Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 18, 2015


Boomerang posted a great piece with the Economist 2015 prediction cover. He referred to the Vigilant Citizen article posted earlier on their website.  It  has tickled my interest just as the Kryptos Codex and so I have offered some expanded possibilities in the montage cover.

From VG



“One side of the globe gazes stoically towards the West while the other side appears irate. Does this represent a confrontation between the East and the West? The cover features a few other symbols referring to the “rise of the East”. What’s more unsettling is that, immediately under that angry globe, are pictured a mushroom cloud (the kind that happens after a nuclear bomb goes off) and a spy satellite launching into space.”

ISIS is the TPP and I see it interesting that the mouth divides Australia? The nuclear representation sits under it. The desolate outback would make a fine place to run the scenario for a gamma 911.

Many of us NASA deniers believe the ISS is merely a toolbox and garage for EARTHRAKER, the secret ENMOD and vortex energy weapons based station that will be instrumental in Project bluebeam. It’s conceivable to be capable of energy beyond the sum of all nuclear devices ever tested. The symbolic representation of the NWO technocracy is no better depicted than on this layer.



The university is divided into four faculties which are then subdivided into departments:

Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries and Education
Department of Arts and Cultural Industries
School of Art and Design
Department of Education
School of Film and Journalism
Bristol School of Animation (Affiliated School)
Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (Associate School)
Faculty of Business and Law
Bristol Business School
Bristol Law School
Faculty of Environment and Technology (incorporating Bristol Institute of Technology)
Department of Architecture and the Built Environment
Department of Computer Science and Creative Technologies
Department of Engineering Design and Mathematics
Department of Geography and Environmental Management
Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences
Department of Allied Health Professions
Department of Biological, Biomedical and Analytical Sciences
Department of Health and Social Sciences
Department of Nursing and Midwifery


Contents [hide]
1 History
2 UK operations
2.1 UK state security
2.2 Transport
2.3 Science
2.4 Prisons and justice
2.5 Defence
2.6 Aviation
2.7 Health in the UK
2.8 Education
2.9 Leisure
2.10 Information technology
2.11 Waste
3 Outside the UK
3.1 Drivers’ licensing
3.2 Health in the United States
3.3 Prisons and justice
3.4 Transport
4 References
5 External links



Cover of 2015 Rothchild-Owned publication "The Economist"

Cover of 2015 Rothchild-Owned publication “The Economist”


Click for large View

“Among those in black in white are Putin, Merkel, Obama, Hilary Clinton and David Cameron. Among those in color are David Blaine, a young person holding a “Singapore” banner (Singapore is the host of the 2015 SEA games) and a random guy wearing virtual reality equipment. A quick compilation of this data reveals that those in black and white appear to be part of the elite (including the ISIS guy who probably works for them) and those in color are “outsiders”. Is this how the elite perceives the world?”

It is important to me to note the red ties on Putin and Obama. My theory is as posted before, that Obama and Putin are key collaborators in the 811 event. The WOT may focus on radical Islam but as we know it’s just a Hebdo of staged and phony manifestation and manipulations. Prophesy and history are too clear on this matter and it’s Gog and MaGog. From Rep. Dr.Larry McDonald came the most important period of time. The Challenger shoot down, KAL007 Korea, John Birch-New World Order and the Communist fall of Russia. The scalar weapons and Teslas discoveries were in the hands of Kremlin and soon to be in the hands of ISIS.


There is something very obvious here. I have posted much on the MALAISE and almost coined it for the Malaysian Airline events. I see no other writer or pundit connecting ISIS to the TPP and the Asian transformation.  If you look at the World Pic above, Malaysia and Indonesia are in the mouth of the “Angry Sea.” See? What Climate Change, the Carbon Economy and Asia have in common in Agenda 21 is consumerism and depopulation. Enough said there. Useless eaters are present in huge numbers depicted in AFRICOM west and ASIA right and I have focused more postings on the “flying economy” and “AfriCON” than I care to count.


What connects the ISIS to the Trade War of Agenda 21?  It’s not easy to see here, is it? This arm comes from somewhere but we can’t tell. Though we see the beheader in the back and the “Fiscal Ebola” two armed Military figure, this loose arm has a glove with the black hand under the white. Is that a KKK depiction of the Islamic and race war coming? Is it a representation of a global war on religious, ethnic and color.

Beware the term Pluralism, for it’s the key to the end of your faith and the transition to the socio-scientific order for your future. (Please note the green AG21 leaf or tassel hanging from the AK-47)



The Vigilant Citizen has covered well the DISNEY CONSPIRACY as have we all.

“The presence of the Pied Piper on this 2015-themed cover is downright unsettling. The Pied Piper of Hamelin is a German legend about a man who used his magical flute to lure away the children of the city of Hamelin, never to be seen again.”


—–pied piper? I agree (cryptic for all Gods children) but look closer……………Who are the clowns? Are we immuned?

We can decipher AGENDA 21, depopulation, immunity and the transformation of a society to one vastly different from what we are accustomed to now. Vaccines, protein synthesis, GMO and chemtrails aside the biological agenda of a sterilized race with selective breeding has littered the libraries of the eugenicists for centuries. Make no mistake the importance of the clownfish nestled under the Pied Piper.

In popular culture[edit]
In Disney/Pixar’s 2003 film Finding Nemo, the main character is a clownfish. The species depicted in the film is A. ocellaris.[4] It will also appear in the upcoming sequel Finding Dory.

In a group of clownfish, there is a strict dominance hierarchy. The largest and most aggressive female is found at the top. Only two clownfish, a male and a female, in a group reproduce through external fertilization. Clownfish are sequential hermaphrodites, meaning that they develop into males first, and when they mature, they become females. If the female clownfish is removed from the group, such as by death, one of the largest and most dominant males will become a female. The remaining males will move up a rank in the hierarchy.

Clownfish are omnivorous and can feed on undigested food from their host anemones, and the fecal matter from the clownfish provides nutrients to the sea anemone.


“Right under the Pied Piper we see a young boy with dumbfounded look on his face. He is watching a game called “Panic”. The words “Federal Reserve” and “Chi” (which probably stands for China) are on top while the words “Green light!” and “sis!” (which probably stands for “Isis!” or “Crisis!”) are at the bottom. The little boy watches as this twisted game of Plinko unfolds the same way the clueless masses watch powerlessly while various events unfold on mass media. As the name of the game states, the ultimate goal is to cause Panic around the world as crises are almost randomly generated by those who control the game. And that’s on a magazine cover owned by the Rothschilds.”

I believe the CHI is Pachinko CHINKO as the depiction represents the FED control over the economy. The early game is representation of the collapse that will be triggered on the 35th degree. This makes JAPAN the chinko and Israel the perp. It is far too cryptic and vague…

CHINKO = (3) 8 (9) 5 -11[2] (6) (if pachinko is the intent it is false flag fraud and war based on 5-11 ie. see arrows)

If the CHI is China based upon the powerful Panda CHINA who appears on steroids, then this may be the diversion explanation and meaning. I find the SIS in crISIS to 911 and 811 possible. The “GREEN LIGHT” may also be decoded in both AGENDA 21 and Financial Transition to a new currency which I call the Carbon Economy using zebranomics represented by the Panda (black and white) As for the Sumo with the Power Source, I take a meaning of a polarity shift to the TPP and Eastern economy. What was Japan post WWII is now the Asian Malay to the SUPERBOWL of technology.

TPP Bowl Africom

For those not aware of the economics of Asia and the TPP you can observe ALIBABA. My investment into EMR, Radio, WIFI, Infrared and the dangers of new frequency based weapons I have used Alibaba to secure electronics necessary to modify my testing equipment.

QI or CHI has some possibility of meaning here but it can interpreted in many ways.

8-11 = 53
The arrows 11.5 – 11.3 are a clear identifier of 8-11 done in two event cycles of the vortex. 5-11 and 3-11 which have the following properties.
A war /false flag 511 and a black swan manipulated event by some unknown causality 311. The Vigilant Citizen says;

“The lower right side of the cover features some more cryptic symbols. There’s a pile of dirt on the ground and two arrows on which are inscribed 11.5 and 11.3. Are those dates to remember? Why are they next to a pile of dirt? If you look up these figures as coordinates, they point to somewhere in Nigeria. Displaying numbers that can only be truly understood by “those in the know” is one of the occult elite’s favorite hobbies.”

I believe the 11 is always the fools number. Knowing the code is the difference between the BASE systems and that the TPTB use Base 2 (computing) (11) Octal (8) and other base systems. The binary set and radix makes it complicated to the point that one could spend a large amount of time to decode and offer many explanations and coincidentals. It could be symbolic positional locations for many GP coordinates including the City of London and Royal Observatory.  It is noted that an IP adress for is the DoD address.

Geolocation data from IP2Location (Product: DB4 updated on 11/30/2014)
IP Address Country Region City ISP United States Ohio Columbus Dod Network Information Center


Geolocation data from IPligence (Product: Max updated on 11/30/2014)
IP Address Country Region City ISP United States Ohio Columbus Dod Network Information Center
Continent Latitude Longitude Time Zone
North America 40.0994 -83.0166 EST


Base 11 systems appear in several science fiction stories: Carl Sagan’s novel Contact references a message “hidden” inside pi that is most striking in base 11, as that permits it to be displayed in binary code. Also the fictional Psychlos (in L. Ron Hubbard’s book Battlefield Earth) have a base-11 counting system but this representation could be many clues depending upon interpretations.


The Tortoise is really important not only because of it’s position in the montage but clearly the depiction for 911. Based upon the 11 vectors (lines) and nine points (toes) and symbolically the representation to lifespans, it tells me immediately the War on Terror will endure. The “grave turtle” will endure for global depopulation and the desired sustainability. The tortoise is a symbol of the Ancient Greek god, Hermes (roman: Mercury) . No better way to depict the messenger than front and center.

VG determined the arrow coordinates to Nigeria. The cultural depictions of turtles from WIKIPEDIA says;

Ijapa the tortoise (alternatively called Alabahun) is a trickster, accomplishing heroic deeds or getting into trouble in a cycle of tales told by the Yoruba of Nigeria and Benin Republic (West Africa).[5] 

Is Obama the turtle? Some think he’s Kenyan. Some like me think Botswanan. Maybe he is Nigerian but his birth in Hawaii was fiction but antipodal to Honolulu is Botswana.




Its a guess what the Fukushima ionized cloud coming out of the noodle soup is? I leave it at that.

Cloud-Climate-Cashin I have discussed the CLOUD as the surveillance code word for the CISPA Full Spectrum cover for the Mark of the Beast. The largest Redistribution of Wealth cannot be overlooked by the economists. With the Weather Wars and ENMOD weaponry as the major threat to humanity it fits well my theory on Zebranomics and the transition of human liability to carbon credits. Death is the new economy and the trade and technology used in the spectrum of ways to kill us is where the profit will proliferate.  “When Pigs Fly, We Die”



Ketupat turtle is made from a coconut leaf to appear like a turtle. It is used in a ritual to banish the ghosts in Malay traditional medicine.

A most interesting read on the symbolic meanings in culture. I recommend the time to be enlightened 


I’ll leave my judgement to the Ghost in the Machine and a Banker Holiday coming this year. It fits with CISPA and the programming to have us all in fear over the SONY – JONG event (1(6)47. The recent CENTCOM  TWITTER hoax plays well as a prelude to a grander event meant to touch the population in private parts. (hence the chinko)  Our financial freedom is doomed soon and I see no better way to move the Buy-Sell prophesy forward than some system failure due to unknown but surely staged and manipulated event.

Putin wears the shades and Obama dressed in Blue while black and white faced brings back shades of Sgt. Peppers and the Yellow Submarine which I wrote about in early stages of MI6 psyops which were created in London with the aid of Tavistock and Chatham House rules.  No more indoctrinated fools exist in the world than in the USA.


We can see the 50th Anniversary as the American – British Invasion?  Beatles at Shea Stadium and the Grateful  Dead formation. Maybe the CIA’s and MI6’s lead into the music industry for covert purposes in the MK-Ultra program.


We have seen 911 Ghost planes through Malaysia 370, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston, ISIS beheadings and Charlie Hebdo. What’s left? Operation Bluebeam, the ultimate in Holyrood Magic. From space, holographics,  the second coming, the extraterrestrials, and bits and pieces from physics and EMR bouncing about the planet.  At some point it has got to land.

Blaine’s image is out of place. Why him? With all the characters in the crISIS team and political theater group, why him? Bluebeam. Just another blue meanie in the scheme?

I have suggested possible assassination (staged of course) So is Obama waving goodbye? I have given this serious thought and still stick with my premise that there is no 2016 election.  I believe Mitt Romney will be the guide into World Order but I am not clairvoyant , just a numbers guy.

LifelineThey gave Obama a very long life line but the digital and Exif manipulators can surely dub a shorty with simple grafiti touch ups. Maybe the event itself will postpone the election and we will have Obama for 33 years like Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh. Time will tell but I see the reference to Napoleon interesting in the sense of Waterloo.  Is it cryptic for Romney? Who knows?

The hands are important. The hidden hands are critical. Napoleon hid one. So does Obama. ISIS, the black hand and Islam have a real history in Palestine but the NWO Mafia has a better one. This one belongs to the French and is the missing hand of Napoleon or the other Freemasonry Knight of Malta. The Black Hand of ISIS is decidedly European.

Black Hand
How about the Merkel-Raute?  Is there not enough Freemasonry in this montage to suit the globalists?

More than an obsessive compulsive disorder, chaos out of order rules the montage  and we are left to determine the meanings and symbolic nature of the images. I for one enjoy the theater in lieu of the NFL or TV in general.  This example has quite a bit of potential for the coming year and I hope we may all be here to appreciate the generosity of our benefactors.

A$ Driver







The British vehicle has the sterring in the right place but where is it going? The A4 licence decal says it may be on a british highway in Zone 4. Attention to detail may suggest an event and why it is behind the Indian Prime Minister’s legs may be important but it also may be convenient placement. I know that the City of London drives the entire world economy so therefore the event may be financial.

Can anyone identify the driver?


Alice 150






Yes Alice is celebrating her 150th birthday but who really isn’t celebrating an anniversary?  I suspect the illusionists are celebrating an anniversary of mind games and Royal Scams. The Cheshires smiles must be going around in the illuminati circles. Let’s show some respect and appreciation for their work.  David Blaine can take a bow as well.

The painting by Da Vinci, Portrait of an Unknown Woman is a mystery and why it sits on the pile of earth must have a ‘burial mound’ meaning.  It may depict the War on Women or the death of a Royal Lady.  I have no clue to why it was depicted as such. Any clue coto?

Likely the most interesting symbol is Snejana Onopka the Ukrainian model wearing the feathers, nest  and seven eggs headpiece from 2006. Maybe just an important recognizable image to commemorate the Ukrainian event but it must have significance for 2015.  Are they Turkey feathers and dirty bombs?  Will they come to rest in Kiev?

I have provided a link to the largest photo of the cover for those who may wish to sleuth some theories.  I found it very interesting a thank Boomer, Vigilant Citizen and Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales for keeping us informed.



  1. Puddy, COTO appreciates your breadown of this “predictive” artwork. I think that it is important to consider “Why?” this illustration was created, and “Why?” it is featured in such a prominent place as the 2015 Economist.

    No doubt, every single feature of the illustration is important to the Rothschild/secret society hierarchies. Nothing random or “art worthy” here. Surely, a road map using symbolism to convey hidden meanings to “insiders” in-the-know. One might then note that this periodical is Not going to be humanitarian oriented, but rather “speaks” for the Rothschild/elites and their twisted goals. It should jump out at readers then, to note the prominent living figures pictured, and the dead ones with their hidden historical legacies.

    I see the black hand in the white glove you noted as being Winston Churchhill’s gloved right hand in a “peace” sign. Knowing his secret society relationships, and hidden nefarious dealings with regards to the Wars of his time, the “peace” sign means the opposite of a general literal take on it. Black is white, white is black.

    Note who is wearing red. Merkel is wearing a red blouse, you pointed out Putin and Obama’s ties, Churchill’s bowtie is red, the guy to Churchill’s right has a red tie, and the woman (can’t remember her name) to his right has a pink/red scarf over her shoulders.

    I wish I knew who everybody was in this montage…?

    Note the 2 individuals not facing forward — Hillary Clinton turned and looking towards Putin, and David Cameron looking to his right towards the Indian premier, the Asian leader, or perhaps even Obama.

    Why the 4 rotor drone carrying Amazon books? “In 2013, Bezos purchased The Washington Post newspaper.[8] As of October 2014, Bezos’s personal wealth is estimated to be US$27.6 billion. “He attended Princeton University, intending to study physics, but soon returned to his love of computers and graduated summa cum laude, with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in electrical engineering and computer science. Quote from “Bezos sees Amazon employees as an expendable resource, allowing him to make rational business decisions on how to allocate capital, where another executive might let emotion and personal relationships get in the way, Stone reports in the book excerpt”. Quote from .

    He is also a member of the Bilderberg Group and attended the Swiss 2011 Bilderberg conference in St. Moritz, Switzerland.[41] He is a member of the Executive Committee of The Business Council for 2011 and 2012.[42] The Economist gave Bezos and Gregg Zehr an Innovation Award for the Amazon Kindle.[39]. He was named World’s Worst Boss by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), at their World Congress, in May 2014. In making the award Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the ITUC, said “Jeff Bezos represents the inhumanity of employers who are promoting the American corporate model…” [44]

    I just picked out the drone & Amazon book box for no apparent reason, then wiki’d and googled Bezos. It sure is interesting what you can quickly dig up on any subject with the internet. We can imagine that EVERY individual, corporate symbol, or other item pictured here will also present a fascinating history/pedigree/alliances/record of deeds…

    Why the selection of Spider Man here? There are many other fictional “super-heroes” that could have been chosen. I can postulate that a web & a spider “man” present/represent characteristics these PTB appropriate to themselves. Extend what spiders “do”, how they travel, that they will kill and consume their mates in some varieties, they have “8” legs typically, many are poisonous, they trick and trap their prey, bite them with a paralyzing bite, wrap them up in “silken” threads, then suck out their innards for a meal, and discard the carcass from their web when done feeding.

    Anyways, this is what I’ve got to offer on the illustration. I would take the odds that every single prominent figure pictured is a “spider” tied into the world-wide web of the Rothschild/secret society elites.

    • Great points. We see the drones in 3 . the kid, Putin and the Googleplex in Amazon. Plenty of reference to the total takeover of technosociety. As we watch American prosperity sink into unemployment, sinking wages and wealth redist at its peak pyramidal apex, you have to see how they just can’t stand but showcase it.

      “You didn’t build that, we fuckin did. And we enjoyed it”

  2. This still isn’t as bad as the giant horse butthole statue at Denver Airport 😉 Just kidding, it’s all bad. Why do they need to flash their gang signs? What do they gain? It can’t all be for bragging rights or for showing off an inside joke…..I do think there is much more to these hidden (or not so hidden) symbols in their work. Much thought and meaning went into this. They are undoubtedly powerful, owning and controlling everything, so why show off? If they are merely showing off, I think it detracts from their power, and makes them seem juvenile. This is why I don’t think they are showing off for the sole purpose of bragging.

    Are they showing us what they are doing, to give us fair warning of their game? So, if we see what they are doing, and still go along with it, then we are freely giving ourselves over to them? Maybe this has something to do with our free will and consent to them. This whole subject feels like a classic case of good vs. evil, they being evil, and we being the free-willed subjects who are in the position to choose.

    On the other hand, maybe that’s wrong. There are too many innocent people who have been harmed by their programs, who had no option of choice. So, maybe another explanation is that somehow, symbols and subliminal messages hold some sort of power. Maybe it is the power to influence and hypnotize, or maybe it is another type of power that we cannot explain. One thing is certain–the most powerful, influential people in the world use symbols and subliminals and they clearly work. On most people, that is!

    • I certainly subscribe to the unseen power of music, art, graphics, movies in the sense that they know how the spectrum frequency is best used in psyops and social engineering. After their forefathers robbed America it was easy to take profits and reinvest in Universities and research.

      Taking medical knowledge and coveting and sequestering advancements is a patent trade of NWO economics. Money is power but information they would take over money anyday. These covers are ‘in your face’ types but as you pointed out the blue horse on its rears on DIA property speaks just as loud.

      Someone says to you it’s to support the Denver Broncos, this indicates someone who may have some money but is sorely lacking INFORMATION.

      When I invested the laborious time to read the legal aspects of common law, admiralty and maritime jurisdiction and the basis for contracting at birth, your servitude into the system, you can hardly find fault with those who would game the system by exploiting the law. The rules are simpler than the laws. If they stay in the rules the law means nothing to them for they have not contracted to be under the UCC. They just find some dupe in Delaware. A Biden or any Joe will do.

  3. I like the “Vaccinated” header, Puddy. Timely and points out the flaw so many sheep want to ignore, as they gear up in January for their 2nd shot for themselves and their families, because that initial one was a lemon. Fools!

    Christine Lagarde weighs in for 2015 with an article: “”

    “New momentum on global trade could help unlock investment worldwide, and I am hopeful about the new Sustainable Development Goals (which will succeed the Millennium Development Goals in 2015), and about the prospects for a comprehensive climate-change agreement at the end of this year.

    Against this backdrop, the adoption of the IMF reforms by the United States Congress would send a long-overdue signal to rapidly growing emerging economies that the world counts on their voices, and their resources, to find global solutions to global problems.

    Growth, trade, development, and climate change: 2015 will be a rendezvous of important multilateral initiatives. We cannot afford to see them fail. Let us make the right choices”.

    Spoken like a true NWO plant and water-carrier.

    • Thanks Boom. I should have added a “they die” instead of ‘They Live”

      I see Lagarde as vicious and callous as Hillary. I’d rather fight Jesse Ventura than either of those biatches. They just can’t wait to get carbon credits and death panels into the deal.

  4. Ah, sorry, here’s a working link —

    Right at the very top of this page I note: “Christine Lagarde

    Christine Lagarde is Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund. She previously served as France’s finance minister from 2007-2011, and in 2009 was named by the Financial Times as the best finance minister in the eurozone”.

    Yep — Was France’s FM.

  5. Irish commenter here discussing upcoming Thursday Euro meeting with the 5 I’s, and noting 2 incidents within a week at the Chunnel:

  6. I showed this Economist cover to a graphic artist. She says that it is missing a crucial COVER page that makes it all come together & make sense. Remember, back in the day, the clear covers they used to use to show us slides on the walls with a projector that could be written on & erased? She says that there is a cover that overlays on this booklet that explains and shows what is really meant to show. The cover we see here, are what they want us to see. I think she’s on to something……nothing is as it seems any more!

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