Posted by: boomerangcomesback | December 19, 2014

Fear Destroys Common Sense and Rationale Thought — Spokane Police Dept. Proves It

Americans can hardly find a better example of agents & operatives using FEAR to mind-control groups into seeing things the Opposite of Reality — than what we are seeing going on in Spokane, Washington.

Check out this AMAZING STORY and examine how this meme works:

“You’ll Never Guess Who’s Now Training The Police” from

Infowars reporter, Darrin McBreen is obviously unfamiliar with the Northwest, as the good sized city he is referring to is pronounced “Spoke Ann”, Washington, not “Spoke Kane”. The World’s Fair was held there once upon a time.

Anyways, it doesn’t matter if Mr. McBreen is not familiar with Spokane — he is familiar with radical Un-American crazies like the police officer interviewed (and, subsequently their police chief) who have unfortunately for them, expressed their paranoid “foreign” (read communist/zionist) views on-the-record.

It is well past time that Americans of every stripe and color come to realize that the Constitution and Bill-of-Rights have been, and still are, the Law-of-the-Land across the former Republic of America. They grant the particular and round-the-world envied inalienable Rights that distinguish between Slaves to a State or Free Men and Free Women. When WE see governmental agencies, departments, representatives, and the like trashing The Constitution and the inalienable Rights they represent it should set off Alarm Bells in everyone’s brain witnessing this rhetoric or UnAmerican activities.


Because, seemingly unbeknownst to individuals like the mind-controlled police officer justifying the MRAPs because “there’s a lot of Constitutionalists who have guns and ammunition”, men and women who “SERVE” the U.S. population are required to sign an Oath to Protect the U.S. Constitution and what it stands for. COTO-minded readers can understand why this police officer, police chief, and others in the “force” might have things ASS-BACKWARDS, after considering what the SPLC is, whom it is aligned with (zionists / communists), and what it has been up to across the USA and abroad.  It is Amazing how “training” can completely Reverse the meaning and message that individuals glean from straight forward language.  How is it that these men & women can hold the Constitution and Bill-of-Rights in contempt, and even be fearful of those who understand them to be Freedom-bearing documents, ideas/concepts the Republic was founded upon, that just a generation or so ago, American soldiers died to protect?  Indeed, this is “almost” a mystery!

Benefactors to the SPLC like Sheldon Adelson, George Soros, and many others are directly responsible for the mutated training that is turning police agencies and others into militarized forces fearful of normal Americans. It is the Right of Americans to possess Arms and ammunition similar to the military to “protect” the nation (as a militia) against usurpers and invaders.


Americans cannot sit quietly, when DIRECT acts of treason against this country’s Freedom establishing Rights and Law of the Land occur. This issue in Spokane has received wide publication on the alt-net as it should. Feel free to comment here on this subject. Infowars has covered the subject in-depth, and scores of commenters have posted their views as they should. Speaking up, protesting, or writing may be your only tools for helping to STOP the tide of infiltration and fear-mongering that twists the minds of Americans into embracing Tyranny and the Police State mentality, while fearing the individual freedom loving American who silently stands ready to defend his beloved country AND its Freedoms against those who would demolish them.

Other Links: “What about the U.S. Constitution, the supreme law of the land, which restricts federal involvement in criminal and policing matters to a very narrow area of jurisdiction?”




  1. COTO knows what I think about the SPLC. I have posted many on these joo joo bees and Morris Dees who’s reported pedophilia forced him to go underground while Mark Potok, another low life took the helm.

    I posted them as one of the five biggest dangers to the Republic. They were certainly involved in Ferguson and St. Louis.

    This post has Morris Dees divorce and attempts to screw his underaged step daughter

    WATCH these two SPLC paid and produced stooges lie through their teeth. OK City was exposed better than any other false flag..

  2. Remember Ruby Ridge. ATF ‘back shot’ Sam the boy and killed Vicki, the mother with her baby in her arms. SPLC and the Anti-Defamation League know how to spin hate and fear for innocent freedom lover who want to be left alone or opt out legally of FEDERAL overreach.

    22 year ago and they still get our tax money to spew their bile.

  3. Remember if you think there are black helicopters you are a anti-government lunatic sovereign lone wolf ISIS loonytoon and etremely dangerous

  4. EBOLA AND AFRICOM: Bill Gates and Ft. Detrick Sterilization and biowarfare

    Dakar — For some Ebola survivors, overcoming the lethal viral assault has not heralded a full return to good health. An array of ailments including headache, joint pains, vision and hearing problems have afflicted convalescents; experts are still uncertain of the exact cause.

    Not all survivors of the virus, which has been rampant in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone since earlier this year and killed some 70 percent of patients, suffer the symptoms, the extremes of which include amenorrhea (the absence of menstruation) and erectile dysfunction. It is also not yet known why only some are affected.

    Margaret Nanyonga, World Health Organization (WHO) consultant clinician, who has assessed 85 Ebola survivors with various symptoms in Sierra Leone’s eastern town of Kenema, told IRIN that some of the ailments were treated, but others such as vision and hearing problems tended to persist.

    “The ladies complained of menstrual failure, but these resumed after three months. They also complained about hair loss. Men complained of testicular pains. We don’t know whether it can lead to impotence or not. That is a worry. Some men have reported erectile dysfunction. There are also psychosocial disorders, loss of sleep, anxiety and depression,” she said. read more at

  5. NWO says ISIS is too obvious. Call them Daesh

    US general rebrands Isis ‘Daesh’ after requests from regional partners

    Bye-Bye ‘ISIL’? John Kerry Calling ISIS By Arabic Term It Hates

    I ‘ll call Kerry a “Daesh-bag” from now on.

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