Posted by: jerseyg | December 4, 2014

We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook

This is the definitive and most informative documentary on the events that took place, on 12/14/12, in Sandy Hook, Ct.  If you don’t know that you were deceived by government officials and the main stream media on that fateful winter day, then it’s time you have your mind blown as you watch the truth unfold, minute by minute, within the 2 hours + of this film.

Coming up on the two year anniversary of this event,  I am pleased to present to you this collaborative effort by some excellent independent journalists that have worked very hard to get the truth out.  No money was collected in the making of this video. This effort was strictly a labor of love by these dedicated researchers that share the single minded belief that the public has the right to know the truth.  ~jg


  1. Good to hear from you jg and thx for posting here… This doco has been a hot topic in the last few days, utube, vimeo, etc have had their hands full taking all the mirror / copys down .. lol
    There is obviously some great info in there and it’s very well collaborated, great effort & appreciation for those involved.. You really could make a 10hr doco on this one big fat hoax tho.. 😮

  2. Hey Jay 🙂 good to see you.. Yes, one of my good friends is one of the researchers in this vid and is editor at insanemedia. We all belong to a group of Sandy hook researchers on facebook and have been stalked and harassed by none other than Lenny Pozner…alleged father of alleged victim Noah Pozner. He has had the video taken down but we all have downloaded our own copies and just keep reposting. And yea, the doc could have easily run 10 hrs ! They stuck to the most provable evidence in this one though 🙂

  3. Add my kudos Deb. Miss you.

    Boomers addition of the website threatening legal action is such a joke but obviously an attempt tp quell the truth.

    I’d like to see lawsuits and federal charges for fraud, RICO and charges connected through the IRS who most likely have been contacted by the WH Criminals for tax records on the whistleblowers.

    Another smoking gun in the Internal Racketeering System.

    glad to see sofia smallstorm info used. Her chemtrail analysis was superb.

  4. Yes, Fantastic to hear from you JG, and to hear of what you’ve been doing. Interesting, I just ran across this video at which I accessed as a link from .

    Your locale puts you right in the thick of so much insanity, that its probably difficult to pick one FF to choose from to address. Keep on keeping on!

  5. Thanks Patrick and Boomer.. so glad to see you guys still keeping the lights on here 🙂 And again Lenny Pozner.. the Poser has had the vid pulled again!@.. They are running scared… they even posted it on infowars and what really happened.

    I’ll repost it again…. there are NO copyright issues… the guys were very meticulous about that…. Pozner is an op

  6. Boomer.. tonight I will watch your video and report back 🙂

  7. Hey Boom…read the article… he sums it up very well …

    “Government” itself is not to blame. Government becomes an instrument of oppression when it has been subverted. The same applies to the mass media which is an instrument of Illuminati mind control.

    Watching this documentary, I had a frightening premonition, which has obviously already taken place. Whole sections of society have simply gone over to evil, deliberately defrauding their fellow citizens of their money and their rights. This is what happens as society devolves into a satanic cult. People become demons in droves. –

    Demons, aliens, reptilians, interdimensional beings, jin.. whatever you wanna call em.. all of them evil. :/

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  9. YEAH DEB!!!

    As chance would have it I talked to a man the other day that claims he lived in Newtown and sent his two daughters to Sandy Hook “when it was open.” Of course like an idiot I didn’t video his statement, but he said that it was impossible for the shooting to have happened because the school closed years earlier.

    The hardest thing for people to understand, as it is with many of these false-flags, is the magnitude of the hoax. They can’t phantom how people can be made to go along with such a thing.

    “The biggest trick the Devil pulls is to make you think he doesn’t exist.”

    And indeed it is hard to grasp a crime that is orchestrated by so many members, and in this case it’s nearly the entire state of Conn.. But it’s not as though many even know what’s happening until they’re in the middle of it, and then who do you go to and tell of the hoax when all the authorities at the top are in on it? Especially when they wave threats and money at you.

    None the less the truth still comes out.

    This is an extraordinary documentary in that it adds so much more to what we already know. Combine the many exposures and this is a slam-dunk, but will it ever be truly exposed on a grand scale? Or will it like 9/11, the Boston Bombing, and all the other OBVIOUS false-flags be regulated to memory-hole of denial? You keep wondering, is THIS the lynchpin that will topple the tower of Babble? The power that fear and denial have is displayed with every new false-flag they pull. And we those see keep pointing and yelling into the face of the fear, “Look! You”re being played! Wake-up!” and we are looked upon as lunatics.

    And maybe we are. I often think that we have to be crazy to plunge headlong at the most ruthless mass-murders the world has ever witnessed. But what else can we do? We’ve swallowed the Red-Pill.

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