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NSA Crime Cabal: Organized Harassers

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NSA Crime Cabal: Organized Harassers~ by Tracy Turner

Articles on the topic of Organized Harassment a.k.a. Targeted Individual goes back in the United States, Canada and Australia predating 2002 (George W. Bush first term).

This short piece of prose seems to define O.H. and T.I, but it actually is misguided: ““Predatory Gangstalking is a criminal phenomenon referring to a group of loosely affiliated people who, in an organized and systematic manner, relentlessly invade all areas of an individual’s life on a continuing basis, as part of their lifestyle. While each individual gangstalker does his or her small part, what defines Predatory Gangstalking is the collective intent to do harm.” R.B.Ross c 2005

For the purposes of this article, the “g.s.” term is not used, in the same way one does not use the F word in a serious, scholarly article; herein, “Syndicate” suffices for “the “g.s.”

But let’s look at this another way, the NSA Syndicate Crime Cartel spend 365.25 days a year harassing someone who was, is and will continue to be a Christian Journalist. After a period of time, said Syndicate Members collectively burned thousands of dollars in gas merely looking for their target on the freeway or in the community. Does the gas expense of the Criminal Syndicate weigh on the target in any way? Conversely, a group of loosely organized criminals may have briefly eclipsed and glimpsed one another wasting gasoline. So the target was actually the so-called-predators, not their imagined prey. Each wasted the gas that could have taken their kids to soccer practice on a total stranger they will never see again. This article proposes that the collective “predators” are the fresh meat.

Imagine being the son or daughter of a Crime Syndicate couple, raised by neighbors and baby-sitters while Mom and Dad burn family resources “doing their duty for America” in both dystopic family and dystopic country. Everything that child or those children need to thrive is expended to aggravate a total stranger. In essence, the “Stalker” has been savaged by a trail of murky government/corporate dysfunction whose only real show of “progress” is a private army of familial scum acted out in “free” society.

Among the many things sacrificed for Bush and Obama by the Syndicate antiutopic familial “members” is job skills. There are only a limited number of hours in a year; while others learn job skills NSA Syndicate “members” learn Hitler Brownshirts skills. There is the goal of the government and corporate world: two “heads”-of-household and their off-spring filled with hate and acting their familial grief out on John Q. Public in America, Canada, the US and Australia.

Creating a legion of plainclothes Hitlerian Brownshirts was the goal… …who they are supplied with for target practice is irrelevant. To the stalked it can occasionally appear that the stalked are in grave danger… …But the NSA Crime Cabal has all the pre-suicide symptomology: bitterness and life, hate, malice, ill will towards others – in actuality it is all directed at self and at self’s family.

In the realm of the Spirit, mass stalkers are en masse corrupting and putrefying their own relations with self, with family, with country into self-sacrifice. Where one stood a weak semblance of self now stands the NSA/multinationals/politician’s puppet. Where once was a community now stands a mass crime against God, country and countrymen, Stasi 2.0 replacing what once were ordinary Americans. The main victim of the Crime Cabal is self, lost family members and lost countrymen caught up in mass torture as lifestyle “fun”.

The typical article(s) place the emphasis and importance on the government/multinationals/politicians using the Organized Harassers as a archetypal meat tenderizers. But the loosely affiliated organized harassers take on the personality type (government/corporate-compliant) that they are supposedly trying to stalk into their alleged prey. Their prey is still of the same opinion as before, but his or her “stalkers” are meat-tenderized 365.25 days per year. The so-called prey never gave up their freedom, but the stalkers are enslaved to their NSA handlers…

The fault of most NSA Crime Syndicate articles is the reasoning that the targeted are the purpose and goal (behavior modification). But an overwhelming number of the targeted have no ability to change and no known goal state to change into. Rather, the NSA is into behavior modification of their spineless sycophants aka flash lynch mobs. The main behavior altered is that of the nouvelle Hitler youth, the lowest link in the Syndicate’s hierarchy. Each “target” encountered makes the low-life Syndicate member one ladder rung lower in western society. The behavior modification of the loosely Syndicated outlasts the short amount of time of a Flash Stasi Mob and they take their lower moral standards home to their children. Think of the Stasi Flash Mob as tomorrow’s Jews holding the keys to Auschwitz and Rudolph Hoess’s most eager helpers via flash mob training.…   –  more

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Legislation to make Organized Stalking Illegal Is A Necessity! … whether it’s the NSA, … Vancouver Island Organized Stalking;Harassment Diary;



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