Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 16, 2014

SECRET TPP: Flying above the Cloud


The TPP represents the largest Power Shift of Freedom to Slavery to date. It’s not a trade treaty but a legal blueprint for the global governance by the smallest base committee of deciders and corpo-banking cartel mafia enforcers. Secrecy is the transparency of this transition to World Bank Eugenics based Carbon Currency Economics.

PATENT rights and PROPERTY transfer
MARITIME and AIRSPACE regulation
TARIFF TAX REDIRECTION – redirection and/or elimination
CANCER COPYRIGHT – Softkill monopoly
CORPORATE TORT IMMUNITY – Corporate licence to kill
REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH – Inheritance annihilation
CONSOLIDATION OF POWERS – anti-separation of powers
CIVIL LAW SUPERSEDE – “private law”
IMPORT to EXPORT IMBALANCE – dumping vs sanctions
TRAVEL RESTRICTION to PERMANENT OPEN BORDER – selective flow and ‘turnstile’ restriction
LEVERAGED DEBT REASSIGNMENT – toxic derivative assignment to nation and citizens
CLIMATE GCCI BANKING STRUCTURE – private exchanges, banks and charters
MOU’s, and IMPLIED CONTRACTS – secret diplomacy
and more……..


To decode the WAR on TERROR, FISA, PATRIOT ACT and how it all connects to the main objective AG21 is no more clear than the primary WTO and all its FTA’s prior to the TPP. It appears a common theme is a move to International legal system which will supersede all domestic civil, common law and religious canon that though, still functioning in the particular nation-state, will intrude in all monetary, trade and labor aspects of any and all nations.

As far as 666 and the mark of the beast, I find no better example than the six aspects of the Agenda 21 goals of Genesis 6 and the transformation to one system for all. There was a reason for the biblical scripture regarding buy/sell and these treaties and agreements are as counterfeit as the fiat monetary system itself, once it moved into paper currencies. The TPP (6) like GATT and all the other lesser agreements combine to create the larger reality of the revelation of One World Organization of the entire financial system and the absolute control over every aspect of your ability to detach independently from the system.

One has to look at the components from a broader view to see how they form an order in the chaos that is them, each this matrix. I$I$ is the current phase that was formed from the Base WTO known as al-Qaeda. It is not difficult to parallel the I$I$ merging with al-Qaeda as it is seen in the TPP to the WTO. It’s all terror and synchronous. Domestically we can look to all these issues as overwhelming. The MSM and co-opted AC (alternate currents) are working as one as well. We are privy to the DISCLOSURES of the criminal government on a regular basis and on all frequencies. From Internet, NSA and Surveillance to psychological, MK-staged propaganda and social engineering, the overload of all this information makes us unable to determine what is and isn’t pertinent to the transition of full spectrum dominance.


The simple solution is to look at the MSM frequencies on a regular basis and determine the source, amplitude and velocity of spin and at the same time, detect the intermediate frequencies and reception and as a receiver,  do a little data decoding. It all applies to the final solution. Some is clearly distortion, some deflection and some is interference.

The transmission is artifact, always artifact whether virtual or compressed or merely error. The dumbing agenda has had great success over the years in America, but more and more we are beginning to understand the brain computer and electromagnetics of the psy-ops. Those who can receive the hidden intermediate waves over the filtered primary waves will be better able to perceive the different modulations and messages.

The Internet is a good example of the WWW versus the true Internet or Intranet. Though different, the process of SKYFALL has delivered the CLOUD to finally synchronize the two into the vortex of full spectrum surveillance. (3) The Media psy-op and manipulations go deep here. From viruses, hackers and softkillware, the system has been manipulated by the same folks who created it and continue to manage it. The promotion of free porn, freeware, freemail, financial marketing and banking, social media free speech has all contributed to the data-mining purpose and control of the information agenda by TPTB committee digital overlords. Clearly regardless of the violations by these powers, very few are willing to disconnect. Of course if they were in a room with someone who was groping them and collecting information they may certainly object and put an end to the interrogation. So the answer is to regulate the activities. This process will include an international handler of the internet and it’s laws and rules for engagement. Protection from the spying, data-mining, free speech harassment, cyber-bullying, virus spreaders and hackers is a good thing. Problem -Reaction-Solution. The Cloud and Enterprise systems and Central Control grid will manage all this, correct? Patents Pending of course.


So this will then resolve the issue of I$I$ online recruitment and hate speech right? It will help e-Intelligence agencies to find and track down the terrorists and ‘shut them down’ without a problem. They will be able to track the financials through FinCen and other intelligence financial forensics. They’ve certainly managed to stop I$IS from selling oil and al-Qaeda from transferring funds for operations right? Yeah, right. Enter the Cloud and the Earthraker Enterprise. The Cloud is no different from the chemtrail terror engineering. It’s a web that coverts the NET into a total overcast and cover for operations. For we the people it’s a funnel into a single center able to be accessed by any of  TPTB and minions anywhere, anytime and complete in its content. The transition to the ultimate terror organization goes through the implementation of the World Trade Organization, Carbon Exchange (banking cartel) and United Nations Authority with a makeover for the IMF and converted currencies. The byteCoin scam is just another beta test and ops for the transition to a virtual currency and tracking system for any and all buying or selling.


There is a mountain of information regarding the massive violations of past trade agreements, none as egregious as NAFTA, but unreported by MSM, while the non-treaty trade with China has been pounded over the spectrum. This is how you operate in the cloud. Free trade is never free and always diminishes independence. Without a trade agreement, the process is to create the problems. No problem for the criminal and unethical interlopers to do. It’s their job to make money hand over fist and violate all aspects of the in force trade agreements, thus forcing the need for a formal agreement. Never mind the fact that the NAFTA agreement has been a sham and created the worst of our problems economically, the need and opportunity necessitate the agreement. Don’t expect partisanship when it comes to the trade agreements except in the deviled details of the distribution of wealth and concessions for the too big to fail corpo-bankers who elected our officials.

How transparent is the Cloud? The TPP is as secret as the national security apparatus and MOU’s and other backroom “gentleman’s agreements” will earmark the doha and bali-who’s in the TPP. Those who follow the Agenda 21 guidelines and components will be remunerated very well. Meanwhile we outside and under the cloud will get the benefits of the toxic derivatives, products and malaise associated with the new economy. What Immigration-Gate offers is a beta test and precedence to open borders of softkill tradecraft and the continuation of global wealth redistribution which operates under research by the techno-math science of global climate models. Depopulation is merely an offshoot of the science that says carbon and sulphur are reduced when all people have an iPAD and earn over $8000 a year. So considering the first world and third world averages, it’s easy to set the agreements, tariffs and trade sanctions to manipulate the welfare debt credit system to a median level of $8000 to let’s say $28000 a year for 90% of the world population. Congratulations America, you’re in the over $20k range. But you’ll have to concede a few thousand to someone in Bangladesh so that their level does not fall below the CO2 index and thus increase the footprint of the slave masses. Immigration-Gate was an essential component of the NAU Rockefeller Initiative and had bi-partisan support. Cheap domestic labor for those Corpo-bankers who did not go overseas for slave labor.

Border-Gate, the turnstiles of influx only will continue until all middle class entrepreneurs, small business and upper income plebes outside the cloud are forced under the tools like Obamacare and over-regulated tax and hurdles to succumb to the reign of the cloud. No one who attempts to work independent to the system will survive. As this turnstile is one way, it rejects those who see an opportunity to go elsewhere in order to achieve less regulation, an easier financial burden or less intrusive bureaucracy.


Amnesty is more than border-crossing crime and illegal status but instead a program to initiate amnesty for all government and corporate-banking criminal activity that aided in the NAU and planned de-industialized agenda from TPTB. Too big to fail is too many to jail. New prisons and privatization of these facilities are better filled by lone wolf carbon criminals who dare utter common law in lieu of global statutory laws written into the UN World Constitution being drafted for release before the year 2020. Forgiveness for the profiteers of Agenda 21 triads merely erased by the same type of process that gave Big PhRMA a vaccine pass free from lawsuits versus clinical trials and adequate testing. Similarly the criminals will have the same kind of immunity. Evidence just isn’t what it used to be. Now it’s all about thought crime and intent.  Eric Holder justice played this out  quite well.

Everything is now under a vague or secret agreement. The rules are independent of law. At some point the rules will be universal yet we will only have the laws. The Agenda has become bigger than the law. The LIBOR scandal, derivative Ponzi and “too big to fail” set the precedent.

The Trans Pacific Partnership is Obamacare which is the ‘executive action’ which is the ‘non-impeachable’ offense by the Congress and ‘defendable’ action by the Supreme Court. There is no separation of powers in America. That has been proven already. There is only the separation of -in the cloud- and under the cloud. All the traffic, technology and terror that operate above and below the cloud are separated by sender and receiver, immunity versus softkill, auto-immune and us, the deficient. Yes, they are immune in all ways and the means are unrestricted to which they accomplish their agenda. We the unfunded liabilities, the coto and those like are yet to see the way we fit into the TPP and WTO under Obamacare but I think we have a pretty good idea how they plan to correct the problem. We certainly see how leveraged debt they have is obtained and this should tell us how they expect to resolve the matter. You either get onboard the cloud and accept your slavery or die under Skyfall.  (secret TPP)


  1. We are reaching the stage where the parasites finally overwhelm the host. It is no wonder the police in the US are practicing to fight zombies. The decaying body of democracy is enlivened by its most violent elements, which are usually the only ones motivated to take action (I’m not talking about COTO–we tried to wake the patient up, but even gunfire wouldn’t do it), typically from as selfish a viewpoint as the parasites that killed it. This, I’ve been reading, is the difference between what we have now and “fascism” proper, which people keep complaining that we don’t really have yet. We will. We are just sort of getting around to it. Either way, keep your head down, and mind the basics.

  2. We see the true vestiges of DEMOcracy and this useless invader that contains the autoimmunity to the host population. It is sad that it will take the pathological decay to its finality before the 666 of mans fate has mutated fully. By then, the organism is terminal. Time for the cell to recognize the cell is the attacker.right now and get the correct response in order.

    I’d like to spend the end with the Tibetan Monks who tried to find solace and isolation from the EMR overlords, They too cannot escape or detach from it any longer. We must find the truth now by watching under the cloud as opposed to theorizing what’s above.

    Moving underground is the best option now. It explains most of the secret facilities from Denver International to Dulce to Mt Weather and many others. There is no more doubt in my mind and research that the bluebeam, skyfall and cloud are total artifact for NWO and it is airborne, lethal and setting the stage for the phase 2.

    DSM-V Zombies, eBola, HAARP enmod, Mass Psychosis, Severe Malaise, Chaos Gravity, and total lawless mechanisms will be our plagues. World Order is a trade agreement between Lucifer and Life as we know it. I’ve long accepted life as we don’t know it. That’s as far underground as I can get.

    Hey World…the cloud is not white and fluffy… no matter what your iPAD says.

  3. Rev 3:11 -‘I am coming quickly; hold fast what you have, so that no one will take your crown.

  4. Our crowns each have a price tag

    • If folks cannot decode that verse, well..they just have no hope of saving their mind.

      The vortex and biblical code are clear rev 3:11
      3 is Bluebeam and the fools are 11.

      .. /9\
      /..11..\ – “where’s my head?” 😦

  5. 🙂

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