Posted by: Puddy Dunne | December 7, 2014

Obamacare 2: Your premiums just went way up America. Merry Xmas

Let’s expect this  early Christmas Card from the White House and CONgress.  I still haven’t  had a chance to read the NDAA  or Obamacare in it’s entirety, but I thank him just the same for those books.

This years sneaky  secret Santa will come way of the CON-gress and WalMartStreet Lobby and Obamacare 2.  The second round of backroom gift wrapping while the sheeple will be nestled in bed.

Before the new Congress (same as the old one) joins the ponzi, immigrationgate and Obamacare 2 will be traded for this;

New Law Would Make Taxpayers Potentially Liable For TRILLIONS In Derivatives Losses

If the quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble implodes, who should be stuck with the bill?  Well, if the “too big to fail” banks have their way it will be you and I.  Right now, lobbyists for the big Wall Street banks are pushing really hard to include an extremely insidious provision in a bill that would keep the federal government funded past the upcoming December 11th deadline.  This provision would allow these big banks to trade derivatives through subsidiaries that are federally insured by the FDIC.  What this would mean is that the big banks would be able to continue their incredibly reckless derivatives trading without having to worry about the downside.  If they win on their bets, the big banks would keep all of the profits.  If they lose on their bets, the federal government would come in and bail them out using taxpayer money.  In other words, it would essentially be a “heads I win, tails you lose” proposition.

Read more at the Economic Collapse

We knew it was coming. Wall Street,  the Maccabees, Joo-Joo Bees and the Big Six can go back to Casino Royale for another buy in.



  1. 2012

    and now

  2. Israel false flag and a war with Russia, Syria and Iran would save the economy?….nah. just the banksters

  3. Banksters, banksters, the name keeps ringing like mo’gangsters.

    It is past time to do away with the Federal Reserve and the gangbanksters, and all of their dirty money. Flush it all out, flush it all down. My oh my, the way the world would change, to just turn our backs on the Conscripted fictional money from the thin air, and hold these vermin responsible for their crimes.

    Imagine if money was removed from the political process? Corporations were declared “not persons” but fictions, and all the rest. This stuff has been in the news lately and is always in the news, but humanity keeps putting up with their wars, ripoffs, political whoring and the rest of the mess.

    Completely sick of it all.

    • Every Rightwingnut who thinks the Obamacare TPP freight line will get derailed is in for a very rude reality.

      The simplest vortex variation is to double the circuit 33966933 and the TPP trade deal which converts derivatives to carbon is on every living being. Obamacare 2 is the formal signing of humans to debt instruments.

      Derived from fiat the accounting moves to World Bank IMF UNEI bookkeepers and peacekeepers. Peace through equality. The 1% can make the payments on their tabs. The 99% will have to transform to the cloud computer governor, the unseen 9 is merely a faceless enterprise system and quantum computer accounting that will make the decisions on how you, as an asset/liability balance the NWO.

      We have watched the beta testing in “Fiscal eBola” , “Fergus-sun” , “Fukushima” , “Fast&Furious” “Syrianna” , “Jukraine” , and other earlier test models.

      Now that they control weather, food, water and all paper fiat by way of EM WMD, they have no issue destroying the final remnants of precious metals, guns and ammo, common law and constitution. Just make them illegal or ineffective.

      The prophesy is 27 years. 2001 the start and 2028 the end. The halfway point has arrived. 2015 will be real 2012. Like 1999 was to 2001, Y2K (811) was to ISIS (911), I am certain now the predictions have been 2-3 years behind. Therefore we see 911-2 next year.

      The events will prove the Russian, China war has been declared. We can watch BRICS, Weather wars in the Asian Pacific, MalaysiaGate (370), and Obamacare 2

      This is not a sovereign war, a war of nations or boots on the ground, but a heightened financial war far beyond the one that started in 2008. The bankster homicides and psychopolitical hits will continue, but the ENMOD and ISIS driven TPP will complete the UN transition for the event that could happen next year but before 2017.

      I have suspected sooner to keep Barry in office under martial law and war powers emergency action, but if we have another election in 2016, the big event will be in 2017.

      We should watch for the XMAS sacrifices this holiday season as well. I have suspected that they will initiate a real sandy hook-ferguson in an urban area. I also think my 2012 prediction for Calif. Quake is really 2015.
      I am working from the islamic/hebrew calendar and coptic/ethiopian for asia and europa.

      2015 – 8-2-5/7-1-4 (693396)
      In 2011 we shifted from 4-5 and now we are shifting back 5-4. The wildcard 7 plays heavy into the year 2015 and death tolls much higher than 2011. How they compare to Bush II 2003 will be yet to be determined but based upon millenium models it should begin the eight year peak.

      I hope to have things finished in the database to better compile the GPS UTM coordinates and give location prediction by end of Jan 2015.

      • Reverse this on Them…”Just make them illegal or ineffective”.

  4. BTW, Happy Pearl Harbor Day (711)

    PEARL = 7
    HARBOR = 11(2)

    Looking forward to 511 Anniversary 😉

  5. Full Time Bullshit

    [Payrolls grew by 50,000 in the retail sector in November, with healthcare adding 29,000 jobs, manufacturing adding 28,000 jobs, and professional and business services jobs growing by 86,000].

    *29000 medical compliance officers to manage new regulations
    **Pharma and GMO
    *** Foreclosure and Bankruptcy
    death panels

    [The “U-6” unemployment rate, which also includes those who are working part time for economic reasons and those marginally attached to the labor force, fell to 11.4% from 11.5%.

    The labor force participation rate also held steady at 62.8%].

    Read more:

  6. Watch the I$I$ curve working in reverse

    General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money
    CHINA ^ US v Russia > EU <

    R=^ (gov spending)
    Q=< (consumer spending)

    Reverse this axis as well.

    Phoney economy, interest rates low until the shift
    increase taxes, raise interest rates, trigger inflation

  7. IN YOUR your ear, in your eye, in your anus.

    NSA Mass Spying Earns Another Rubber Stamp Nearly a Year After Obama’s Pledge to End It via @nationaljournal


    Japan: Infant Born With Third Eye Fuels Public Outcry Over Fukushima Disaster Health Hazard via @GlobalResReport

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