Posted by: boomerangcomesback | January 16, 2015

Charlie Hebdo Pre-Staging?

NWO Soup du Jour Recipe:

1.  Stage a terror attack.

2.  Kill the patsies, or fake the scenario.

3.  Publicize an “Official” story through the owned and corrupted mass media “channels”.

4.  Do lots of political grandstanding, deploring the obvious terrorism.

5.  Put up lots of cable channel face time and print media articles of “leaders” expressing their chagrin and fake empathy.

6.  Pass more draconian legislation curbing freedoms of the people.  Expand surveillance, control, and police powers.



  1. COTO

    1. Laugh your ass off.
    2, Wait for the official story
    3. Determine which fairy tale it resembles
    4. Connect the dots like a six year old
    5. Plan a trip to Israel to meet the the Hebdo staff
    6. Stop at a deli and get a corned beef on rye and laugh your ass off again.

    Then pray for sheeple tuning into the raids over the EU.

    Very funny Boomer. I live British humor and this guy is the best.

    I tune in occasionally to FOX’s holyrood “FIVE” to get some yucks. I love hearing them say the terror cells and busts showed the terrorists had police uniforms. NO SHIT since they are cops. They better have uniforms. How are they going to go back to work after their matinees?

    I am surprised we have not had someone find the photos of the Kouachi bros. elsewhere yet but it wouldn’t surprise me if the dead toonists didn’t board with Bibi when he returned home after his little walk.

  2. ‘Radiation hardened’ PlayStation chip guides probe to Pluto

    [The chip is the MIPS R3000 CPU; it was used in the original Sony PlayStation, which ran games from the Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid franchises.

    It is being used to control thrusters, guidance, and other systems in order to help direct the probe to Pluto. This particular chip is “radiation hardened,” Escapist magazine reported.

    While the PlayStation uses a 33 MHz R3051 CPU, the New Horizons spacecraft uses a 12 MHz Mongoose-V CPU.]

    Ha Ha!. It’s used to create the same illusion that SONY excels in. From the Moon landing hoax in 69 to the pluto ceres flyby this year, the whole NASA scam has bilked taxpayers for trillions while building EM weapons, defence surveillance and SATCOM Bluebeam opto technologies.


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