Posted by: boomerangcomesback | January 18, 2015

If It Ducks Like a Quack, Its a Quack — A Communist POTUS?

Is the current POTUS the manifestation of a multi-generational plot to bring America to her knees?”.  While you consider this question and the implications for ALL Americans and the world, reflect on the Bush clan and Clintons as well.

What has been “the Trend” for the U.S. over this time?  Improving or imploding?  More Wars, which feed the Military Industrial Complex, or less.  Increased peace and safety for Americans or less?  More unemployment and job security or not? More “freedom” or more oppressive legislation reducing Constitutionally guaranteed rights? It is important to ask these kinds of questions , see the trends, consider the implications.




  1. For the straight talk, theres no one better than Dave Hodges. He’s well educated but plain speaking. A perfect man for the job of reaching the main stream audience of awakened.

    He has a radio show on RBN but recently moved to GCN where Alex Jones resides. Kind of in flux right now but anyone with comp/spound/internet should find his radio archives and listen. He’s #1 on radio IMO.

    I read that Boomer.

    I posted this header early in the day of Obama’s reign. Remember Gorbachev?

    When Gorby showed us his birthmarked head, * knew the Soviet threat was to be replaced by the NWO one. Those who failed history are doomed to fail in the NWO. While the dismantling of power in the east, the US was quietly corrupting the agencies that would allow the same fate for the Republic of States and every constitutional protection we had.

    I mentioned Rep. Larry McDonald in the economissed piece as the time it became imperative to act. We failed to do so and now we have what we have. I also remember the pice I did on TED K and why he never sent a bomb to anyone in the US. His manifesto was clear. There’s the key to the 50 year anniversary of the Manchurian Monarch program.

    Step by step, inch by inch, it slowly turns.

    As we move further into the black hole, we can begin to almost feel compassion for the inductees into the program. Must be shitty life even with two weeks in Hawaii

    Here’s the story of Obama for the ‘Haoles’

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