Posted by: Puddy Dunne | January 2, 2015

Sandy Hook’s Noah Pozner Dead in December 16 Taliban Attack



  1. They obviously are so far gone that they must all be laughing hilariously at the stunts they pull.

  2. Insulting isn’t it? To be so casual and sloppy. I think it tells us the time and reinforces their diktat of global governance. They have vanquished the minds of most and I read comments elsewhere often calling truthers idiots in regards to 911 and SH. I have not referred to the DSM-5 manual to find the condition that make people believe the ‘official story’ fairy tales but I assume most to be on medication.

    Obviously you have seen it Michael time and time again there.

  3. I wonder what Lenny Pozner has to say about all this…….seriously, this just shows how pathetic the masses are. The ones pulling the stunt are just working toward an evil agenda, business as usual, while the real stars of this hoax are the gullible people who still refuse to see. The signs are just as obvious as can be, yet the people remain in comas. Grrr, this was funny at first, and I did laugh, but now I just want to scream!!

    • Ah, that word “obvious” again. That’s why we’re here.

      And yes, it does drive you crazy.

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