Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 12, 2015

Trade or War? Charlie Hebe-dough knows.


Launch 711 – TPP and ISS Scrubbed for Hebdo 1/6/15


APOTHEOSIS Predictions 2012

6 vortex points – 2 vectors – 1 constant

Ha Ha. The jokes on me.  NASA says it’s 2012 right now. Pluto says it, Mars says it, “Change” says it,  The Dragon confirms it..

HURRICANE CHARLIE 2004  –  911 + 3 NASA CLOCK (above)

911- begin 1993 WTC – WOT – (OPEC vs APEC) – 11 years

-end -2004

811 – ISIS – begin 2004 –  War on Trade – TPP (APEC vs OPEC) – 11 years

-end – 2015


Botswana Blues – Terror WatchBush confirms Barry Soetoro as Bilderberg #44

That would be APEC, the annual meeting of leaders from 21 (3) Pacific Rim nations, not OPEC, the cartel of 12 (3) major oil producers.

Bush confirms the vortex for 811 WOT WTO merge because the meeting was decided by Trilateral and CFR

Markers (continued) (revised date 2015)

I do not watch the sports ie. futbol as I did when I was sane but still keep the stats. The same goes for the election tournaments. Because Pittsburg, Detroit, Minnesota, Atlanta and Houston today,  San Fran next week will be out of the picture so goes Herman Cain, Michelle, Bachman, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Perry and John Huntsman. There’s magic for Massachusetts Mitt in New England and a Green Bay win would mean disaster. But they will lose and the disaster is four more years.

What about Willard Mitt Romney? He’s a Bilderberg, trained and groomed in France. France is in the news this year big time. A fatal error on my part but surely the Strauss-Kahn affair will have repercussions.  Mitt had the training and the family conversion from the Detroit Wheels to the Massachusetts Pedals. A conversion so easily interpreted that a mere hour can provide you this truth. Bill Clinton was far more difficult and convoluted and Bush’s mystery information and coverup. Obama as well was a serious mystery until late but the need for the Clinton switch more obvious now.

Romney Clinton 2016  – Bush VP ( Reagan – Bush)  Cold War – Hot War with Gog and MaGog? Names will surely kill me (nouns)

RED TEAM – BLUE TEAM and nations of the world, banded together

BRICS and Drones will break my Bones – Predictions 2015

OCCUPY (11) Charlie Hebdo (the largest occu-pi to date)

vortex 1 4 7  -2-5-8

Dallas Cowboys VS Green Bay Packers Rigged Referees Paid To Call Reversal!

The Cowboys once again find themselves at the heart of a massive officiating controversy after the zebras leaned on instant replay to overrule Romo’s fourth-down strike (7)  to Dez Bryant in the final quarter — a 31-yard rope that put Dallas at the Green Bay (1)1-yard line with under five (4) minutes to go. With the Packers nursing a 26-21 (8-3/11) lead, Rodgers and friends went on to drain the clock for the win.

However, it is being reported that officials were paid by the Green Bay Packer to overrule the touchdown by Dez Bryant. Witnesses say they the owner of the Packers say “You won’t regret it” to one of the officials, leading to believe, the Packers were going to pay the officials for changing the call. Witnesses became suspicious and reported what they saw, after the game had ended. NFL vice president of officiating, Dean Blandino, tweeted shortly after the game, “Bryant going to the ground. By rule, he must hold onto it throughout entire process of contacting the ground. He didn’t, so it is incomplete.

Zebranomics 101


In Obama’s absence, other leaders take center stage at APEC meeting 2013

OCCUPY (11) Charlie Hebdo (the largest occu-pi to date)

vortex 1 4 7  -2-5-8

Special Christmas issue Charlie Hebdo cover

The same as the NFL. Same sequence,  same diversion, same purpose. In your face deception, diversion and interference.  The Solidarity march missing Obama and Putin.  As reported Netanyahu and Abbas were not invited by request but there they are .  Now you see the example of the MSM and social engineering that there would be trouble if Joo-Joo’s Bibi and Abbas were there, placing this I/O into softsheeple brains. We know that there is no trouble from radical Islam because no administrator or committee member need fear assault or injury from the members of the terror teams that they command.   No terror on paydays and todays million march is a real coup for the walmart street, K street and elite ranks.


So you ask why Obama has been ordered by the committee to continue to play ‘Homie’ for USA transition to the failed socialist neo-liberal and welfare state financial collapse?  Vortex 147-258-369 says it as obvious as the TPP, WTO, War on Terror.  It appeals to the shift to 711 and the ongoing failure of nation states. As in the micro-NFL event which clearly was staged as some SANDY HOOK or BOSTON event where the division between the obvious and those trapped in the matrix manipulation are further polarized.  A triad has a payday but this NFL phenomenon goes deeper than simple fraud and fixing.

Who cares whether Obama shows up? I’m more worried when he plays golf. That’s when shit happens. He’s been on stand down and relegated to defense while the offense is being handled by the Blue Team.  I see Romney Bush and no Clinton unless  Obama is changed from this current mode.

Romney 2016?

Mitt Romney, after two failed presidential bids, made it quite clear there wouldn’t be a third. As recently as September, the Republican conceded, “[M]y time has come and gone. I had that opportunity. I ran, I didn’t win. Now it’s time for someone else to pick up the baton.”

The 2012 Republican presidential nominee told a small group of donors in New York City on Friday that he’s looking at a third White House bid, said Spencer Zwick, who was Romney’s finance chairman in 2012 and who attended Friday’s event.
“People ask if I really want to be president,” Romney said, according to a source in the room. “Yeah, I want to be president.”


There is always a third, whether you see it or not there is always a three. ie. 147,417,741, 471 (same for 258 and 369) and often a 333. It’s the 666 that spells doom and manipulations to date by the ruling committee and techno-admins have spared us this version.  If we expect better, then we have failed to see the system operating under the occu-pi program. Agenda 21 is working towards the big blue event but we have miles and other markers to pass before we get the final undisputable truth.  Of the many markers and events I have in these two predictions posts, the ones that stand out the most to me are;

Malaysia 370, AIRBUS (france), CISPA (Internet) ISS Space Station (EMR-EMP) TPP (WW3)

The Military movements are huge. War on Terror and World trade in a financially bankrupt system will mandate a war. I believe Russia and US are in an active EMR ENMOD weather battle and we are seeing it with record shifts in temperatures. This only plays into a triad of immediate benefits and ultimate climate change TPP Trade carbon economics when the snowjob settles.

OCCU-EVOLVE is the transformation, occu-pi the hidden 9 running three in triads and events that become so obvious that we must be concerned by those fellow brothers and sisters that still cannot break the confines of this crap.  Alex Jones said today he will not confirm the Paris cop shooting as a fabrication or staging.  It’s not whether people died or not but where and what happens after it.  Maybe a cop was shot and killed but that video is not the actual killing but may very well be a depiction of a cop being shot somewhere else. True or false makes no difference. Left or right makes no difference 396 or 693 makes no difference when you know where the sequence and plot will eventually take you.  The rest is just a ride as a cotohead we all miss once said. I suspect the most interesting part of the ride this year.







  1. Until such time as the petro-dollar is to be eliminated as the world currency, the BRICS swift boating and rapid pay will continue to be the tool for much of what we see this year. It will create another opportunity in a false flag like Sony only this time a real financial institution and cyber-attack. Fears of Defense type attacks may be staged depending on the BRICS agenda and support the Cold War agenda to clean up the remaining hold-out nations.

    FBI investigating Central Command Twitter hack

    Around 1:09 p.m. ET the Twitter account was suspended.

    A YouTube page labeled as belonging to Centcom was also apparently hacked. By 1:30 p.m. ET, that page had been blanked.
    “We can confirm that the U.S. Central Command’s Twitter and YouTube accounts were compromised earlier today

  2. Classid psyop here with triple twist. CENTOM – Dept of Homeland Security / NSA

    Hacked by Anonomous (CIA) on its TWITTER account which is CIA run Googleplex along with FACEBOOK.

    Classic Spy v Spy (eye-sys)

    CENTCOM’s operational military networks were not compromised by the cyber attack and there was no operational impact to US Central Command.

    Of course not. Neither was their Twitter account.


    Your tax dollars at work

    • Yeah, that sounds pretty bogus. Somewhere north of non-believable. Not very creative. Gosh — some agency’s Twitter account is taken down momentarily. Big whoop! Running out of toilet paper is far more serious.

  3. Are they Hybrids?

    Jewish patrol cars out in force in London amid fears of copycat attack in wake of kosher store siege in Paris

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    • Never seen those branded bagels before. Imagine if they popped out hot on America’s city streets? I don’t want to see Catholic patrol cars, Mormon cars or anything else. That’s weird! Is this racist or religious or both. Nationalistic? I mean, is it just as fine to roll out the Italian, American, Iranian patrol cars in the city to protect those group’s businesses?

        • COTO is never Off Duty either!

  4. Police: Up to 6 Paris terror suspects may still be at large

    May as well be 6 million, right? Know the numbers and know the truth.

  5. French president says on national TV that the Illuminati is attacking Paris.

  6. What do you make of this blood pudding?

    Also, Ron Paul is talking about WWIII in an article because of recent legislation, and there’s this warning, “OBAMA ADMIN TO STAGE WAR WITH RUSSIA, PLANS NUCLEAR FALSE FLAG IN FRANCE TO KICK IT OFF” from this article — — which is discussing an IntelliHub article from a month ago “prior” to the recent Paris “attack”. Then, you have Heneghan noting at the end of his recent piece of Today, that the French Nuclear Aircraft Carrier, “Charles de Gaulle” sails tonight. And he references at the end of the piece, this article by Ron Paul ( a lengthy one) .

    Weird vortices we see.

  7. Folks will appreciate this latest revelation regarding the Kosher Store & “story” — “The Kosher Store Siege Story Keeps Changing”

    What are facts anyways, unless you’re looking for the Truth of the Matter?

  8. The world is a stage, these are the actors, but I sure as hell didn’t buy a ticket! I didn’t even ask to see this terrible show. The worst part is that the audience believes the phonies.

    Even though we can see the manipulation a mile away, the sad part is that it does work on the masses. In turn, they make it a reality. If the media declares X group a threat, they will behave accordingly and before you know it, we have a war. Time after time, the manipulation continues! Evil never takes a holiday.

  9. Poignant points NeverAlways. It just seems there ought to be a way to achieve a MASS CONSCIOUSNESS WAKE UP. It is very bizarre, at least to me, that such a selection of humanity can really be/remain/choose to be so blindingly naive. Bordering on wacky stupid, frustratingly “deceived”, willingly uninterested and apathetic; the descriptions and analysis of these folks covers a lot of territory. Why, Why, Why? We want to shake them out of their sleep like trance. How can so many people not spot the massive amount of Liars, Frauds, Scammers, Criminals, Murderers, etc., etc.? I am mystified by this seeming reality.

    Is all of this not painfully OBVIOUS?!

  10. I wasn’t going to comment but Puddy your date was accurate for the war.

    Most aspects of Western Fianance are well known to have butresses that since Bretton Woods keep in place Dollar Dominance. It seems the high priests seem to see Versailles attitudes must be shamed in decrepit elites.
    Nuff said.
    Good thing I read a ton of history.

    I still think it is a triple type event as history shows that WWI
    WWII ect. always a kingdom must pay the piper…No one remebers that old K A I S ERR now do they….

    LOL, ye olde magazine.

    SInce someone is waving goodbye there we can infer that usefulness is ending. Cat in de hat or tree..It is all goiing away and the trianlge girl has a part in the next show!

    Please prepare for descent. And the flight is pilotted by I S I S Air.

    Seems Mr. Fisheye is part of the orchestra.
    Build the structure for the New Order is what is being done BRIC by BRIC. DC has taken the app p l e.

    Hello see Napoleon is background. What does the current national security state structure tell us?

    Russia is asscendant but as Lenin said we drive the car, the wheel is a dif
    As the major USA domination financial mechanisms, ESF,CDS,options and Fed puts are pretty much over in terms of shoring the current paradigm I would expect triple cross.

    I would assume the rats are on the island by now.

    Good thing the citizens or is that the human resources are well nice and tucked in.

    As many cogster banker seem to be taking short routes to afterlives ensure kabuki silence in olde Roman Egygpt fashion.
    As it is easy maths to look at Bond ratinngs and then contrast taxes paid by now low income holders called middle class in name only and the huge seas of derivative to know the pipper calls.

    Since the religion of the hand is focused in gemetria/soceries of Oldplease notice Swiss changed tune on the date moon percentage full. It is coming fast now. The dark moon signals that head trip gang. And prescient Puddy as you diagrammed the head chop gang 100%. Thanks for the insight.

    Jauaury 20 is significant for the USA.

  11. Moon was quarter. 8 eleven on the NY Times article. Pic in water reflection.
    From the big haus. I meant quarter, so there is three to go.

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