccines, chemtrails, or anything else the government is part of, you’ll be attacked by your own fellow citizens.

    I’m sick of it! How do you stand it, you who have been awake and aware for so many years? Is it getting worse now, or was it always this bad? What about the moronic public? Even the brightest minds are somehow in a trance! I almost cannot stand it, and I know the worst is yet to come. So, while I continue to eat healthy, garden, not vaccinate and take drugs, learn, etc. the world continues to degrade all around. As hard as it is to ignore, it seems the people are that much more entranced. As the lies become crazier, the people find new ways to believe them. So, this is how the world became upside down and backwards I guess. Little by little, things turned around, to the point where up is down, wrong is right, and smart is stupid.

    “In a mad world, only the mad are sane.” Isn’t that the truth!

    • I hope you begin to empower yourself by this kind of marginalization and ridicule, NA. You see at this point that they cannot counter the evidence any longer. They have nowhere to retreat to except ridicule and egotistical arrogance. I get off on that. They are without an argument.

      The same with anti-vax attacks. They are relegated to threats of jail and murder charges because even 60 minutes blasted the swine flu vax years ago and the CDC whistleblowers cannot be buried. The CDC’s own info says it all.

      The Measles Outbreak happened at Disneyland. Need we say anything else? This was biological attack perpetrated by the DISNEY and globalist committee for Agenda 21 deadlines. Let’s face the facts shall we? How obvious was high profile eugenicist and psyop group like Disney to make this happen?

      If we don’t take the vaccines we will get vaccinated through PhRMA meds or shemtrails or GMO. If that does not work they will find a ENMOD HAARP created event or False Flag to take a large swaths of the population out.

      We could see a pandemic and be faced with taking their cocktails vaccination or possibly die. I have no problem with that. The war on Religion is such to have us believe that some other force is controlling the universe and that they represent the ONE PATRON and God to the people. They just can’t sell it except to the weakest of beings. Those are the ones huddled up in that “VAIN” cluster.

      I just bounced over the Grammy’s for a second and saw AC-DC Illuminati relics singing Highway to Hell and the crowd was giving the hook em; horns sign and wearing their little red horns on the head. So pathetic, I just had to laugh watching 30-50 year olds acting like fools. Really sad but I just get more powerful over this tripe.

      Stay strong sister.

      • Thanks for the encouragement. It stresses me out, and I do want to strangle these snotty know-it-alls. They know nothing! Nobody has troubled me over my kids’ vaccine status YET, but I guess I’m just worried about when the time comes. Even had a nightmare about it.
        Oh, and the outbreak at Disney raised some alarm bells for sure. That did not go by unnoticed!

        I see the war on religion. They want people to think there is nothing to believe in, because that way they can deny that evil forces exist. Or worse, people will buy in to the Satanic worship like we see now with the Illuminati popular culture. Either people will think evil is not real, or they will embrace it with open arms. Both are dangerous!

        • Yeah, deny the evil forces but raise their status to GOD-like statehood. Fear and loathing and social engineering are working very well for them. I think it’s best to get to know your neighbors again. It is a real awakening and can be a blessing or a real scary reality check.


    A JPMorgan associate and his wife were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide inside thA JPMorgan Chase associate and his wife were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide in Closter, New Jersey on Friday evening.

    Read more: New Jersey home

  4. FACT CHECK: What happens if Homeland Security shuts down?–Congress-Homeland-Fact%20Check/id-6d5f66f0b012474bb4e6ef7440fc1007

    Oh Shit! We will have to grope ourselves!

  5. Grope ourselves…………I’m ok with that! LOL

    • Ha! That is what they are teaching the kids in third grade now. It’s a coup for the corpo-government pedophiles who send children to the land of the lost milk cartons.

      It’s time for a reckoning because I reckon time is running out.

      This shit makes me insane

      Feb 8 2015

  6. Breaking: New Climate Data Rigging Scandal Rocks US Government”

    A rather GLARING F*CK UP!

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