Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 7, 2015

Charlie Hebdo? What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?


France to make a choice between NATO and Russia

France faces a tough decision to either deliver two Mistral ships to Russia and face the anger of its NATO allies, or to terminate the Mistral deal, paying a heavy price and further deteriorating its economy

French President François Hollande on Monday called for sanctions on Russia to be lifted, a move considered to be connected with mending relations with Russia due to the unsettled dispute over the delivery of two Mistral ships for the Russian navy. Amid tough Western sanctions on Russia, the French President’s soft tone suggests he will look to resolve the Mistral dispute, a move that could be costly for France. …..

Amid pressure from the European Union on France, who say that the delivery of a Russian warship could be used to threaten its neighbors, France faces a huge bill for halting the Mistral deal with Russia. One of the two Mistral-class ships, named the Vladivostok, was to be handed over in mid-November to Russia. However, France decided to delay the delivery of the first warship due to concerns over Moscow’s role in the crisis in eastern Ukraine. …

Enter: “I am Charlie”  The ISIS MI6 – al CIAda to trigger the payday for France and their independence.  It’s not a matter of Freedom of SPEECH, but freedom from the globalist bankers and NWO Slave traders.

There are more to come here especially for AIRBUS.  The three (3) who killed twelve (3) have a third left. There are more thrills to come as Hollande decides the fate of the french in his coming days regarding Russia.

The Gladio team was a professional hit. The NAMED assassins are patsies just like Tsarnaev who is standing trial presently. Granted he’s likely a criminal, but had nothing to do with the Boston Bombing Hoax.  The three named in this event are likely throwbacks from Benghazi or known rejectionists  from other Gladio operation springs.

Said and Cherif Kouachi, 32 and 34, and Hamyd Mourad, 18.

5-7-9 = 3

In these TRIADS 333.  the mission is clear. First a warning, then a sacrifice and then reaping benefits. This was quick work wasn’t it. After tens of intelligence officials called this an extremely well planned assault, the inept french authorities have already identified the perpetrators. Of course their names were already released before the shooting took place. The meta data confirms it.

Meanwhile, it will be touted that the thousands of surveillance cameras that litter french streets and storefronts will find the money shots of our poor stooges. Larry Moe and Curly Joe are sitting ducks for NWO hoaxers and doomed to the land of  70 virgins.  The french don’t need guns, just more cameras, Take a note of that Linus.

What have we learned?  It’s all to do with FREEDOM from tyranny and full spectrum dominance and surveillance.


Good Grief !!

2015 Predictions: BRICS and Drones may break my bones

Expect vicious verbal attacks, website cancellations and takedowns and threats of violence to emerge and a huge discussion on Freedom of Speech. This is aimed at the truth movement. We may see copy-cats on posting murder in advance of MK-Ultra mass shooting in Midwest. I call the I-35 corridor in Missouri or Minnesota.


France says ready to strike extremists on Libya border

Russia to get refund, penalties in case of Mistral contract repeal – Military Industrial Commission


France to deploy aircraft carrier to fight ISIS—report



  1. Brics and Drones may break my bones….but mocking the NWO will surely kill me.

    There are three major factors working here. France and Putin diffusing the Ukraine staging by the Nazi globalists and Gladio army.

    The Russian orders for ships and copters represents billions for the French economy while the EU is at a nine year low and falling.
    There is Benghazi and France’s part in the Gaddafi killing and Spring.

  2. What gives this away is the lack of suicide, lack of capture during this casual and cool killing and the quick identification post assault. Clearly a staging and a warning in my mind.

  3. As one person noted, an AK47 shot to the head of the policeman on the ground should have created quite a mess. You’ve noted the “numbers”, patsies, and other inconsistencies, plus a financial motive or penalty depending on the perspective. CNN needed a new story to beat to death aye? It is not wise these days to believe any thing we see, or think we see. As is usual these days with the internet, more will come out on this latest…

  4. Somebody told me there is something big supposed to happen on 1 15 15. Anything you can think of? What about the significance of the numbers?

  5. SkyFall 2015

    Star Wars actor Khan Bonfils, who played Jedi Master Saesee Tiin in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace died on stage on Monday, Jan. 5 after collapsing while rehearsing for a new play. The 42-year-old actor (who sometimes went by the name Kan) had also appeared in multiple James Bond movies, Lara Croft Tomb Raider alongside Angelina Jolie, and Batman Begins. He was preparing for his new role in Dante’s Inferno with London’s Craft Theater Company when he collapsed. Paramedics were called but the actor […] »

    Angelina Jolie “director” by the Pope – BBC
    JANUARY 8, 2015
    Corriere della Sera
    Angelina Jolie “director” by the Pope
    Corriere della Sera
    ROME – Angelina Jolie arrived yesterday in the capital would be able to throw off the paparazzi and tabloids. In the next hours, the most beautiful woman in Hollywood should meet Pope Francis to show a preview of his latest film as a director? …
    Angelina Jolie to Rome to meet Pope Francis: Unbroken … Velvet Italian Cinema
    Angelina Jolie: “An honor to present my” Unbroken “to Pope … The XIX Century
    Angelina Jolie by Pope Francis: “It ‘s an honor to submit my …
    TGCOM? -Excite Italy
    all the news (43) ??

  6. Police ‘locate’ suspects behind Paris attack [48 degrees / 3]
    Still unclear if police have ‘apprehended’ suspects said to be in the Aisne region in northern France, AFP reports.

  7. pic of jolie meeting francis.

    • TOTAL HOAX: “I am charlie” documents and viral graphics created before the event took place….20 minutes on the pdf from Hebdo site.

  8. Charlie Hebdo 3818395 85246 = 11 7 = 9

    On 7 January 2015, at approximately 11:30 CET (10:30 UTC), two masked gunmen armed with Kalashnikov rifles, a shotgun, and a rocket-propelled grenade launcher stormed the headquarters of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris.[2][3][4][5][9][10] They shot and killed 12 people, including eight Charlie Hebdo employees and two National Police officers, and wounded 11 others

    11:30 CET

    The pdf was created on 1/7/15 at 11:10 AM CET


  9. Je suis attaqué par ISIS (I am attacked by 911)

    To answer MSDARLENE (hi girl) the event will be what I have posted in BRICS and Drones….

    My opinion, research and googleplex information points to three vectors x two.

    Ukraine – Russia – AIRBUS and France – Algiers – Philadelphia (or NY/PA Border.

    Therefore I expect a plane or airport assault or a down liner in these triads.

    This was the warning for the insiders. They have already decoded the warning and now we will get a real false flag. The event in Paris was staged and completely FAKE. Nothing happened outside of the French crISIS actor teams. This was decoded and I have posted above link that shows Hebdo .pdf for the viral “I AM CHARLIE” graphics were produced (created) minutes before the event took place. You can download the .pdf and check the properties yourself.

    I am decoding the IP address and I have already determined the source of the information may have come from Algiers, but the time still remains the same whether it was there or Paris. more to come………………………

    • thank you for this. I had an unreliable source say something about the date, and I knew that you would KNOW! Very little slips by you especially when numbers are involved, so I figured that I’d ask.

  10. This video sourced from Infowars article —

    Wayne Madsen starts his breakdown at 11:00 minutes in. Why /\ 666 tagged on the end of the youtube video above?

  11. “” youtube code looks like this above.

  12. BTW MSD, the event per the globalist website say the date is 1/14/15 =3

    see the site

    translated –


    some ideas may be another larger USA or FOREIGN newspaper. The FREE SPEECH and “NAMES will surely kill me” is accurate. My predictions will confirm it.

    An attack of aircraft may be third or second to a PA/NY publisher attack and the free speech psyop would take off if the Globe, Enquirer, WSJ or Wapost or NYTimes were assaulted. Real or fake.

    There could be a reverse vortex assault where assailants attack a mosque or muslim target as well.

    The AIRBUS incident will surely be based upon Hollandes action in this theater.

    If France is sending their carrier to ISIS to kill more Christians in Syria, all hell will break loose as assumed to be the purpose. I also assume the meaning behind CHARLIE is agnosticism or athieism. …more to come

  13. December Issue CHARLIE HEBDO

    The true story of little Jesus

  14. From Madsen’s site, under News & Pithy comments — Rand Paul introduces bill to cut off U.S. aid to Palestinians. We now know who owns and operates Rand Paul and they include Sheldon Adelson. Just call him Ayn Rand Paul from now on. Ayn Rand’s real name was Alisa Rosenbaum.

    Reference the photos we’ve photo many times here of Rand Paul at the Wailing Wall wearing his yarmulke.

    • You bet, I was never that enamored with Ron Paul except his audit the FED and non-intervention, but he was a far cry better than Rand. Unless Rand is playing possum and using their techniques of representing something he is not, then maybe there would be something there.

      Funding for Palestine will never end under Obama and so he may be playing a bluff and the shot at the wailing wall may have been the same. The apple does not fall too far from the tree? Who knows?

  15. Another point from Madsen — French police claim two alleged Charlie Hebdo killers left their ID cards in getaway car. Sure they did.

    • Yeah, they stopped to pick up a shoe before their getaway but left an ID card (said) Just like al-CIAda leaving a laptop in the hotel room before they escaped. Passports falling from the sky? We’ve heard it all.

  16. tearing up this False Flag. As I mentioned upthread, more will continue to come out, and “They” cannot stop it. So WE watch cynically. Ain’t even going to turn on CNN, MSNBC, et. al. Why waste my time…

  17. Alright — Here’s the Clincher for this Fake Show! Multiple “problems” seen in the viewing. In the “real” time video I initially saw, the first reaction was the “terrorist” that ran by the policeman “victim” ran by at such a quick pace, and so haphazardly as he got off his supposed “head shot”, that I was taken aback. More deliberation would surely have been required for a “kill shot” as that was what this is intended to depict.

    From this slow-mo view, it appears that the shot is “above” the “victims” head proximity-wise, so the blank’s wad will not strike the “victim” inadvertently, and the mark that shows up on the sidewalk can be fairly well judged to be “above” the “victim’s” head. In other words, the “terrorist” ran by higher on the sidewalk and simply shoots into the sidewalk, missing the “victim” entirely. In a drill/F.F. this would be expected. The convenient camera angle makes it somewhat difficult to judge, but I’d say it was a set-up. Just observing how the “victim” watches the approach of the “terrorist” attacker, turns his head as the shot is about to be discharged, then doesn’t move a millimeter from any “impact”; and we observe no brains, no blood, no nothing mar the sidewalk. No blood from the previous “wounding” shot either.

    I had to put down a pet cat a couple years ago, where a car had broken it’s back and it was suffering. Using a .22 I shot it through the head killing it instantly and compassionately (as it was a favored pet). Blood pulsed out of the hole for 4 seconds or so in a large rivulet. (Sorry for this description, as it still pangs me, but it had to be done). As any hunter would know immediately — this policeman “victim” was not shot in any way in the head or otherwise. The Scene does not depict any of the Reality of what would have occurred with a 7.62 x 39 or larger 5.56 NATO round fired at such close range or even from further away. FAKE!!!

    • Agree. Low load 762 x 39 would have kick out on the pavement and sent blood from the bottom back out the angle of the bullet went in. It would blow the head upward as well.

  18. Here folks — these will help with the understanding:

  19. Brother Nathaniel’s take on the fake —


    • Le Cercle, AQAP trained in Algiers, Morocco. Remnants of the Gladio french foreign legion. These stooges were never near Hebdo HQ in my opinion. They are probably French heroin dealers like the Tsarnaev’s who have been setup. I suspect the actor/players were French DGSE.

  20. The name Charlie is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Charlie is: From the Old English ‘ceorl’ meaning man. (6)

    ‘ceorl’ = 9

    Soul Urge Number: 6
    People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated.

    Expression Number: 11
    People with this name tend to be idealistic, highly imaginative, intuitive, and spiritual. They seek after spiritual truth and often find it. They tend to be visionary and may inspire others. If they fail to develop their potential, they may become dreamers, or misuse power.

    hebdomadaire -weekly (periodical) journal

    hence the next issue we see next Wednesday 1/14/15 was already written and sitting in the server in Algiers by the webhoster called NO BLUE SCREEN.

  21. Toot Suite!

  22. IPadd (IP: = 11

    The attack on Charlie Hebdo: France’s 9/11
    The terrorists struck at what they saw as a French symbol — the irony-rich arrogance of free expression.
    By Dov Alfon | Jan. 9, 2015 | 1:50 PM

    No, sorry Haaretz. The World Trade Org. struck what they saw was a defiance of the NWO and a threat of independence. Austerity includes free speech and true free enterprise.

    It’s as if Obama and Company narrated the event. Remember, “you didn’t build that” “Someone else made that happen” “The Planet Will Boil Over’ If Everybody Has a Car, Air Conditioning and a Big House…” or a business of independent thought it seems.

    Big Brother, Like a dad, lord and savior Barry has got to keep his mouth shut now. He too has limits to his right to expression.


    When Obama leaves, he’ll undoubtedly will reside on a throne in Abu Dhabi or Riyadh.

  23. Excellent annalist.

    Seems all the planks and pranks are being pulled out. Happy New Year indeed.

    I’m starting to think I might have made the wrong career move. Now I know why I never saw an ad for satirical, political cartoonists. What was I thinking?

    • I think you should create your brilliant art while you still have a window left Michael. Everytime I post a new header I give thanks like before every meal now.

      • Thanks Patrick. I’ve been slacking lately. Working on a strictly commercial endeavor. Entering a poster for the French Quarter Festival. If I win – yipee!

        If I do anything again it would be Smack-Down Man. That feeling of simply slapping sense into someone fills so many voids.

        It’s what my father did to me. Granted, it didn’t work. But it was motivational. And after many years of bumbling around I’ve come to realize that my father was right in what he was trying to say, but wrong in method.

        So I’m a slow learner. Sue me.

        It’s here. It’s happening. Now more then ever life seems surreal. There have been other times this feeling of connected sea of discontent has been felt. We all have our own personal experiences and examples, but when events that shake the world happen, such as Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and the one that hits close to home for me, Katrina, everything becomes elevated.

        The Smack-Down Man in me wants to stop, as I should have, in the Barbra-shop, that caters to Blacks, as I was passing through and interrupt their sports-shouting-around-table, and smack some damn shit into them.

  24. I read this at Infowars, “The police killed the two suspects in the attack Friday after the suspects took hostages at a kosher supermarket in Paris.

    “The two suspects have been killed and the hostage has been freed,” Rocco Contento, spokesman for the Unité S.G.P. police union in Paris, said. “The special counter-terrorism forces located where the terrorists are and broke down the door. They took them by surprise. It lasted a matter of minutes.” . They fired an RPG INSIDE the Hebdo office? I read where one of the “terrorists” asks names, then executed the employees…

    And I read this,”Elite French police stormed a printworks and a Jewish supermarket Friday, killing two brothers wanted for the Charlie Hebdo attack and a gunman linked to them in a dramatic end to twin sieges that rocked France.

    As shots and explosions rang out in the City of Light, five people, including the gunman, were found dead in the aftermath of the assault on the Jewish store in eastern Paris and several captives were freed, security sources said”.

    They say 2 brothers and a gunmen = 3, then below say 5 dead?

    They said in the same piece, “- All guns blazing –

    About 30 kilometres (16 miles) to the northeast, in the small town of Dammartin-en-Goele, the two Islamist Charlie Hebdo gunmen staged a desperate escape bid, charging out of the building all guns blazing at the security forces before being cut down in their tracks, a security source said.

    Police confirmed their identity as Cherif and Said Kouachi, French-born orphans of Algerian origin”. Ala Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid!

    I’ll have to pay more attention, or just move on, ’cause this thing is off-the-hook.

    • When I started the predictions I had France all over the radar in 2012. It is easy to see why “le 911” has begun. Sarkozy got the riot act and then they went after him. They destroyed his rule.

      But what France is potentially able to do right now is trigger the global mayhem. There at least three maybe four things they can do to “change” the whole game. I expect Germany is like China and waiting to see where to align. I see Russia winning this time and it only supports vortex cycles from the first cold war.

      I never expected we would make it to this point but now I can confirm my decision to either bail to Panama or prep for the last stand. I hope France busts the bank and runs to Russia. I hope China and Brazil take Argentina, Venezuela and Ecuador under their influence and finance and send the traitors in Congress and the homeboy palace to panic city.

  25. Algerian Islamists: ‘Strike Jews’ in celebration of Paris attack
    Dozens attend Algiers rally celebrating deadly Jewish grocery store siege in which at least four were killed.

    This confirms my theory on Algiers AQAP (CIA) and psy-op on Paris. Dancing Jews payback? Grocery store may be real operation by alCIAda warning France on fighting them and supporting ex-libyan military coup in Benghazi. Warning, Assault and then plane down or airport attack.

    Haaretz reports

    If America knew the derivative debt funding this global operation was on their tab we could rally. Instead we will get have to get to the greek for lessons on slavery and austerity infinity..

  26. Hmmm…Panama. You’ll have to explain that choice so I grok.

    Its all funny money games by the banking cabal and the payoffs to their cronies salted everywhere, with losses legislated onto the taxpayers, as noted recently here in another thread.

    Saw a recent announcement where Honda was fined $70 Million — — and it occurred to me “What?!” ever happens to the money from these types of fines? BP in the GOM, and others? SEC fines against financial corporations like Goldman Sachs, etc? Do you suppose it gets credited against the National Debt or somehow benefits The People IN ANY WAY…EVER?! I think WE should start making a Big Stink on these items. Screw the “lawyers”, Pay The People! The offenses harm The People — so DO SOMETHING FOR THEM? Criminals.

    $70 Million of Free Healthcare for instance. Infrastructure, roads, bridges, water and waste water systems, etc. ANYTHING, but WHAT?! Where does it go? I’d like to know, ’cause it is a Black Hole and goes right over the head of the population. Like the CAFR in #4 on the right column — “Where is Your Money?” News items on fines for this or that could be tallied up for every year easily with the computing we have, and show a truly gigantic amount of money going Somewhere, but never to the people. Seeing that number would make a big impression on me. $70 Million just itself could help a lot of people in a lot of areas. Of course, I realize it is gross criminality going on, so the people are just going to have bring this up and hold the criminals accountable.

  27. A notorious Egyptian Islamic cleric has been sentenced to life behind bars by a New York court on Friday following his conviction for supporting terrorism.

    Uh huh. Hmmm

  28. Happy ’15 to all !! someone’s link to Bro Nat has info on a “Coco”, is she for real? I mean, if so, sounds like strongest proof of fake yet

  29. Charlie Hebdo Police Chief commits suicide while writing report


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