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“The Awakening Springs Unstoppable”

O.K. Time for something uplifting… “The Awakening Springs Unstoppable”

There is NO Crowd Control

There is NO Crowd Control

by Zen Gardner — Source:

“People don’t realize the effects of their actions, words and decisions as they seem to take so long to take effect in the long run. That’s a manifestation of the semi-conscious mind at work. We expect quick results when so much is way deeper than surface appearances and understandings.

I’m addressing the awakening and those working to effect it. If these controllers can work their nefarious program this slowly over centuries, so must we be willing to see our desired arousal of humanity in many ways. Admittedly we need something fast and furious in light of what they’re foisting upon humanity, but it’s an organic process, much like spring reaching the roots and branches of budding nature which blossoms in the crescendo of life.

Seemingly slowly, yet all encompassing and of a synchronized and massively magnificent magnitude – a wondrous demonstration of irrepressible life!
Don’t Be Fooled

On their imposed time frame and mindset we may appear to be weak and powerless. That’s a total illusion, a lie of the baser sort designed to engender weakness and a lack of fight. We are everything. Our united stand in conscious awareness and brotherhood is exactly what they fear and are trying to dispel at every cost.

That’s why it’s time to put the pedal to the metal.

Defy them. Glory in your awareness and freedom. Be bold and brash in the face of whatever they throw at us. Our fire is what is setting their cobweb of deceit aflame and they know it…but never mind them. Our concentration needs to be on manifesting the Truth. Their mechanisms are in place to discourage initiative, any sense of freedom or autonomy, and our clear and given knowledge of personal sovereignty.

Screw them. United we stand. And march forward we will. Unrepressed. Truth cannot be stopped.

All the hocus-pocus of media entrainment has one goal – disempowerment. They cannot kill our bodies as hard as they try, they cannot suppress love and truth, and they cannot stop the tide of the awakening, despite the naysayers and critics. We are it. As sure as the tide comes and goes, as sure as the sun sets and rises, the spiraling nature of existence has put a definite period on this march to dystopia, no matter what insane conflagration might befall us as they perform their desperate death throes.
Happy Days

This might sound shallow to some but this is the case. We have a LOT to be happy about. The exposure of their cruel intent, their psychopathic maneuverings, and the brash and blatant designs of their programs are out in the open. Wide open. Those who are willing to see are clearly able to see now. It’s something to take great heart in.

Granted, it’s sad for those who refuse to look. They apparently haven’t gotten the memo yet. But many will in the days to come. You can count on that.

We need to keep our chins up and looking into the light. It takes some concentration when the news is so foreboding everyday, but do it we must. Not ignorantly or Pollyanna-ish, but with real determined wisdom and knowledge. We’re facing a change the world has never seen – a global reconstruction which these fascist controllers want to reconstruct enroute. Sorry, a new age is dawning boys.

They’re usurpers, shallow magicians of sorts, making their play for our planet that was designed for love and harmony. Out with the bastards, they’re lying thieves wanting to steal our energy and home.

It’s time to manifest our true selves, true heart, true spirit and true claim to our heritage.

Do it – and enjoy it! It’s a wonderful time to be alive!

Know you are not alone!

Love always”,




  1. And as “awareness” comes to more and more of humanity, more and more of the Obvious crimes and plans of a criminal cabal are discovered and understood. This article about Gordon Duff’s recent meeting in Syria appears to be a step in the right direction. Surely, the treasonous are not difficult to label or find? Past and present U.S. administrations have been rife with sold-out policy-makers. Just look at the dual citizens and the American Scar Card for Wars. Slapped with the label of Zionist Good Housekeeping under the latest Deceptions.

    Blatant and obvious criminality are what we now see on the World Stage. And the “Players” are proud to prove their power & prestige for us all. May humanity help bring the curtain down upon this shitty demonic “play”.

  2. Before the cannons thunder roars bravery runs cheap.

    There is suspicion that no one really understands or knows the magnitude of the changes that are about to take place.

    And although it’s in ones favor to keep a positive attitude it hardly plays well with cynics. Which leaves us to a cynic’s last resort. God.

    And I sincerely believe that the mess we’ve gotten ourselves in is beyond us getting us out of the mess we’re in, and that only an Almighty God will save us.

    Now as to why He’d want to do that, I have no idea.

  3. By the signs of what we have seen Mr. M, can we not discern that changes of a great magnitude are just in front of us? I think we can. Status quo doesn’t seem to have the necessary support it once did. Many cannot imagine “How can things go on in the same pathetic manner?” How can mountains of lies continue to stand upon the foundations of lies they were built upon? It is not possible, whether you use physics to figure it out, common sense, or by experience watching how the wind is blowing these days. Surely, a momentous spectacle is before us. Whether or not one believes in God or Biblical prophecy, that Word has foretold what the world would look like near the end. And it looks like we’re pretty close to the description.

    I just read this by PCR — “Paul Craig Roberts: Demonizing Russia as US goes to war”

    “Washington has shaped 2015 to be a year of conflict. The conflict could be intense”.

    Pretty good picture drawn of how the power of the U.S. Hegemon has been overplayed by the insane “leaders”. Of course, BEHIND the insane “leaders” lie the financiers, the creators of the situation that now exists. They surely have plans A,B,C,D ready-to-go to capitalize upon the chaos they have scripted. It is for humanity to realize and see this, and those behind the curtains, and to ACT in a collective manner to differentiate between the the vile and the lawful and moral.

    Stephen Lendman offers his views of 2015 in an article, “The Year Ahead” By Stephen Lendman

    *** Coup attempt in Gambia —

    • Ya know … all my life I’ve always considered our generation to be the December’s Children. I’m sure growing-up under the nuclear threat had a lot to do with that. And personally it has made making any long-range plans seem irrelevant.

      And now at its end we discover that it’s all exactly like all the fables we’ve been told and more. Demons and spirits intertwine and disburse within our dimension and theirs playing a game in which we can’t begin to understand the rules. So we are left with the Golden Rule as our only means of defense, and pray to God that it, and His help are enough.

      • It is enough. Who modeled “Love” more than any other, and holds the title of Creator and Redeemer, and many more? Who models hate and psychopathy more than any other, and holds the title as Destroyer, Father of Lies, and is scheduled for Hell?

        I watch these two antagonistic “spirits” do what they do in this world. I cannot imagine the world without the spirit of “Love” tempering the Evil. We are instructed which has already Won. We must choose, even though we only understand what we are able. We can also believe none of it, and then we must figure out where that cynical choice leaves us. For me its an easy choice.

  4. In case folks have missed the real reason for the Affordable Care Act (ACA / Obamacare), check out this discussion:


    ” Since the ACA was deemed to have passed Congress, rewritten and declared a tax by Justice Roberts, altered, parsed and carved up by Presidential fiat, had its many exemptions and waivers issued to the fortunate and filibustered against its funding; dozens of minions in various administration agencies have also cranked out over 100 final regulations on how this fraud will be implemented.

    That’s the long way of saying you’re about to be subjugated. Think I’m paranoid?

    Okay, riddle me this:

    Since when does enforcement of a law require thirty times more words and regulations than the law itself?

    The answer is when enforcement is the entire point of the law.

    This is not about healthcare, insurance, the poor or anything else. It’s about controlling you”.


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