Posted by: Puddy Dunne | November 14, 2014




  1. 811 and the 38th degree North.I-35 corridor

    Obama plays golf Coordinates: 38°53′42.5″N [11 /811]
    in Washington DC – Obama Playing Golf in 50-degree Weather
    (officially his 203rd round of golf during presidency)

    Time for Ferguson grand jury and other events.

    HAARP related events and the DC event shooter trigger Delta.

    Expect the staged assassination or some other sacrifice as we move into the Solstice of Saturnia. We are on the Eights for sure. Obama 44th and 53 years.
    If he shoots 80 or holes out (eagles) on PAR three, expect bigger trigger. (war)

    H is for 8 – Hell is for 811

  2. Another round being played at Club NOIZ! Dat be “Club Zion”

    Which leads to the perfect theme song for the skanks:

    “Cum on feel the Noiz — Girls, Rock Your Boyz, We’ll Get Wild, Wild, Wild…”

    Hears the tune & appropriate lyrics for the teleprompter in thief and skanky administration:

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