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War Criminals Called to Advise Senate (WTF?!), Then McCain Calls Protestors “Low Life Scum”! (sic)


YOU WOULD BE WRONG! Does this tell you anything about “Who?” is large and in-charge?

“YouTube Video brought to you by C-Span, the Citizens’ “War Criminal” channel (sic).  Affiliates — CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, and others where War Criminals are interviewed “Live” (amazingly), and released walking, talking, and drooling back into free public space where they can continue their specialties…”

For embedded Links to the following article by Shephard Ambellas, go to the link below:

Kissinger schooled by protestors, threatened with arrest, McCain apologizes for ‘disgraceful behavior’
January 29, 2015 6:34 pm EST

A TWO-FER HERE! With Madeleine Albright & George Shultz — A 4 PACK!

Code Pink threatens to arrest war criminal Henry Kissinger in spectacle raising awareness.

WATCH THIS VIDEO TO SEE ANCIENT WAR CRIMINALS ACCUSED! Where’s George Bush, Snr. and the rest of em?

By Shepard Ambellas

WASHINGTON D.C. (INTELLIHUB) — The Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee John McCain called protestors from the group Code Pink “low life scum” after they wanted to “arrest Henry Kissinger for war crimes” in front of the committee before it convened.

To no surprise McCain himself is a traitor to the country as he does not recognize the “distinguished” Henry Kissinger as a war criminal, rather calling for the arrest of the protestors.

“Can I ask our Capitol police to help restore order here”, McCain said over the open mic.
All of this took place as Kissinger, the troll beast himself, was sitting down awaiting for the committee to apologize, as the capital pocket monkey McCain did on their behalf.

“Dr. Kissinger I hope on behalf of all of the members of this committee on both sides of the aisle, in fact from all of my colleagues I would like to apologize for allowing such disgraceful behavior towards a man who served this country with the greatest distinction. I apologize profusely.”, McCain groveled in shame.

About the author:
Shepard Ambellas is the founder, editor-in-chief of Intellihub News and the maker of SHADE the Motion Picture. You can also find him on Twitter and Facebook. Shepard also appears on the Travel Channel series America Declassified. You can also listen to him on Coast To Coast AM with hosts, both, George Noory on “Chemtrails” and John B. Wells on the “Alternative Media Special“. Shepard Ambellas has also been featured on the Drudge Report, the largest news website in the entire world, for his provocative coverage of the Bilderberg Group.
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Who ELSE was at this meeting seen on Youtube?
“A Senate hearing opened this morning with Code Pink protesters trying to arrest former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger for “war crimes.”

The protesters, bearing signs reading “Kissinger War Criminal” and “Cambodia,” rushed up behind the 91-year-old diplomat at the witness table of the Senate Armed Services Committee, which was holding a hearing on global challenges and the U.S. national security strategy.

Also testifying were 94-year-old former Secretary of State George P. Shultz and 77-year-old former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. (Both War Crime Status “Winners” — Especially Albright, famous for her quote regarding the 500,000 deaths of CHILDREN starved to death in Iraq by George Bush, Snr.’s “Sanctions”.
“President Nixon and Mr. Kissinger unleashed 100,000 tons of bombs, the equivalent of 5 Hiroshimas. (More ordnance than all combined was dropped in WWII!)

The bombing was their personal decision; they illegally and secretly, they bombed Cambodia, a neutral country, back to the Stone Age.

And I mean Stone Age in its’ literal sense”.

Activist Post weighs in on this “War Criminal” Show:



  1. Some interesting figures and other observations in the following two book reviews. Just scan down through them:

    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

    By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

  2. People have short memories and those younger no real education. The die off has begun. No more will grandpa tell his grandson the truth. And if he does NAMES will surely kill him or at least land him in jail.

    No one knows more about the KISS of death than this old fart. His lust for power was unprecedented. . McCain, the Manchurian must have had some serious gambling debts to payoff. I hope he loses a bundle on Syria, Iraq and New England.

    ”If you control the food supply, you control the people” – Henry Kissinger

    Luke said he had dribbled food on himself while chowing down. Guess he couldn’t control the food. 🙂

  3. “Getting Down And Dirty” by James Kirwan.

    “The world is finally waking up to the facts behind the current failure of everything coming from the globally-criminal banks who are still stealing everything, which their owners are demanding, while they call that “the only way to proceed to insure the global-future.”

    The truth, as always, waits in exactly the opposite direction.

    The world could arrest the bankers and their owners worldwide, reset the global debt, and use whatever is seized to make the dying populations whole again. Why have we not chosen to force this to happen?

    Code Pink made a start on this yesterday when they publicly confronted Henry Kissinger who has been a war-criminal for his entire adult life, and he’s in his nineties now.

    If they can do this, then the world can definitely do much, much more against everyone including John McCain, Obamanation, Cheney, Brzezinski, and the whole boat-load of war criminals that have run this Israeli-War-Crime into the stone-walls of negated-responsibilities which is where we are today.

    If Code Pink can do what they did, yesterday, then an awakened American Public could do far more than we have to date.

    Arrest Henry Kissinger for War Crimes protestors say

    The ‘commenting-public’ around the world, has got to do more than just watch and comment—especially now that everything in reality is pointing directly at either total collapse or WWIII.

    The news “SHOWS” must begin to base their programs upon the fact that we are in this global war because for far too long people have not chosen to call events by their real names, just as we continue to let war-criminals and those who prosecute Genocides around the planet, to remain as our pretend leaders, when the truth is far too ugly to bear.

    Billions have died because the people in the West have been blasé about ‘the news’. If those who oppose the criminal media were to become active again and tell the world the truth behind the Piñata that the world has decided to embrace as their private chance to reap trillions—then much of this will change and with a real RESET: Then the global-criminality that has been in place since the end of WWII could finally begin to physically fall apart!”

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