Posted by: Mr. M | November 23, 2014

Grubers Unite!


Gruber; (slang) to be used as a noun; to describe a person or persons that supports an authoritarian person, or group, political party, ect., that is openly defrauding, or otherwise harming them, and does nothing to stop the abuse, but instead encourages further abuse.

Grubers are known to fall for the same trick over and over again. Criminals in government, and other positions of power love Grubers. For obvious reasons. Criminal political dynasties can be maintained for generations by simply getting enough of the Grubers to vote for whichever sock-puppet they put up in either controlled political party.

Now the Grubers reading this aren’t going to be able to understand much of what I’m saying, but the criminals will, as those of us that understand just who the criminals are.

Grubers will think that “if only Obama could stay … but otherwise I’m ready for Hillary,” and have no idea what hapless sheep they are being lead to slaughter.

Grubers are only dangerous when their easy to harness mentalities can be turned into a mob, as it is being manipulated in Ferguson, and many other false-flags that can wreck havoc on even the strongest amongst us.

But even Grubers don’t like being called “stupid” by the authoritarian figure(s) they worship. Or at least most don’t. God help the rest.

So what us Grubers are not buying anymore are your lies, your political-theater, your arrogance, your hubris, and we don’t in the least bit find you funny.



  1. If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny. If it wasn’t so funny it would be tragic. The resignation of Hagel today says the King wears no clothes. It is the true ‘lone wolf’ in sheeple nakedness. Transparent? He wears a suit of cellophane.

    We can truly operate as if it is ten to midnight now. They’re all in thinking they have a royal flush. We need an ISIS candidate now that we have had the Al-CIAda. It’s not conspiracy, it’s the anti-pode to the coming anti-christie. Trust me when I say I think he’s the guy.. Obama is bin-laden and he killed the lamb and Gruber, the messenger. It’s a virtual IMAX of revelation happening now. Unbelievable symbolic movements, disclosures and historical/ancient revivals.

    Obama, the narcissist does not to be made fun of. I think we have to attack with truth, exposure and add a heaping helping of ridicule.

    Hey Michael heres a flashback and a revival for you. Stay safe.


  2. PS: I think SNL is only stoking the Manson Race War but it is funny.

    From Pedophile News Network: US defence secretary Chuck Hagel resigns

    • A man stopped by my rig, cracking-up at my work, especially the Clinton/Gruber, poster. (I’m doing a different design for a Tee-shirt and bumper-sticker tonight – back to that later) Anyway, he claimed to be a “professional healthcare economist,” … “who knows Gruber very well.”

      He wouldn’t let me film him or give me his name, but he basically said that Gruber’s name is synonymous with anything “stupid,” in his circles as in, “you’ve pulled a Gruber.”

      Gruber is a big deal precisely because they tried so hard to keep it out of the news. I don’t think this is over. What Gruber did was one of those high-water marks on the political carnival. I’m doing my level best to keep his name alive.

      Which leads me to this.

      Tee with Gruber wearing a dunce-cap. Caption; “Stupid is as Stupid does.”

      Bumper-sticker; 2016 – Clinton / Gruber “Proud To Be Stupid”

      Any ideas?

      • “Is that a Gruber in Clinton’s pocket, or is she just glad-handing?”

        A Gruber sounds like a rhubarb to me, or a tuber. Rube, Grube, If Gruber is synonymous with “stupid”, then we know why Hillary is holding up her Gruber, ’cause she is not stupid. She is wicked smart, as in amoral psychopathic evil.

        I don’t think a Gruber will get very far. What was that car that went nowhere? Not a Gremlin, thought they were crap cars. A Studebaker? I don’t think that was what I’m trying to remember either.

        There’s probably some wicked funny tunes I could write including the name Gruber. Should make for some rousing lowspark sideswipes if Hillary keeps toting her Gruber around.

      • It doesn’t surprise me. Gruber came out for a reason Michael. This does not happen by accident. Obamacare will fail because it is supposed to fail and then what comes after will be so bad that it may never be fixed again. The same with the borders. They too will never be secured again.

        That is until the transition to UN authority is in place. Enough fear and lack of security and healthcare and the sheeple will accept anything.

        Please remember that China owns half the highways in this country and toll roads are the name of the game for the NAU i-35 Superhighway.

        Boomer, you know this Ferguson is a complete staged hoax. I heard Cuomo on CNN giving instructions to protesters and others were laughing it up not knowing they were on camera.

        What a scam. This is Occu-pi crisis on a national stage. What a f-king fraud. Such bullshit.



  4. Of course we can believe it. What other time would be appropriate? 9:36 maybe. 9:11.

  5. Oh Heh! Isn’t it about time for a post regarding the falling off the radar of EBOLA? They can only sustain their BS memes for short periods, then attrition starts hammering them apart. I don’t “feel” the Scare much anymore. How about you? These tactics of the MSM Propaganda Megaphone should be pointed out to the TV head masses so they understand how they are led around by the latest Barfarama.

    • I said recently “Its amazing what they can do with a single actor and a iPAD. What the reality TV industry did for MSM was incredible. There is more truth in Hollywood than in MSM in NY, DC and Atlanta. I swear I am sick to my stomach now. I hope you are not as nauseous as I am pal.

      Stay safe Michael. I truly worry about some liberal loonie taking a shot at you. Be safe, fearless leader..

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