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Greece Election May De-stabilize World Markets — How Will That Affect YOU?

This is a good article to help you understand the important implications of what “has” happened in the equity markets (banking/finance/ponzi schemes/derivatives gaming shams), and what “just happened” this last week —

Now that Greece is putting in a Socialist this may well herald their repudiation of IMF debt financing slavery. What can that mean to the Euro, and by extension all the other countries’ currencies?

“Greek leftist leader Tsipras claims victory over austerity”

“The prospect of an anti-bailout government coming to power in Greece has revived fears of a bankruptcy that could reverberate across the eurozone, send shockwaves through global markets and undermine the euro, the currency shared by 19 European countries”.


A “clearing of the decks” has been happening for quite some time with 36+ suspicious “Banker’s Deaths” occurring in disparate country’s around the world. Have they all caught the “fatal flu” or something, or is banking and high finance just so depressing (with their outsized salaries, stocks, perks, and yearly bonuses in the millions of dollar$) that all of these insiders decided to off themselves? Not likely.

What’s it mean to the lumpen folks, Ole Joe & Joy Working Class stiffs, millions of unemployed, and elderly fixed income types? Not good. The upper middle class on down has had their capital assets Used Up in the last number of years just trying to stay afloat with a roof over their head.

It is my opinion that one important fact can be extrapolated from watching the “Big Money Games” from the grandstands — The “Administrators” who fancy themselves publicly as “do-gooders”, “world improvers”, “royalty/elites/VIP’s”, etc., are responsible directly for the “Failed Policies”, the graft and grifting, the lack of accountability for gross crimes of finance and war-making We-the-People have been witness to over the years. THEY are the instigators of chaos and instability at every level of society. THEY are grotesque FAILURES at providing populations anything resembling “safety and security”, robust economies, and a better more peaceful world.

Saying that, They are the cause of the “Misery of the Masses”, offering zero solutions. They can take Their wars, surveillance states, militarized police, illegal legislation, overseer agencies and de-humanizing “security procedures”, putrid policies and propaganda — and shove it up their collective arses! Davos attendees — this means YOU! The World stands Witness to their destructive machinations. Their deeds and results stand in stark contrast to Their rhetoric and promises. If any person cannot see this, then they are blind, deaf, and dumb. Woe to those who listen to and admire this criminal class!

The Dominoes are Falling



  1. Great info.

    You can’t miss the markers here. ‘Get him to the Greek’ was a priority. The Swiss position was unknown to me, but it is DAVOS where the bankers should continue the death sacrifices. Unfortunately QE infinity was meant to say “until otherwise discontinued once the objective is reached”

    Gold positions in China and Russia add to the shorts the criminals manipulated to billions of dollars. 1,500 Tons of Gold in Swiss Vote rigging failed and they must be daft or the vote was a rigging. Russia must be expecting CHINA to do the thing that is necessary to keep them out of a serious recession. I see the DAVOS and an emergency meeting later to decide on the event for Spring. QE will not solve the eurozone economy, nor the TTIP. This requires a real black swan.

    They want their cake and eat it too. Keep the printing press going or knock off bigger chunks of the derivatives. A good war is a great stabilizer and QE5 is human quantitative easing. We’ll see if the neutral Swiss remain neutral much longer. Too late to kill Strauss-Kahn, but not to send a message. PM hikes are tremors but I expect an large earthquake in China and agree Japan could see the yen tsunami. Asia is war and it is time to raise the bar a bit.

    Meanwhile we can see the same vortex HAARPing in the Atlantic that we saw on 911. The cyclonic storm of new year. MAssive manipulation will bring the Blizzard to the seaboard and me thinks a nice blackout would go a long way towards the goal of the carbon economy which as we know is the agenda. (21)

    If the EYE-SYS team is feeling particularly frisky we will see Obama’s “double down” in play here. and we get the whammy in succession.

    Snow of ‘potentially historic’ proportions aims for Northeastern US
    You can view the NWO crew of media Climate Scammers from CNBC to CNN, the Blaze and the criminal WEATHER CHANNEL psyop team buzzing the historic meme. Simple endothermic heating, jet stream and the rain inducing chemtrailing all last year has the moisture levels at peaks. Now they create the northern counter pole vortex in the atlantic and hope they don’t actually create a tornado. Temperature shifts are perfect. Juno the goddess of the sky.

    Iuno [3-9-6] vortex

  2. Obama gets a message from Sion.

    Device, possibly aerial drone, found on White House grounds

  3. Payola: Obama Announces $4 Billion in India Investment in Climate-Gate swindle

    SOLYNDRA revisited?

  4. PUTIN and NATO
    Would Putin Challenge?
    I predict tragic events for Belarus (BRICS and Drones Predictions 2015)

    Plant the seeds and little green men will crop up.

    Belarus has published a new version of the law “On martial law.” The document is revised after the invasion of Russia in Ukraine will enter into force on 1 February 2015

    These little green men mean business


    • An “exercise”, read “drill” on Tuesday 27th over Phoenix, AZ by Norad jets. Interesting. It is fact, from friends in Phnx, that Saturday was a clear blue sky day. Mass chemtrailing on Sunday 25h (Pro-Bowl day held there locally), and chemtrailing on Monday 26th with what appears to be a “marine” layer over Phnx and good chance of rain (of course) . Read — Geo /engineering/Modifications being conducted in the area beginning Sunday 1-25-15.

      That “air power” is required in the Phoenix area for the Super Bowl is interesting. Could a Triad of Super Proportions be slated for the Event? The Day of the Super Bowl being 2-01-2015 = 11, in “Phoenix” the Big Bird rising from the ashes, with “drills” being performed ahead of the “Big Game” XLIX #6396? Hope not.

      • We have discussed the Phoenix Rising from the ashes and Arizona fits. Jersey Girl liked AZ as a spot while I was more directed to Las Vegas.

        Sun Devils or Grease Devils we just don’t know the where and when but I wake every day expecting 811.

        • Confirmation from locals that “heavy” military equipment is being transported and offloaded in the Phoenix area pre-Super Bowl. Possibly by train and/or truck.

          Response from a local on being informed that tomorrow, Tuesday the 27th would feature F16’s and military helicopters doing drills over their area and possibly home: “Oh, Good!” Her understanding is that Super Bowl type events “always” feature heavy military/police presence and often “air power” shows. It is interesting to note that some people are comforted by these extreme forms of “providing security” while conspiracy-minded individuals are put on edge, knowing what they know about the relationship between “drills”, police/military presence and False Flags. Of course, the “Oh,Good!” individual would ask, “What’s a False Flag?”.

          My thinking is, this Super Bowl is such a high profile event generating Super Wagering & Big Dollar payoffs, that a F.F. would not be “allowed” because there is too much money to make for the “insiders”. That’s my bet. Of course a cabal that profits off of their investments in police state/MIC products and services, infrastructure rebuilding (contracting), and whom looks to benefit from future legislation, martial law, and increased surveillance powers might override the common sense of my bet…

          None-the-less, COTO and many Americans are Always expecting the next major F.F., which would of course be proven as such with ease as have been the former F.F.’s. It is not “safe” for TPTB to try another major F.F. in Amerika. Blame will flow to the current administration and the “powers” behind it for Not preventing the event (what with NDAA & Patriot Act hanging on by a tenuous thread above the legitimate Constitution and Bill of Rights). What good are TPTB’s facade of providing security and safety for the masses with draconian legislation, when They can’t defend the country? Or the borders, or the economy? They will be seen for what They are — Useless parasites on the rumps of the teeming masses.

  6. ANOTHER DEAD BANKER BOOMER? (and a biggy)

    This is the derivative scheme. Mending the fence to keep the zebras safe.

    Who is killing the great bankers of Europe?

  7. Greek F16 fighter jet crashes at Albacete airbase in central Spain

    bombs may drop later……..

  8. Readers should note that on Sunday, financial writers were talking about Buying PMs — gold, silver, because of the current fiat currencies environmental picture. However, Today, Monday, we see that both gold and silver have fallen off (wings clipped?) surprisingly. And, as reflects in various articles, this flies in the face of what investors might have expected by reading the chicken feet and feathers over the weekend. Kitco also notes the “Strong Dollar” (WTF?!). Investing in rigged markets is for the birds, and especially the “insiders”. The only prudent move is to buy and hold PM’s for the long haul, waiting for the fiat paper to eventually implode, as fictions have a shelf life.

  9. It was moving pretty good until CAP moved 600+ Definite rigging. The “Access All Areas” cannot continue. They will defeat their purpose. Salman may not want to play the game. He may be the shortest ruler yet.

    No doubt the ENMOD event in NE will boost the dollar. Chaos always brings some spark to the currency.

  10. Opec chief says oil prices could soon rebound
    Russia downgraded to ‘junk’ by S&P
    Syriza moves fast to cement anti-bailout coalition
    Tokyo leads Asian rally, Nikkei up 1.2%
    Wall St intends to open on Tuesday despite snow

    It’s a good day for the grease devils

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