Posted by: boomerangcomesback | January 14, 2015

Global Warming Fizzles Instead of Sizzles — or, “When a Straw Man Spontaneously Combusts”

Watch, form your opinions, move on. And, consider the recent and recurring Cold Snaps. Brrrrr!

David Suzuki beclowns himself on Australian TV – Part 1

David Suzuki beclowns himself on Australian TV – Part 2

David Suzuki beclowns himself on Australian TV – Part 3

Climate Scientists Laugh at Global Warming Hysteria

Had enough of this nonsense? What do you think of Al Gore now?



  1. ALWAYS hated Al Gore. My sixth sense told me he was a liar and a thief.

  2. I concluded, after running the worst campaign since McGovern, he was made the offer of fronting the “Global Warming Hoax” and reaping wealth to step aside on the 2000 election challenge. It appears Bilderberg thought the ME Petro pipeline wars was more important at the Y2K 911 event. Now we are in 811 shifting to seven so I see how they are crafting a MITT ROMNEY win for Russia and WWIII while the Black hand of ISIS and the Joo-Joo Bee Black Hats go after the TPP and CISPA.

    We are toast America. There is no political solution, no real occu-pi grassroots or resistance. We can only hold out and draw our lines personally and pray for divine intervention. The Carbon Economy that comes with the TPP and TTIP are death panels in the derivative scheme to rid useless assets and liabilities in a trade of debt to death via the BIS, World Bank.

    Blame Russia, North Korea, Iran, Syria and operate the Soros based ISIS. Add Maurice Strong and Blood & Gore to the reinvigorated Climate Agenda 21 and you have a good recipe for revelations. I have little doubt pending an Obama event to forgo 2016, Romney wins. He’s MI6 and his french connection makes him a perfect fit for transformation to CISPA and Cyberwarfare. Bush’s FISA Patriot Act was puny compared to the scale of global trade and financial transition.

    Panama bound me thinks I is.

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