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Grooslings, Mockingjays and other Birdbrain Stuffings


The Naked Reality?


Grooslings, Mockingjays and other Birdbrain Stuffings

It’s the time of year for the height of Holyrood Haarpings from the Bluebeam team. For this Thanksgiving, while the deep freeze ENMOD Group campaign for global warming to the transition of the new carbon economy, we can snuggle in the warmth of the Multi-plex of mind control and social imagineering offerings.

Like the Avatar-Contagion-Hunger Games years of the past, this years extravaganza has to be fitting the reality of the lofty and major productions and ventures from the East Coast DC. (District DC) The Hills of DC and the Hollywood Hills seem to sync in the production value of their virtual reality transmissions and the plots and premises seem to align accordingly.

Like the first two installments of the trilogy, Hunger Games, Mockingjay provides the same theme of the dystopic authoritarian post America yet it also introduces much more bluebirds and cognitive shuttlecocks. Not only is the Phoenix of Catching Fire reinforcing the meme that freedom has to be completely destroyed before the revolution (transition) to evolution (transformation) can take place, it provides the symbols and metaphors in many subtle ways. I do not worry about spoilers here assuming that the readers are not indoctrinated to the extent the mindless minions like those in tomatoland are, so I can reveal the opportunity to kill the SNOW is rejected in favor of killing the COIN.  Such obvious psy-keys are not missed by the coto radar. Neither is the fact that the Trilogy will include Mockingjay 2 which clearly manipulates the vortex of basic mind control. Why the third book is two movies is certainly debatable and may be more than financially fleecing the sheep.

Why Mockingjay is so interesting to me is due to the fictional representation of the bird and the reason Collins used it in her novels. I can only work from the vortex and technological aspects of the languages and arithmetic of Mk-Ultra and Bluebeam. The movie incorporates Districts 1, 4 and 7 into the main District 12 (3) which is an obvious representation of the vortex sequence in the manipulations by the MIT, CIA group and the designations of “J” is represented in brain computer coding. When correlating the numerology to symbols to sound and sight it has the following values of eleven and the digit representation of 74. Unicode, UTF-8 and ASCII value of J is 74 and in Hex is 41 or 4A and D1.

Wiki writes: Mockingjays are the result of the genetically created Capitol jabberjays mating with female mockingbirds and creating a unique species. After the emergence of mockingjays, their jabberjay progenitors became, as Katniss stated in Catching Fire, “as rare and tough as rocks”. Mockingjays lost the jabberjay’s ability to enunciate words, but can copy perfectly, down to the last note, any human tune. If a singer with a voice the mockingjays respect sings, they will fall silent. Katniss, Peeta, and Peeta’s father note this throughout the series. Katniss, her father, Pollux (avox), and Rue are singers that have caused mockingjays to fall silent as mentioned in Mockingjay and The Hunger Games. District 11 is known to have an especially large mockingjay population, as confirmed by District 11 tribute Rue who has special mockingjay friends.

Further: Jabberjays[edit]Jabberjays are small, crested black birds bred during the Dark Days by the Capitol.[8] They were engineered to be able to remember human conversations and repeat them verbatim with human voices, and thus to be able to spy on the rebels with small likelihood of arousing suspicion. Upon discovering the birds’ purpose, the rebels fed lies to the jabberjays, upsetting the Capitol’s plans for espionage. The birds were promptly abandoned by the Capitol and left in the wilderness to die. Because the jabberjays were exclusively male, it was thought that they would die off in the wild. However, when released they bred with female mockingbirds and created the hybrid species of mockingjays, which no longer had the capability of reproducing human speech, but they could repeat back the tunes of songs that they heard humans sing.

During the third Quarter Quell, one of the 12 sections of the arena features jabberjays that voice screams. While Finnick hears the screams of Annie, the insane girl he loves, Katniss hears Prim, her mother, Gale, and Gale’s family’s screams. Katniss attempts to escape the sound by shooting down all the screaming birds, but eventually gives up. To add to their torment, the Capitol temporarily puts up invisible force fields to keep them within screaming distance of the “horrible” birds.


Mockingjays acquire a symbolism throughout Panem following the 74th Hunger Games. For the rebels it is a symbol of rebellion, as the birds’ existence was a result of the rebels outsmarting the Capitol. At the beginning of The Hunger Games, Katniss was given a mockingjay pin by Madge Undersee, the daughter of District 12’s mayor. She did not recognize the bird until she was waiting for guests to say their final goodbyes before the opening of the Games, and said that it was a huge “slap in the face” to the Capitol, because mockingjays were never intended to exist. The pin was thought to be a weapon by the Game Makers, but was accepted. Katniss wears the pin as her token in the Games, and by Catching Fire it becomes a symbol of rebellion. In Mockingjay, Katniss becomes the titular character, a person who speaks to the districts for the rebels, and she wears a mockingjay-inspired costume and the pin.

PANEM? The “Homeland” is what?

Wiki says: The series takes place at an unspecified point in the future. By this time, following mass death and destruction, the nation of Panem rules North America in place of the governments of Canada, the United States and Mexico, which failed to survive.[1]

{1} North American Union? For the uninitiated please refer to googleplex under NAU, NASCO, SPP, Trans Texas Corridor and NAFTA

note: Mayors in Mexico are killing students [45] and burning their bodies. Thats just over the border folks. Let’s not get immuned to these stories.

Panem’s seat of power is a superficially utopian city called the Capitol located in the Rocky Mountains.

Googleplex:  Denver Airport Murals, Denver Capitol NWO, Denver underground DUMB bunker, As we have exposed the information proposed that Denver and Atlanta would be centers and Capitols for the NWO North American Union.

PANEM? Pan America / Panoptic electromagnetism?

As revealed in the novel Mockingjay, the name Panem comes from the Latin phrase “Panem et Circenses” which means “bread and (circus) games.”[2]

Hmmm. I’ll reserve here.

For more on the Universe of Mind Control via Hunger

Beyond the obvious Districts 3, electronics (EM) and things like eBola (Monkey Mutants) clues, the connections in symbology are aligned with the virtual reality of our MSM headlines. Though the MSM junk is truly fabricated the truth in the Avatar-Contagion-Hunger Games is on target.

While America looks to carve their Grooslings this year and watch the Gestapo NFL Arena Games, I suggest if you decide to hit your local Multi-plex for a serving of brain stuffing, you may wish to consider BIRDMAN (or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) and get a real view into the disease of a plagued mind. It has some real diagnoses and treatment for the Tryptophan 22 of the usual Holyrood Hooplah. If you want some hair of the dog of Obamacare then strap in for Mockingjay. But remember,  Jabberjays are an endangered species.

If you want a real vision into the beginning of virtual hunger games we can wait to see what happens in Ferguson. If it’s true that over a hundred FBI agents have been dispatched and hospitals are  being mobilized, then the District 13 or  District 11 specializing in agriculture and a harsh force of PeacekeepersDistrict 9 is the only district to have no named characters in the Hunger Games trilogy so we can call them the Ferguson cointel operatives. We can look back to Watts LA as the version of “It’s a Wonderful Life” when the real Hunger Games reigns over America.


[1248571 – 396693]





  1. Run, don’t walk, run into the warm embrace of the “authorities” for “justice”. Apparently, it is globally universal in style and pace — “Ah, national security. Remember that the next time you are lectured that we need to give up our civil liberties in the name of “national security.” Think about what that really means. It really means the security of the status quo to continue to behave like insane criminals with zero accountability” ~

    How many movies, how many stories must men and women everywhere read to understand the “E” in Evil means it is everywhere until it is stamped out.?

    • SNOW and COIN.
      We are a dwindling group of birds. It’s sad when I look around to see what the alternative media has become. We have vatic, stone, hodges and others but the vast majority are selling headlines and cointel.

      It’s true the MSM is losing viewership. But where does logic tell you they are going? They are scooping up the ‘Truth Outs’ and running more ads and clicks than content and always skirt the pedophiles in high places.

      There are files and files of the EU and ECB connections to these rings. Gordon Brown linked to the Holly Greig and UK Government Paedophiles. GHWBush and the Decamp expose on the Franklin coverup. Now the Canadian scum is rising to the top as of late. Most of the Portuguese government were implicated and many convicted after the five year investigation and trials that ended four years ago. Penn State, BBC Jimmy Savile etc etc always goes to the top of government whether state or federal.

      Then there is Nancy Schaefer’s homicide. and CPS. That should be investigated as much as 911. How many children are abused by Fed/State child services? More that 3000 as were 911 victims. Why aren’t the Truth and Shadows community going after them? I think it is top priority.

      Seems that PETA getting caught stealing someones dog and putting it down gets more play and focus. But we know why and we know who are behind most of the so called alternate media. You have to scrounge and scrounge for a small blog by someone who is right there when and where the crime is committed. That’s because the authorities designated to investigate them are involved in the actual crime and the media is always the BBC.

  2. Yeah, its the way that it is “for now”. May not always be this way. Though peeps are for the most part stupid, slow, uninterested, occupied, willing dupes, etc., and they seem to like it that way. Yet, once COTO, you can’t go back to being anything but, unless you’re weak or just can’t handle the truth straight up.

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