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After two years of the vortex of NewtOWn (NWO) event I have finally reached the limit of the data-dump. I have run the numbers, symbols and timeline of the program, listened and watched all plays, participants and triggers before and after the event.  6-9-3  and subsequent 3-9-6 dialectics were initiated and still filter down the collective population .  The conclusion is the simple principle of political cohesion via manipulations of reality by the use of vortex based science and complete control over the cyber-social network and borg brain schematic of human sheeple.

I do not contend the event vectors or players are either administrators, collaborators or subjects of the experiment, witting or unwitting in the view  of the controllers nor still can I still identify the controller itself, but I can now fully understand and identify the network or “netopticon” and sociopathological shift to the WMD of words.

What Y2K (911)  ushered in was 811 which was really the perfect metaphor for transformation, the next step in the Transhumanist cybernetics and the millenium enterprise of a global governance by some future date.

The H00K is 811 and the hooks have been numerous since Y2K began somewhere at the turn of the twentieth century.  The hook is the false-flag. I can only guess sometime around 1910 or 1911.  NASA uses a different system of measurement (NASA to be overfunded in 2015, its future as bright as the Sun) to broadcast the transhumanist and post human age and openly tell you the lucifer cipher and the deeper agenda that has nothing to do with outer space but the inner space of the dual panoptic system of dominance which will be external (surveillance) and internal. (data)  dominance. In between the dual system is the cloud. It’s newly coined definition is secondary to the original concept of panoptic electromagnetism. Hunger Games: PANEM? Pan America / Panoptic electromagnetism in your face.  (see through the cloud)

It’s not chemtrails dumping toxins on the earth anymore than putting systems into the cloud data storage facilities. The cloud also separates the spatial divide and dictates the reality in both external and internal systems.

Sandy Hook and 811

When the WOT/WTO planned the 93 and 01 events for the world trade transition it marked the end of 9-11 period and ushered in the 8-11 period. The National Reconnaissance Office provides one of the best hubs for the collective work of NASA, NAVY, NSA, CIA, NGO (non-govt organizations), NGI and other covertly funded black holes.  The operations from the controller (committee) directs the projects and we are the recipients of their work in every aspect of our reality. From birth to death we are the petrie material for the greatest experiment ever undertaken by the controllers. It is artifact in all six segments of the vortex and electromagnetic in the internal and external of the construct.  The nine remains the controller and zero remains free of the 3- scalar or dual-scalar [6] adding the complex “i” (or imaginary axis) projecting it, observing and recording movement within the matrix, beyond the six degrees of freedom and tweaking the effects using the vortex in a three dimensional geo-information system that they have full control of at this time.

9/11 [NRO wikipedia]

In what the government described as a “bizarre coincidence”, the NRO was planning an exercise on September 11, 2001, involving an accidental aircraft “crash” into one of its buildings.[25] They planned to simulate the “crash” by closing off an area of doors and stairwells in the building to make employees find alternate routes out. This has been cited by 9/11 conspiracy theorists as proof of their beliefs.[26] During the attacks most of the employees at NRO headquarters were evacuated, save for “essential” personnel.[25] In charge of the exercise was CIA man John Fulton, head of the NRO’s “Strategic War Gaming Division”.[25] [See below.]


The SH experiment takes a vortex set, triggers the usual sequence and transmits the usual frequencies. One may receive either true or false. The conclusion makes no difference to the controller or the sequence. If I believe the event took place as a coup to take my second amendment right (T) or I believe the random event happened and gun control will be instituted (T) the small arms treaty sequence and event will still be true (T) The only purpose is identifying the variables from the target, capturing the dependents and isolating the independents and then changing the model. After risk factors have been determined and error calculated, the algorithm is refined and then modified on the fly in concurring sequences of the vortex formula and cycle.

While gun law debates and actions went into operation, post SH, the data and observations were analyzed and corrections made to the concurrent models for internet control, first amendment and intellectual property and mental health models.  The SH experiment was simulation and reconnaissance for PANEM and the future transmissions, transforms and transitions associated.

What benefits come from these dialectics always continue in the matrix. The SH sequence in the vortex links to the DSM-V which links to the Obamacare ACA which links to Agenda 21, the WTO, TPP and the United Nations.

If you look at Sandy Hook experiment and all the variables no real scientist would dispute it as other than the official story but never look to the fact it does not matter what conclusion is derived, it only matters that the event happened.


Meanwhile the experiment continues to undermine the peoples trust in the US government. These vortex manipulations are key to the understanding of the experiments and goals. The alternative media, the corruption disclosures, rampant theft, “incompetence” variable, climate change ‘risk’ and gridlock, economic state only proves the manipulated variables as predictors for the transition. Though all predictors are true, the controlled variable is false. The system by which it is represented is supposed to be consistent with the dependent variable. If the “i” controller overseeing the dependent variable (government) finds SH to be true as a random event (independent) yet finds the drone killing of 300 children a non variable then it’s suspect the control isn’t manipulating the variables and presenting an enormous negative covariance.  This trend indicates the purpose of transforming America means ending the US Government as we know it. Therefore it is by design.  Again you have conclude true or false is irrelevant to the experiment. Whether by design or random, dependent or control, the conclusion will be reached.

If the purpose of the experiment is to coalesce the target to One World Order by way of manipulating all the dependent variables and parameters, then the basis for true or false on any variable is moot and the entire experiment is a case for false. In the case of SH (811) the same false-flagged identifiers in the event appeared. Again whether or not the independent variable Adam Lanza was true, it does not provide consistency with the vortex model for a continued US Government.  The UN has condemned the drone strikes vigorously and yet Obama and Congress have continued these events. The correlation of US and UN is consistent with the transition and the formula used is consistent as well.

If true, then TRUE. If false then FALSE and either way the change or goal of the experiment is achieved. The recent TORTURE report seems to follow the same TRUE/FALSE conclusions and the similar positive-negative covariance which should be advanced much greater after the 2014 election variable comes into the experiment.  The observable effects of the vortex are becoming quite chilling. They are consistently becoming more observable, larger in scope and greater in distribution, frequency and amplitude and the population model becomes more polarized. When the effect of manipulated dependent variables or independent and controlled variables increases and the target  population increases, the extreme or predator variable is revealed. That is we the people who have fought wars and killed millions by this manipulation of variables.

Al-CIAda was for Bush. I$I$ is for 2016 and the new Commander in Chief or the third term martial law Obama.  al-CIAda and Clinton were underplayed during his term and that model continues with Obama at least in action terms. It then reveals Clinton also covertly enabled and funded al-Qaeda and ran ops for WTC 93.

Sandy Storm- Newtown HooK was really another 911 dual 3-scalar event. It coincides with Obamacare 2 and the event to tie the eBola, universal vaccines, DSM-V which links to the Obamacare ACA which links to Agenda 21, the WTO, TPP and the United Nations.  These connections cover the Agenda 21, six degrees of freedom to fascism.


2015  Predictions or “Chilling Effects” as I will entitle it,  will be coming soon. I can’t stop shivering as I type this post.  There is no more perfect alignment for the war on your mind, body and soul than the coming year.  It is 15 and 6 which is very personal. Health (including brain) will be the number one priority and we will be tested. The real truth of I$I$ will also be revealed.


Were clean for now.

  1.  DMCA


  1. Sydney Hostage MK-Ultra event. Sacrifice for Lisbon Government Banking theft
    Coordinates: -33.860097, 151.209204
    Antipodal 3-9-6
    Coordinates: 33.860097, -28.790796

    Scotland due for an event as well. Point of attack New Zealand.

  2. Very complex piece you have presented here. The language you use is difficult for someone like me to follow, as you are “plugged in” to every description used and I am not. None-the-less, trying to grok.

    You use the 3 letter word “Pan” often, and tied to different meanings. I would suggest you highlight the occult meaning of the “God” — “Pan”, who it refers to, and what he gets up to in the historical attributes of this character. I believe you have hit on it but not realized the significance of what pan this or pan that implies, and the dark “power” behind the games played. PAN delighted in the works he was about, using humans like tissue paper to blow his own horn or wad so-to-speak. I think We can see through the veil upon the things you have described, and recognize the “presence” delighting in all of these games played upon humanity. Some of the players are human, some not, but a certain “stamp” or smell is about all of them and their handiwork.

    Just my observation.

    • In certain terms the experiment is not about gulling the population but identifying the variables. (x,y) Either loses anyway. The only immediate concern is the predator factor (z). When the experiment goes live it will be of concern for certain but right now the dead bankers and dead scientists are an active predator sub-routine.

      The sub-R is running on the other targets (that being the bankers/scientists) who are still alive. Is this sub-routine going to change the experiment? Yes, I think so, at least to some degree. Any other data is being collected and going into the live model. These algorithms are determining and scaling the master program.

      Obviously it should be to all pretty telling what the tolerances are. I mean what the hell do they have to do to turn the pop to predators? When bad cops are killing a man and your standing there watching it or if the bank burns your check on deposit will you go predator? Maybe some will let them rape their child in their presence. These factors are how they will advance military and law enforcement and determine your risk.

      Until some point arrives the US Gov will continue to evolve to Nazi Stasi status but can we act on it? Sandy Hook says they;
      1. Fake the event
      2. Kill some kids
      3. Created an assassin (MK) and set him loose or
      4. Make it just as it happened.

      True, the event happened, but we cannot act on the information we have. This process can continue , cycle over and over and it will never change the dependent v to the independent predator v. Because they (i) control the dependent aspects of the experiment. Tolerances and stressors are introduced into the populations. The predictors are established through years of data mining and info on these Sandy H00Ks and Ferguson events.

      When will the looting and killing begin? (predator)

      They run the Lotka–Volterra model for the gamut (finance, biological, resource, psychological, social and political. Gangstalked, Targeted pop.subjects and running the predator/prey psy-ops in multiple routines for the controllers.

      The Ferguson / Wall street OCCU-Pi models are gleaning additional data. The final point of this post is to get visitors to understand how important their data is and how being an independent variable, unpredictable and random will make them less predictable, better knowledgeable of the predator/prey class.

      If we convert and reduce the dependent prey pop. to the predator. reduce the predictor dependent (i) identify the imaginary and change the outcome variable, the experiment collapses.

      In Humger games the Pan seems to fit the model for the North American Union in which the author identifies Canada Mexico US collapse or morph into one. Panoptic seems as well to follow the authors bird spy Mocking Jays, therefore I thought Pan American or Panoptic EM were best suited to the name PANEM.

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