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The Hand of I$I$: Probing the Host

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Decoding 811, 911, I$I$, eBola, Obamacare, TPP and Fergusson

1-2-4-8-5-7=9     3-6=9

Begin Narration

In the last two posts we commented on a key issue coming with Obamacare transformation. Regulations-Regulations-Regulations. Decoding the world events and recognizing the internal aspects of the vortex are simple to correlate. The aid of the googleplex has greatly assisted truthers in gathering information, filtering out the garbage and finding the substance. We can call it transformation, transition, transposition, transcription, synthesis to consensus, hegelian dialectic and ever moving trajectory to the NWO. We are coming to know the synthetic construct of the outer world and the control of the three in vortex terms as seen in the numerology and symbolism of the controllers and committee CORE through the center of G and the masonic order of entities.

At the BASE (al-qaeda) the vortex rules the process. From MSM to the events (news) to the events themselves the creation, manipulations and synthetic transitions are carefully controlled, recorded, reported and catalogued for the benefits of the ‘change’ transformation to a post human world and the elites who will inherit it all under the science of knowledge long held in privileged hands.

811 represents the entire spectrum of the digital, electromagnetic, 3 dimensional construct of earth and inhabitants and the entire universe beyond based upon the vortex and code of all creation that excludes only the truth at point zero. By controlling the true universal vortex by means of luciferian constructs, introductions and black holes of misinformation they have successfully driven the social engineering process in a progressive manner not seen by most. By way of the knowledge, the research and beta testing, the minions of compartments working inside the box have built the pyramids of power in our time as we see it now.

Obviously we know that the forbidden knowledge for the people runs like water, in deep and vast oceans we see surface currents but are clueless to the undercurrents and vortexes occurring beneath. 811 is ‘know what’s below” and it is not by accident that the numbers were selected anymore than why 911 emergency was selected or for that matter 411, for information.

As I identified above the vortex (universal) runs in the sequence 1-2-4-8-7-5-and back to 1. the nucleus is controlled by the energy of 9 which controls both 3 and 6. By manipulating the powerful subvortices or tranforming the natural vortex through transcription from the base natural processes. Manipulating the natural vortex does not change the universal system in time-space terms. It cannot be altered. Only fooled from the eleven. The nine is the true electron of the nucleus, the universal (3) of the I/O (9/6) where we, man(1) are the free electron only governed by the six (output) based on the nine, the energy force of the worldly three and six of committee nine. As the vortices run in the mega-quadrillions, we can decode any of the transmissions, currents and circuits by TPTB controlling the transcription simply by using the vortex base system of analysis.

In the case of the vortex and cycle I identified above we can translate in concept, the origin, purpose and connection if we choose to accept the core fundemental of NWO.
811 = 1 Every program under whatever term you wish (NWO(8) , Agenda-21 (8,3=11 FSD (11) etc. This is the war on (wo)man
911 = 2 Where the truth is separated from fact. The divide, the self/ego, the yin yang, the false flag dilemma, doublecross
I$I$ = 4 (911×2) time, space, malaise, chaos Expect the second event (2)
eBola = 8 infinite, change, transform, recycle
Obamacare or ACA = 7 Wildcard, shift, adapt, perfection, synthesis
TPP = 5 Power, Force, Law, Enforcement, Military

Begin Vortex
Fergus son (begin 8) wildcard Fergusson 7 and the vortex control. The event is 3-9-6 or 6-9-3 depending upon the nine of committee or natural vortex. Either way the committee 9 will manipulate the vortex with 3 or 6 or both as the sequencing is recorded. MSM will record and transcribe the narrative with 3 and 6 of the 124875…..n sequence.

decode: Quantitative Easing (QE = 4) (end -4-1-7 = [3]-9-6 ) event
decode: Obamacare (or ACA = 5) (begin +5+2+8 =[6]-9-3 event

The processes of the world(9) by 6 and 3 is corellated to the epigenetics of the transformation of humans to hybrid controlled population plans for the coming singularity. The science of genetics works exactly in the natural vortex from DNA to RNA, gene silencing, expression code, protein synthesizing, peptides, amino acids, enzymes and connecting to the outer world of sustainablity. These are the bridges of 3 to 6. Our food, water, air, medicines, frequencies are under attack. The attack may be in beta test modes now but I suspect the time for universal live global testing is at hand. How the vortex is manipulated here is much easier to identify. From the CERN labs to Stanford Research, MIT to Monsanto, the research which may be 90% benign or under the auspices of benevolent research has the yang factor when run through and overseen by the mills. The Luficerian brilliance is the forbidden knowledge. Those who are in the box working hard for cancer cures would have found it easier to contact the committee and asked them for their created viruses in order to produce the antigens. Instead we become indoctrinated into the their vortex controlled system which has us working against the natural order of chaos universal controlled by the real creator. Though we working in this system are unconscious to the alternate vortex we are protected and still ruled by our inner vortex still running in harmony with the zeropoint. This is where those of the committee are ultimately focused.

Understanding the process. Identify the natural vortex, create the artificial vortex, transcribe and collect the data, introduce the synthesis, collect the data, merge. The CLOUD will maintain the smoke and mirrors of a mammoth amount of information. Too much for one to decipher and understand except by the controllers and computer algorithms that will be able to manage and compile while sequestering their private knowledge system in an enterprise system to disseminate certain levels of information by levels or layers. (need to know)

Create the synthetic construct

synonym: synthetic constructs – Hegelian dialectic
synonym: synthetic DNA – Identify Source
synonym: synthetic protein – Create the event
synonym: artificial sequence – Control the narrative
synonym: artificial oligonucleotide – Redistribute Wealth
synonym: artificial gene – provide solution (transformation)
synonym: artificial – total artifact
includes: primer – the vortex eBola(8) virus(8) Obamacare(8)
The Probes

Development of a luciferase-based reporter of transcriptional gene silencing that enables bidirectional mutant screening of (8?????)

Just as we are seeing the silencing of dissent and a muting of the awakening the transcribers are working overtime to introduce the LUCIFER CYPHERS in the transcriptions of the external world. Through linguistics, language, symbols and music/speech they are controlling the narrative and transition of social engineered society to a Luciferian concept. LUCIFER is 11, which is 2. The manipulators control six and three with five and eight. Since 10 is one, nine manipulates the vortex to create 11 which is an illusion, a hologram or a false flag. It represents the deception of the two. The paradigm of good and evil. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Certainly we have seen the master CIC use this so effectively the masses cannot see it when it bites them on their noses. Slowly the process continues until the controllers vortex changes based upon necessity. We rely on Hope that something new will change the vortex of our reality.

With the external war raging on, the focus on the internal efforts to control us are on pace. We cannot manage the external effects let alone go deep into the internal conflicts, but we can find much in little when using the system. The access to information is still available but soon the cloud and controllers will eliminate more and more access. As the external forces run manipulations and events it points more and more to the TPP and regulations of a global authority. As in 911 vortex, the security whether global, under national or individual necessity is an ever shrinking spiral to reduce independence, freedom of information and restrictive movements. I used to call that a prison. Now it’s security.or a safe zone. That’s eleven at work.

Luciferin (from the Latin lucifer, “light-bringer”) is a generic term for the light-emitting compound found in organisms that generate bioluminescence. Luciferins typically undergo an enzyme-catalysed oxidation and the resulting excited state intermediate emits light upon decaying to its ground state. This may refer to molecules that are substrates for both luciferases and photoproteins.[1],1248571

R.reniformis luciferse probe #1,name:Sequence,display_name:Sequence,id:STD1,category:Sequence,annots:Sequence,ShowLabel:false%5D&appname=ncbientreznuccore&color=0&label=0&decor=0&spacing=0&v=1:17&c=808000&gflip=false&select=null&slim=0

gi|1248571|emb|A28038.1 | 7,9 [7] | [9] |

7 1 8 1 1 7 1 1 7 2 2 7 2 2 7 7 2 = 11

1 3 8 1 1 8 1 1 8 2 2 8 2 2 7 2 3 = 6


Wild-type Beta-globin gene (sickle-cell allele) PCR primer
22 bp linear DNA
Accession: A26635.1 GI: 1248283
GenBank FASTA Graphics
Select item 1248571
04/17/2013: The complete genome of a human A (H7N9) isolate has been released in GenBank. It is available at NCBI’s Influenza Virus Sequence Database

Theres so much information available to anyone who wants to do the work, though your activity will be automatically recorded for up to 6 months.

Ever since the Genome project began, there was a deadline similarly with the analog to digital conversion project. The vectors of the research are numerous and they can easily swing the consensus to the benevolent pursuit of disease eradication as their objectives and goal, but what we know now about Reston, VA and the recent Malaise MH17 and eBola events  also tells us other Cold War to present research has covered both psychotropic and psychotronic research.  There is strong evidence of HIV and Lyme’s weaponization as now with EV Zaire.

With the rapid changes in our world which can hardly be disputed, I submit the pace is synchronized to the research in the psy-op, psychotropic and psychotronic programs that will provide the evolutionary taxonomy of Agenda 21.  It’s apparent upon reviewing large amounts of the research that the vortex will play a key role in the main event that has to happen. It’s not  chance or random mutations we are witnessing, but crafted and directed biological and energetic transcriptions. As in the Military, Financial and Social synthesis external the internal sequence is cycling similarly. That is a benefit of the committee control system based upon our dependence upon MSM, Internet and digital systems which MIT-SRI-NSA have full control.

I have never said that they don’t give you enough information to connect the patterns, the patents, algorithms, googleplex analytics, meta-data and trending. Sometimes even in your face. The problem is looking for the not obvious.   As the research in Epigenetic, Phenetics and Phylogenetics continues, I believe the vectors may be all but confirmed now.  The system is under full surveillance and watch. What breakthroughs in reverse aging and disease eradication will be sequestered based upon the economical factors of healthcare, the depop. models recorded in government and NGO documents,  with benefits to the elites and wealthy only.  Obamacare ACA itself discusses end of life and we have heard the vaccine villain Bill Gates openly promote the ravings of lunatics regarding euthanasia.

Research into vaccine combined with the data models and sequencing genomic data, DNA-binding proteins, RNA cellular communication, transcriptional potential of a cells leads you to the ultimate search for the everything vaccination. This one protects you from the external assault planned sometime in the future while introducing one or more genetic mutation devices to change or transform the host DNA and transform the long term genetic mutation in reproduction, brain development and gender determination processes.

Virus research to create the perfect homo-sapien  recombinant DNA and phenotype creating the perfect mutation and thus morbidity and mortality. Obamacare is break your bank first in treatment then die.

There is a possible catch-22 or Kobayashi Maru factor here where the options  are either transform or die, but maybe not and a simple antigen may be found in the forbidden knowledge. Is it an evolutionary game of  natural selection by committee or just a simple vortex solution?






  1. The Fergusson Toodle-Oo “good-bi and occu-pi”

  2. decode:
    WHO advises male Ebola survivors to abstain from sex

    Man dies after shooting at Mexican consulate, other sites in Texas capital

    Heres a good HOAX or MK-Staging.

    time 2:22 (6) and 4.7 mil (11) immigrants

  4. Here’s a bit of an expose on the Oligarch’s Big Game:

  5. Nice indepth post Puddy!

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